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Date Tournament Round Motion
2017-06-20 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 4 THW subsidise banks to disproportionately direct loans to historically disadvantaged communities and individuals
2017-06-19 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 3 THBT Brazil should fully privatise Petrobras
2017-06-18 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 2 THW punish attempted and committed crimes equally
2017-06-17 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 1 THBT individual feminist women should reject acts of chivalry (e.g. buying drinks for them, holding the door open, "ladies first" etc.)
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 1 THW televise criminal trials
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 2 THBT the UK Labour Party should stand candidates in general elections in Northern Ireland
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 3 TH, as China, would abandon all claims on the Senkaku Islands
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 4 TH, as Arturo di Modica, would discontinue the loan of the Charging Bull to New York City
2017-06-16 Trinity Open 5 THBT school systems should build curricula in a way that emphasizes national pride
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 1 This house supports the use of “eye in the sky” policing in urban areas with high crime rates.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 2 This house supports democratic governments using social disgust as a grounds for restricting public speech or display.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 3 This house regrets the shift in focus within the academic study of history from studying great figures and institutions to studying cultural forces and the experiences of ordinary people.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 4 Given the choice as an individual who is a typical, healthy 30-year-old, THW elect to never again feel the emotion of sorrow.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin 5 This house believes that the US should issue guest worker visas, under which minimum wage laws would not apply.
2017-04-07 HWS Round Robin Open_Final THBT governments should abandon the strategy of "decapitation" in fighting terrorism.
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 1 This House Would Fully Subsidize Gender Reassigment Surgery For Pubescent Teenagers Regardless of Parental Consent.
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 2 This House Believes That Israel Should Fine Actors Who Refuse To Perform In Settlements
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 3 This House Believes That the U.S. Should Hack China's "Credit Social System" In Order To Disrupt It
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 4 This House Believes That Republika Srpska Should Be an Independent State
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 5 This House Believes That Mexico Should Allow Neighbourhoods And Cities In North Mexico To Form Armed Militias In Order To Combat Drug Cartels.
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 Open_Semis This House Would Impose Criminal Laws To Crimes Comitted By Users Of Avatars In Virtual Worlds (Such As ’Second Life’)
2017-04-07 PEP IV 2017 Open_Final This House Supports the EU Backed Western Balkans Customs Union, Even at the Price of Terminating the Free Trade Agreement With Russia And of Joining the EU Sanctions on Russia
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 1 THW ban college entrance exams - for example: ACT, SAT
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 2 THW require meat packaging to display images that vividly and accurately reflect the experiences of the animals throughout the manufacturing process
2017-04-01 Colgate Open 2017 3 THBT social media companies should factcheck posts by world leaders

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