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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-10-07 Debate for Donation Open 1 THW embrace the rise of private cities (i.e. Eko Atlantic,Tatu City,Hope City,Cite le Flueve)
2020-10-07 Debate for Donation Open 2 TH, as Christians, regrets the rise of popular mainstream artists co-opting Gospel themes in their works (i.e. Kanye West Jesus is King)
2020-10-07 Debate for Donation Open 3 TH, as US, would covertly begin boosting the amount of foreign election interferences done by CIA
2020-10-07 Debate for Donation Open 4 THP a world where Homo Sapiens is not the sole surviving human species
2020-10-07 Debate for Donation Open Novice_Final THW not grant employers access to applicants' criminal records
2020-10-07 Debate for Donation Open Open_Final TH, as Saudi Arabia, would advocate for Yemen to be split to three countries; South Yemen led by al-Zubaidi STC, Yemen led by Abd Rabbuh Al-Hadi and North Yemen led by Houthi
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 1 THBT implementing bonded government scholarships are in the interest of developing states
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 2 THBT the feminist movement in the West should heavily promote the concept of 'self-partnership'
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 3 THBT the European Union should immediately grant full membership rights to Bosnia and Herzegovina
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 4 THBT the Pope should excommunicate Rodrigo Duterte
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 5 THBT environmentalist groups should fully abandon advocating for the mitigation of climate change, in favour of campaigning for adaptation efforts instead (e.g. building sea walls, genetically modified crops, exploring alternative living habitats)
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Novice_Final THR the social preference for positivity and optimism
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Open_Quarters You have been a moderate Republican for the last 10 years, and identify the most with the GOP establishment. THR the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the USA
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Open_Semi THBT the choice of the economic liberalism as a dominant doctrine by major international financial institutions does more harm than good
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Open_Final THP a world where humans cannot perceive aesthetic beauty
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup 1 THBT the notion of journalistic objectivity has done more harm than good.
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup 2 THBT the United States should pursue aggressive containment of China (e.g. economic sanctions, diplomatic threats, remilitarization of South China Sea and Japan, countering China's influence in various regions).
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup 3 THR the dominant narrative that individuals should "do what they love".
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup 4 THBT developing countries should pursue investment agreements that require state-to-state arbitrations, compared to agreements which grant foreign investors standing to sue governments in investor-state arbitrations.
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup 5 THW disallow religious leaders from publicly endorsing, rejecting, or commenting on any political party or candidate.
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup Novice_Final THBT the feminist movement should focus its efforts on encouraging men to "lean out" rather than on encouraging women to "lean in".
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup Open_Quarters THR anthropocentrism in the environmental rights movement.
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup Open_Semi THW place a time limit on all private land ownership in major cities.
2020-10-07 Imitation Cup Open_Final THBT it is justified for an individual to prioritise their own self-interest over alleviating universal suffering.
2020-09-11 IUBDC Rational Wrangle 1 THS the managed relocation of biodiversity in response to climate change

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