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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 1 THW require all isolated religious communities (eg. Hasidic Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.) to give all 18-year-olds a 'Rumspringa'.
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 2 THW significantly tax vacant homes
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 3 THW ban media sources from taking institutional stances on the innocence or guilt of people who have been charged with a crime, but not yet convicted or acquitted
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 4 THBT environmental organizations should start a campaign of sabotage and destruction against major pollution companies
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 5 This house regrets South Africa's rainbow nation narrative
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 6 THW pay politicians the median wage in their country
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Novice_Final TH prefers a world in which children are raised to aspire to be single rather than married
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Open_Quarters This house believes that the southern african development community (SADC) should pursue political union
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Open_Semis TH regrets art that glorifies gaining material wealth
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Open_Final THBT the ACLU should work to maximize civil liberties regardless of ideology.
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 1 After a speaker has been invited, THW allow university students to vote to reject the speaker from coming to campus.
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 2 THBT LGBT+ Pride campaigns should focus on direct protest rather than celebration
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 3 TH, as a western democracy, would prefer relations with a stable autocracy as opposed to an unstable democracy
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 4 Assuming the technology to significantly alters the body exists (eg, changing memory capacity, limb reinforcements...) thw recognize a right to morphological freedom
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 5 TH, as an indvidual, W not consume works produced by immoral artists
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 6 Many food ethics movements (local foods, slow foods, farm to table) condemn corporate production. Such as Farm to Table (add examples) THBT food ethics movements should disavow sustainable consumption marketed by large corporations (eg, Starbucks, Chipotle)
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 Open_Quarters THBT cities should not use investment incentives to attract businesses
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 Open_Semis TH, as the UN, would facilitate independence referendums when requested by semi-autonomous regions
2018-12-01 Seattle IV 2018 Open_Final You are presented with a choice before you are born. You can be born into this world, or you can be born into a world without any religion or spirituality. Regardless of your choice, once born, you will not remember having made such a choice. THW choose to be born in a world without religion
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 1 TH opposes the attempts by the feminist movement to redefine roles and behaviours traditionally associated with women (e.g. wanting to be a housewife, wearing make-up and heels) as empowering.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 2 THS countries withdrawing from the International Criminal Court in order to create their own regional replacements (e.g. an African Criminal Court, an InterAmerican Criminal Court).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 3 In areas of chronically low academic attainment, THBT the general approach of educational charities should be to focus resources on maximising the potential of exceptional students, over helping the lowest achieving.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 4 THS the rise of computational creativity (Infoslide: Computational Creativity' is a scientific field researching AI models that simulate or replicate human creativity. Projects in the field include but are not limited to using AI to script films, compose music, write poetry, and paint).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 5 THW give legislative veto power to a Future Generations Commission (Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, a 'Future Generations Commission' is an independent body mandated with mapping the long-term impacts of governmental policy on the young, or unborn generations).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 ESL_Semis Where resources are significantly limited, THBT states should actively promote religion in areas of high poverty.

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