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Date Tournament Round Motion
2017-12-02 Leiden Novices' Tournament 2017 1 THW ban the publication of electoral polls during the run-up to an election
2017-12-02 Leiden Novices' Tournament 2017 2 THBT the feminist movement should encourage women to not wear make-up
2017-12-02 Leiden Novices' Tournament 2017 3 THBT all states should allow single parents to raise their children in prison
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 1 THW require universities to use minimum entry requirements which are at least a grade higher for pupils from selective schools (e.g. private or grammar schools)
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 2 THBT singing-based reality TV shows (e.g. X Factor, American Idol, The Voice) have done more harm than good
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 3 THW make at least 10 years of non-political work experience a prerequisite for standing for national elected office
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 4 THBT non-LGBT+ people should not play LGBT+ roles in TV/film (e.g. that a lesbian role should only be played by a lesbian)
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV Open_Semis This house regrets the rise of international adoption
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV Open_Final This house believes that the UK government should remain silent when Donald Trump makes statements that are contrary to UK values
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 1 TH welcomes the increasing automation of labour.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 2 THS the use of extra-legal and illegal methods to provide wider access to knowledge (e.g. sci-hub, hacking Jstor, unauthorised distribution of files and copies).
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 3 TH, as a progressive individual, would not consume the works of artists who have committed or been accused of serious crimes.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 4 TH prefers a higher education system with a large variation in education quality over one in which there is a low variation in education quality. (+ infoslide)
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 Novice_Final This house prefers a world without alcohol.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 Open_Semis THB the state should lace water supply with a chemical that homogenises people's intelligence to the intelligence level of an average uni graduate.
2017-11-25 Newcastle IV 2017 Open_Final TH supports the increasing secularisation of the world.
2017-11-24 Munich Open 2017 5 TH prefers a world without a concept of an afterlife.
2017-11-24 Munich Open 2017 Open_Semis TH supports the inclusion of FARC as a political party in Colombian elections
2017-11-24 Munich Open 2017 Open_Final TH supports the creation of an artificial island for those who do not want to live under the jurisdiction of any state.
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 1 This House Would abolish the statute of limitations for heinous crimes (e.g. murder, sexual assault, grievous bodily harm)
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 2 This House Believes That progressive movements should not doxx
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 3 This House Regrets the narrative that motherhood is an intrinsically fulfilling experience
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 4 TH supports South Korea's rejection of the potential trilateral military USA-Korea-Japan alliance.
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 5 “Utility factor” refers to the total, foreseeable impact on society produced by academic research. The utility factor is determined by the universities themselves. Motion:This House Supports the allocation of research funding in universities based purely on the utility factor of the research
2017-11-18 NEAO 2017 6 This House Would remove all criminal penalties for knowingly exposing partners to HIV

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