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Motion Categories


  • Art and Culture
  • Business
  • Criminal Justice System
  • Development
  • Economics
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Family
  • Feminism
  • Freedoms
  • Funny
  • International Relations
  • LGBT+
  • Media
  • Medical Ethics
  • Minority Communities
  • Morality
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Science and Technology
  • Security, War and Military
  • Social Policy
  • Social Movements
  • Sports
  • Terrorism
  • The Human Experience


Recommendations and feedback

  • Philip Belesky
  • Raluca Velaru
  • Filip Muki Dobranic
  • Matt Hankin


  • Daan Welling, John Harper, Milla Huuskonen (European Debate Blog)
  • Tuule Sober (Tartu University Debating Club)
  • Ryan James Howson
  • Stefan Vukojević
  • Olivia Sundberg
  • Dee Courtney
  • Lamine Kane
  • Raluca Velaru
  • Thomas Simpson
  • Leiden Debating Union
  • Jevon Henry
  • Ameena Sullivan
  • Matt Barry
  • Bexley Brown
  • Tim Squirrell
  • Simon Sallstrom

Development Notes

Github repository

15 Sept 2018
  • Added Ten Random Motions page: you can now load ten random motions at a time. Thanks to Assaph Hanany for prompting this. I understand that the random motions generated are not always great (or debatable) and think that adding the option to rate motions seems like a good idea, but think that will take a while to implement (if it happens at all). I have thus added this page to try to improve the experience for now. It's actually something I've wanted to do for over 2 years, so I'm very happy it's up. :)
  • Added 2018 WUDC and EUDC motions
  • Added 2019 Cape Town WUDC CA list.
23 May 2017
  • Over 500 motions have been labelled with category tags.
  • Over 4250 motions in database.
X April 2017
  • Wrote scripts (Google AppScript) to convert motions entered via the Google Form to the Hello Motions database format. Only 1 manual checking step.
2 Dec 2016
  • New feature: Added a page with WUDC motions from 2007-2016 . The page also includes who was on the CA team for each year. You can now generate a random motion. Card format adapted from Tabbie2 website.
  • Nearly 4000 motions on our database.
19 Aug 2016
9 Aug 2016
  • New feature: You can now filter motions based on whether they are from International tournaments.
24 Mar 2016
  • Over 1000 motions in our database. Woop!
18-19 Mar 2016
  • Launched on Facebook!
  • We've got more than 500 motions now (and another 3k pending formatting), keep them coming!
17 Mar 2016
  • You can now search for multiple things at the same time, e.g. 'WUDC, Cambridge, Politics'. Woohoo!
10 Mar 2016
  • Yay search is finally working on Laravel!
  • Added Motions 2016 (full and mobile) and Missing Motions pages.
  • Updated motions database.
  • Updated index page (content).
7 Feb 2016
  • Working on search form and functionality.
6 Feb 2016
  • Site deployed to public server! Index, 2015 motions and static pages working.
  • Fixed CSS link and padding-top problems.
  • Fixed database query problems (wasn't compatible with Laravel).
6 Jan 2016
  • Added form to submit motions directly to database instead of using Google Form.
  • Porting to Laravel.
13-15 Dec 2015
  • You can search for motions in the database (only one term at a time, mind, no ORs just yet.)
  • Motions are displayed in a tabular format, with columns: Date, Tournament, Round, Motion.
  • Homepage with recent motions and search field, search page.
  • Full list of motions in 2015 (that are included in the database)
  • About page with Motion Categories, Development Notes.
  • Basic database and site setup on local server.
  • Copy of temporary motion database also on Google Sheets.

New Feature Backlog

  • Generate a Random Motion filtered by category, tournament or CA (e.g. for Worlds prep).
  • Generate e.g. a dozen random motions at a time.
  • Add motions to the database directly