2014 Motions

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Date Tournament Round Motion
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 1 TH, as the Dutch government, would ban all depictions, and the impersonating, of Zwarte Piet
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 2 THW Extend the UK DNA Database to the entire population
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 3 THR the Rise of the Women's Magazine
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 4 TH supports the rise of Social Impact Bonds to fund public projects
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 5 THW, as the Indian Gov't, Cease the Naxalite Surrender and Rehabilitation Policy
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV Open_Semis THBT President Obama should prosecute officials that authorised and ordered torture
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV Open_Final In countries where the right to an abortion has been achieved... THBT the right to abortion is no longer a legitimate debate
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV 1 THW not allow skilled workers to migrate to the EU from the developing world
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV 2 THW require all film companies to practice socially representative film making
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV 3 THBT US citizens should select Option B i.e. they should vote to publicly subject the kidnapped officials to enhanced interrogation techniques
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV 4 TH supports the creation of feminist political parties
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV 5 THBT the Baltic states should ban Russian state-backed TV channels
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV Open_Quarters TH supports African Americans who choose to violently protest in response to police brutality
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV Open_Semis THBT universities and student groups should not ban speakers with offensive political views
2014-12-13 SSE Riga IV Open_Final THBT education systems should indoctrinate children to believe they are personally culpable for the death and suffering in the developing world
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 1 THW base monetary criminal fines primarily on the income of the perpetrator rather than the severity of the crime
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 2 THBT the EU should abandon its commitment to the principle of open borders between member states.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 3 THBT feminists should support the HeForShe movement.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 4 THBT it is in ASEAN's long term best interests to seek closer ties with China rather than the U.S.A.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open 5 THBT the music press should aggressively negatively depict the work of artists, such as John Lennon and Jimmy Page who commit morally reprehensible acts.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open Novice_Final THW ban religious charities from proselytising in the developing world.
2014-12-06 Westminster Open Open_Semis THS the decision of pop stars such as Lily Allen and Adele to not take part in Band Aid
2014-12-06 Westminster Open Open_Final THW grant an amnesty to those who commit crimes during US race riots so long as they meet the following criteria: 1. They were motivated by a desire to fight social injustice, 2. If property is targeted, it belongs to the apparatus of the state (for example, police cars and government buildings.
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) 1 THW allow individuals in prison to serve their sentences in the armed forces.
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) 2 THW not allow sexual assault victims to give up their right to testify in criminal proceedings as part of a civil settlement
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) 3 THBT the EU should automatically re-admit regions that secede from member states.
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) 4 THW require pornography producers to be run by a collective of their female employees.
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) 5 THW ban the purchase of urban, residential real estate by foreign investors
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) Novice_Finals THBT police officers on regular patrol should not carry firearms
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) Open_Semis THBT Israel should unilaterally withdraw to the 1967 borders and respect them regardless of future Palestinian actions.
2014-11-28 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ Western University) Open_Finals THW allow the Children's Aid Society to force chemotherapy.
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 1 THBT laws about abortion should be decided in women-only referenda
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 2 TH prefers a world in which people do not believe in the existence of God or a divine being
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 3 THBT Putin's interventionist role in global geopolitics is contrary to the interests of the Russian people
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 4 This House Supports the use of tiger parenting techniques
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 5 THBT celebrities should not act as spokespeople for humanitarian issues
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 Open_Semis THW if it was technologically possible erase memory of the idea and events caused by Nazism
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 Open_Final THBT a state's primary obligation is towards its own citizens
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 1 THBT Western Liberal Democracies and their citizens should never pay ransom for those kidnapped by terrorist groups
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 2 THW end the use of jailhouse informants
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 3 THBT minority groups should not appropriate or reappropriate terms that have been used against them as slurs.
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 4 THW allow individuals to opt out of employment provisions and regulations relating to health and safety in return for increased pay
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 5 THW give parents an additional vote for each of their underage children
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Semis THBT Japan should re-develop offensive military capabilities.
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Finals THW financially incentivize vegetarianism.
2014-11-23 Cambridge Women’s 1 THW legalise the buying and selling of sexual services
2014-11-23 Cambridge Women’s 2 THBT football fans should boycott the 2022 world cup in Qatar
2014-11-23 Cambridge Women’s 3 THBT the US and Iran should ally to fight ISIS
2014-11-23 Cambridge Women’s 4 THW aggressively financially incentivise the enrollment of female students in areas with low female enrollment
2014-11-23 Cambridge Women’s ESL_Final THBT developed countries should grant an amnesty to illegil immigrants
2014-11-23 Cambridge Women’s Open_Semis THBT individuals have a right to a basic income regardless of capacity or willingness to work
2014-11-23 Cambridge Women’s Open_Final THW allow individuals to sue religious organisations for making decisions that harm them
2014-11-23 Yorkshire Novice Cup 1 THW replace all sin taxes with an increase in income tax
2014-11-23 Yorkshire Novice Cup 2 THBT the EU should issue a directive to all its member states to legalise gay marriage
2014-11-23 Yorkshire Novice Cup 3 THW abolish all non-comprehensive schools and require children to attend their geographically closest school.
2014-11-23 Yorkshire Novice Cup 4 THBT sexually assertive female pop stars identifying as feminists is harmful for feminism.
2014-11-23 Yorkshire Novice Cup Open_Final THBT Western nations should not attend sporting events in countries with bad human rights records
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi 1 This House would grant an additional vote to families with children for national elections
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi 2 THW hide the diagnosis of pseudo-epilepsy from the patient
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi 3 THW submit religious organisations to the full extent of anti-discrimination laws
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi 4 THW nationalise social media
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi 5 THW show a more prominent role for women in history books
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi Novice_Final TH disapproves of movements that aim to further the acceptation of obesity in society
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi Open_Semis THW never target civilians in a total war
2014-11-22 Cicero Debattoernooi Open_Final THBT it is justified for society to demand of migrants that they accept the dominance of existing norms and values
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 1 TH opposes slum tourism
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 2 THBT student unions should never campaign for the censorship of controversial speakers
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 3 THW tax low-brow art to subsidize high-brow art
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 4 TH prefers regional trade agreements to the WTO
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 5 THW allow terminally ill patients to access experimental treatments
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) Novice_Finals TH prefers religions that teach that people are inherently good to religions that teach that people are inherently evil
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) Open_Semis THBT the US should sell arms to Nigeria to fight Boko Haram
2014-11-22 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) Open_Finals TH regrets the prominence of pop culture celebrities in feminist discourse
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 1 THW not punish those who live below the poverty line for economic crimes, e.g. theft
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 2 TH, as a superhero, would agree to use their powers solely in service of the democratic state
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 3 THS the objectification of men in popular culture.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 4 THW require that any houses or apartments left vacant for six months or more be surrendered to the State.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV 5 THBT Western foreign policy should abandon attempts to universalise liberal values
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV ESL_Semis THBT Google should inform the authorities about suicide searches
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV ESL_Final Assuming the existence of a gay gene, THW disproportionately favour embryos that possess it in IVF.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV Open_Quarters THW prohibit all research aiming to create sentient artificial intelligences.
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV Open_Semis THS the New Atheism movement
2014-11-21 Cambridge IV Open_Final THBT unpaid domestic workers should strike for state pay
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 1 THBT in order for a law to be enacted, it should have to be passed by the legislature and then by a body chosen at random from eligible voters.
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 2 THBT press agencies should not purchase or publish the work of freelance war reporters.
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 3 THBT the EU should suspend Hungary’s membership rights.
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 4 This house, as the gay community, regrets the existence of Grindr
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 5 This house would deny public funding to parties with explicitly ethnic-based membership or platforms
2014-11-08 Durham Open 1 THW ban religious organizations from providing rehabilitation services to drug and alcohol addicts.
2014-11-08 Durham Open 2 THBT democracies should extend voting rights to migrant workers.
2014-11-08 Durham Open 3 TH, as a feminist, would oppose products marketed to help women protect themselves from date rape.
2014-11-08 Durham Open 4 THBT Arab-Israelis who successfully seek election to the Knesset should opt not to take up that seat.
2014-11-08 Durham Open 5 THBT the state should construct false historical narratives that promote social cohesion (e.g. racial and religious tolerance)
2014-11-08 Durham Open Novice_Final There is a potion which can stop you falling in love. TH, as an 18 year old, would take the potion.
2014-11-08 Durham Open Open_Semis THBT true women’s liberation is incompatible with the existence of organized religion.
2014-11-08 Durham Open Open_Final THBT FB should manipulate users’ newsfeeds in order to promote progressive content.
2014-11-08 Skopje Open 1 THBT the interests of the ethnic Albanians in Macedonia is best served through participation in ethnic Macedonian parties.
2014-11-08 Skopje Open 2 THW ban all medical procedures intended to change an individual's racial appearance.
2014-11-08 Skopje Open 3 TH supports the US's use of drones to eliminate terrorist targets.
2014-11-08 Skopje Open 4 THBT homosexual football players from top western leagues should publicly declare their sexuality
2014-11-08 Skopje Open 5 TH supports the radical redistribution of wealth.
2014-11-08 Skopje Open Open_Final This House Would suspend the right of free movement of people in the EU.
2014-11-08 Tilbury House 1 THBT the EU should send a single unified team to the next world cup.
2014-11-08 Tilbury House 2 THW criminalise all forms of high school bullying (including physical, verbal, written, cyber bullying and boycotting)
2014-11-08 Tilbury House 3 THBT donations to disease charities should be redistributed among these disease charities according to the number of people affected by each disease.
2014-11-08 Tilbury House 4 THS the use of feminist catch phrases about freedom, empowerment and choice in advertisement of fashion and beauty products.
2014-11-08 Tilbury House 5 THBT governments should tax individual income out of labour (paid salary) significantly less than individual's income generated out of capital (which includes inheritance, real estate, stock portfolios, etc.)
2014-11-08 Tilbury House Open_Semis THBT the German government should significantly fund films and tv shows that sympathetically depict the narratives of non-Jewish German civilians under the Nazi regime.
2014-11-08 Tilbury House Open_Final This house would ban anti EU parties from participating in the EU elections.
2014-11-01 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 1 THW abolish all corporate income tax
2014-11-01 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 2 THS affirmative action for male educators
2014-11-01 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 3 THW legalize entrapment
2014-11-01 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 4 THS substantial corporate funding for university research
2014-11-01 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 5
2014-11-01 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) Open_Semis THBT international news organizations should report equally on all geographic regions to all audiences.
2014-11-01 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) Open_Finals THS the use of private military contractors in the developing world.
2014-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2014 1 THW limit private land ownership
2014-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2014 2 THW abolish prisons
2014-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2014 3 TH regrets the concept of an afterlife
2014-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2014 4 THW allow private entities to discriminate on grounds that are forbidden for the state to discriminate on (or words to that effect)
2014-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2014 5 THBT western media should refuse to publicise videos or events designed to generate terror
2014-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2014 Open_Semi THW allow retired parents to seek support payments from their adult children
2014-10-31 Thessaloniki Open 1 THB that states should no longer fund or own public broadcasters, such as the BBC, NERIT or PBS
2014-10-31 Thessaloniki Open 2 TH welcomes the rise of art that celebrates a lack of economic wealth
2014-10-31 Thessaloniki Open 3 THBT Google, Youtube and social media platforms should remove content which is deemed as insulting to religion
2014-10-31 Thessaloniki Open 4 TH supports Greek youth violently protesting against Trojka mandated austerity measures
2014-10-31 Thessaloniki Open 5 THW lift all limits on international migration
2014-10-31 Thessaloniki Open Open_Semis THBT international courts should punish states with the capacity to prevent crimes against humanity, but do not do so
2014-10-31 Thessaloniki Open Open_Final THW significantly lower labour regulations for youth in EU areas with high youth unemployment
2014-10-26 SDA Novices 1 THW ban all political donations by corporations
2014-10-26 SDA Novices 2 THBT Miley Cyrus' sexualised performances (such as Wrecking Ball) are a victory for feminism
2014-10-26 SDA Novices 3 THW unconditionally lift non-arms related sanctions on North Korea
2014-10-26 SDA Novices 4 TH Supports Vigilanteism in high crime areas
2014-10-26 SDA Novices Open_Final THBT the UK should unilateraly remove all restrictions on immigration from its former colonies
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 1 THW force companies to pay their interns
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 2 THW out closeted LGBT sports stars
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 3 THW allocate votes inversely proportional to wealth (where everyone gets at least one vote)
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 4 THW allow single parents to raise their children in prison
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Semis THBT the West should use ground troops against the Islamic State
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Final THW require British political parties to field 50% female candidates in national elections
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 1 THW allow individuals to grant amnesty to criminals for crimes they committed against them
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 2 THW break up banks that are deemed too big to fail
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 3 THBT the LGBTQ lobby should make up evidence that prominent anti-LGBTQ rights campaigners are, themselves LGBTQ
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 4 THBT developing nations should hold the Catholic Church financially liable for the medical expenses of Catholic HIV/AIDS victims in areas where the church campaigns against condom use
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 5 THW ban dating services built around matching rich men/women with younger men/women
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open Open_Semis THBT Serbia should immediately cut off political and economic ties with the Russian Federation
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open Open_Final THW immediately evacuate all relics off cultural or historical import currently located in unstable countries to stable Western nations
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 1 THW require parents to vaccinate their children, except where doing so is not in the child's medical interest
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 2 THW ban the paying of ransom insurance in the case of kidnapping
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 3 THW impose very high taxes on the rich, even when doing so will not increase total tax revenues
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 4 THBT feminist campaigns directed specifically at men are harmful to the feminist cause
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 5 THBT the IMF and the World Bank should not make debt relief for highly indebted poor countries conditional on trade liberalisation
2014-10-18 SOAS IV ESL_Final THW offer full amnesty to any European citizen currently fighting on behalf of ISIL as long as they immediately return to Europe
2014-10-18 SOAS IV Open_Quarters THBT the state has a duty to provide the long term unemployed with lasting employment which pays at least the minimum wage
2014-10-18 SOAS IV Open_Semis THR Lara Croft
2014-10-18 SOAS IV Open_Final THS a federal UK
2014-10-18 Strathclyde Cup 1 THBT retired parents should be allowed to seek alimony payments from their adult children.
2014-10-18 Strathclyde Cup 2 THBT western media outlets should collectively decline to cover any ISIS actions primarily intended to attract western attention (e.g. Hostage takings/executions)
2014-10-18 Strathclyde Cup 3 THBT copyright of photographic art featuring individuals or communities of people should belong to those people, not the artist.
2014-10-18 Strathclyde Cup 4 THBT the trans movement should actively seek to separate themselves, their issues and their collective identity from the LGBTQ movement in their campaigns and in the public consciousness.
2014-10-18 Strathclyde Cup Open_Final THBT military conscription should be regarded as a war crime.
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open 1 THW prioritise dealing with the consequences of climate change rather than preventing it
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open 2 THW set the burden of proof in criminal trials to "balance of probabilities" rather than "beyond reasonable doubt".
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open 3 THR that companies such as Facebook and Apple have offered to pay for elective egg freezing for their employees.
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open 4 THBT companies like H&M and Primark should hire half as many factory workers in the developing world but pay them twice as much.
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open 5 THBT people who go bankrupt should have their finances managed by the state for five years.
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open Novice_Final THW only allow those who pass a political awareness exam to vote.
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open Open_Semis THW impose the death penalty for pretty crime, if we knew that it would be 100% effective in deterring pretty crime and would never be used.
2014-10-17 Roosevelt Open Open_Final THBT the EU should abandon its aim to establish an "ever closer union".
2014-10-17 Turku Open 1 THBT the EU should make English the primary language of instruction for all students above the age of 14
2014-10-17 Turku Open 2 TH supports violent revolution in countries with severe economic inequality
2014-10-17 Turku Open 3 THW ban religious practices that cause cruelty to animals.
2014-10-17 Turku Open 4 ΤΗΒΤ on balance the invention of nuclear weapons was beneficial for the world.
2014-10-17 Turku Open 5 TH would make bidding to host major sporting events conditional on winning a local public referendum.
2014-10-17 Turku Open Open_Semis THBT parents should push their kids to achieve, even if that comes at the expense of their child’s happiness.
2014-10-17 Turku Open Open_Final THW take the red pill.
2014-10-16 Hart House IV 1 THW transfer all state funding for elite sportspersons to youth academies
2014-10-16 Hart House IV 2 THBT war journalists should be forced to reveal their sources in international criminal tribunals (including the International Criminal Court) trying cases of war crimes, crimes against humanity or genocide.
2014-10-16 Hart House IV 3 THW publicly disclose all salaries
2014-10-16 Hart House IV 4 THW create separate schools for LGBTQ youth
2014-10-16 Hart House IV 5 THW consider senior politicians under oath when making public statements on political issues, thus making them criminally liable for perjury if they lie
2014-10-16 Hart House IV Novice_Finals THB the media should show images of Islamic State attrocities in their full brutality
2014-10-16 Hart House IV Open_Quarters THBT democratic states dominated by hegemonic political parties should forcibly break up those parties
2014-10-16 Hart House IV Open_Semis THR the way that brutal antiterrorism tactics have been portrayed in Western film and television media
2014-10-16 Hart House IV Open_Finals TH, as Turkey, would intervene militarily in the Syrian civil war.
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 1 THW impose a tax on unhealthy foods
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 2 TH believes that animal rights activists should launch a campaign of sabotage and property destruction to further the cause of animal rights.
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 3 THW legalise the buying and selling of sexual services
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup 4 TH, as a parent with the financial means to do so, would not send their child to private school
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup Novice_Final THW make voting compulsory
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup Open_Semis THW only imprison individuals who have committed violent crimes and pose a continuing threat to society
2014-10-10 UCL President’s Cup Open_Final TH regrets the characterisation of soldiers as heroes
2014-10-06 Yale IV 1 THO the American charter school movement
2014-10-06 Yale IV 2 THW cooperate with any leader or regime to defeat non-state actors that systematically violate human rights
2014-10-06 Yale IV 3 THR the rise of dating and other websites that allow individuals to rate others based on past romantic interactions (e.g. Lulu)
2014-10-06 Yale IV 4 THBT institutional art credentials are bad for art
2014-10-06 Yale IV 5 TH, as an emerging democracy, would suppress domestic media providers in favour of international media providers
2014-10-06 Yale IV 6 THBT universities and other stakeholders should primarily consider teaching ability rather than research outputs when awarding tenure and allocating academic funding
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THW facilitate religious prosletysation in areas of high socio-economic deprivation
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THS the use of forced population transfers that create separate, ethnically homogenous states as a solution to prolonged ethnic conflict
2014-10-06 Yale IV Open_Finals THBT, in the face of police repression, protesters have a right to non-lethal, but violent, proportional retaliation
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 1 THBT governments should negotiate with terrorists when their citizens are taken hostage by terrorist groups
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 2 THW allow international commercial surrogacy
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 3 THS “No Platform” policies in student unions
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 4 THW pay reparations to former mining communities in the UK
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 5 THBT government regulation agencies should be allowed to break up banks, like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, that are deemed ’too big to fail’.
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup Open_Semis THBT governments should prioritise economically productive public spending over investing in arts, humanities, etc. when deciding on their budget.
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup Open_Final TH, as the UK Labour party, would participate in a cross party initiative to reform the Human Rights Act.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 1 THW legalize the sale of organs, blood and marrow
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 2 THW never arm or finance rebel groups as a tactic of war.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 3 THBT universities should abolish all committees that deal with sexual crimes against their students and defer to the Police
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 4 THBT FIFA should revoke the 2018 World Cup from Russia
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 5 THBT police forces should accurately reflect the racial demographic of the population they protect.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 6 THBT men should not hold leadership postitions within women's rights and feminist organizations.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Semis THBT United States would suspend all foreign aid to Israel unless they withdraw from the West Bank
2014-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Finals THBT individuals have an obligation not to consume artwork from artists that have committed highly immoral actions.
2014-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2014 1 This house, as a justice of the US Supreme Court, would not use their position to push their own social agenda.
2014-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2014 2 This house believes that efforts to include characters with mental illnesses in popular media actively harms people with those conditions.
2014-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2014 3 This house believes New Zealand should implement a tax on carbon emissions.
2014-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2014 4 This house believes that Iran should adopt a pro-Western foreign policy
2014-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2014 5 This house would delegate authority over the preservation of te reo to iwi.
2014-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2014 6 This house would prohibit research into human augmentation designed to facilitate transhumanism.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 1 This house would pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child’s performance in school.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 2 This house supports two-party political systems over multi-party political systems.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 3 This house would ban international aid charities from using senational, graphic, or overly-emotional images of suffering in fundraising and advertising campaigns.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 4 This house believes that EU member states should nationalise all their oil and gas resources in order to surrender total ownership and control of them to an EU-run energy agency.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 5 This house believes that states of the former Yugoslavia should not commemorate the events of the Yugoslav Wars.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 6 This house would introduce blind voting.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 7 This house would require of police departments that the ethnic composition of their arrests match the ethnic composition of the population in their jurisdiction.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 8 This house believes that micro-finance organisations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively to women.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 9 This house believes that states should hold binding national referendums on major peace agreements.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Tiebreak This house would make membership in a labour union compulsory for every worker.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Quarters This house would require companies to place images of animal suffering on all products or food whose production harmed or killed animals.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Semis This house believes that leaders of minority religions in Europe should strongly encourage their congregations to refrain from public displays of their faith.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Final THW, assuming it was technically feasible, remove the ability of soldiers to feel fear
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 Open_Quarters This house believes that supreme/constitutional courts should not have the power to strike down legislation.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 Open_Semis This house believes that the United States of America should invade, and forcibly partition Iraq.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 Open_Finals This House believes that feminist movement should oppose military interventions which claim to further women's rights
2014-08-15 Ljubljana IV 1 THBT countries with booming populations should allocate every adult a single, tradable permit to have a child.
2014-08-15 Ljubljana IV 2 THW launch a ground invasion to fight the Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq
2014-08-15 Ljubljana IV 3 THBT states should seek to prioritise reducing income inequality over GDP growth
2014-08-15 Ljubljana IV 4 THBT states should pay reparations to minorities, who are citizens, that the state has previously oppressed
2014-08-15 Ljubljana IV 5 THBT the EU member states should sanction any state that ignores ECJ rulings.
2014-08-15 Ljubljana IV Open_Semis TH belives that militaries are justified in directing their troops to use the Hannibal procedure
2014-08-15 Ljubljana IV Open_Final TH regrets the increased mechanization of manual labor
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 1 THBT the media should show the full horrors of war
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 2 TH supports Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" album cover
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 3 THW take away the right to host the 2018 World Cup from Russia
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 4 THW enforce affirmative action of the poor, rather than minorities
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 5 TH, as the USA, would withdraw all of its financial and military aid from Israel
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open Open_Semis THW prosecute women whose lifestyle severely endangers their future child’s quality of life
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open Open_Final TH regrets the rise of consumerism
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 1 THBT state health care providers should offer and fund faith-based treatment options.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 2 THW allow the homeless to seize long-term unoccupied properties.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 3 TH supports the recasting of male action heroes and superheroes as female.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 4 TH believes that populist parties (such as UKIP, theTea Party Movement and the 5 Star movement) are good for democracy.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV 5 TH would implement the death penalty for crimes against humanity.
2014-08-09 Westminster IV Open_Final TH as an Israeli would refuse to join the Israel Defence Force.
2014-08-02 Bielefeld Religion debate tournament 1 THBT, without religion, there are basically no values
2014-08-02 Bielefeld Religion debate tournament 2 THW follow the prophet (m/f)
2014-08-02 Bielefeld Religion debate tournament 3 THW not take the drug.
2014-08-02 Bielefeld Religion debate tournament 4 TH, as the Evangelical Church in Germany, would not baptise children.
2014-08-02 Bielefeld Religion debate tournament 5 THW in this religiously conservative society actively engage in religious activities and events (attend worshop ceremonies, share blessings, say prayers).
2014-08-02 Bielefeld Religion debate tournament Open_Final THW not offer theology at state universities
2014-08-02 Imperial IV 1 THBT developing countries should never hold major international sporting events
2014-08-02 Imperial IV 2 THR the rise of internet piracy
2014-08-02 Imperial IV 3 THW require quotas of female and minority candidates for judicial appointments
2014-08-02 Imperial IV 4 THW Ban any public commemoration of the centenary of WW1
2014-08-02 Imperial IV 5 THR the rise of hookup apps
2014-08-02 Imperial IV Open_Semis THBT Elizabeth Warren should aggressively challenge Hilary Clinton for the presidency
2014-08-02 Imperial IV Open_Final THBT The British Government should publish the communications in their entirety
2014-07-27 NCH International Relations Open 1 THB the EU should allow freedom of movement within its borders to Syrian refugees
2014-07-27 NCH International Relations Open 2 THB the EU and other western powers should join the US embargo against Cuba until it transitions to a multi party democracy
2014-07-27 NCH International Relations Open 3 THBT it is legitimate for Israel to unilaterally strike Iranian nuclear facilities if current talks fail
2014-07-27 NCH International Relations Open 4 THW replace the ICC with regional courts to prosecute crimes against humanity
2014-07-27 NCH International Relations Open Open_Final THBT NATO should militarily intervene to assist the Ukrainian government in suppressing the separatist rebels in the eastern province
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) 1 THBT people have a moral duty to stop chanting words like “puto” or “maricón” (faggot) at sporting events
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) 2 THBT we should prohibit public hospitals to proscribe alternative treatments (like homeopathic treatments, accupuncture or Bach flower remedies)
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) 4 THW ban the use of circus animals
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) 5 THW ban the sales of complex financial products
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) 6 THW penalise a person who knows they have HIV and has sexual contacts with others without informing them
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) 8 THBT smokers should cover the costs of their medical treatments
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) 9 THBT the Mexican government (and others in military situations) should take steps to prevent people travelling in life-threatening ways like "La Bestia"
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) ESL_Final THW eliminate migration barriers
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) Open_Octos TH, if presented with a choice between holding the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar or not holding the World Cup at all that year, would choose not to hold the World Cup in 2022.
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) Open_Quarters THW eliminate the minimum wage
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) Open_Semis esta casa dejaría en manos de los ciudadanos, a través del voto directo en referendos
2014-07-26 Campeonato Mundial Universitario de Debate en Español (CMUDE) Open_Final THB it is just that citizens create their own armed groups when the state fails to protect them from organised crime
2014-07-24 Boddencup 1 THBT, western democracies should send military ground forces against the organisation ISlamic State (formerly ISIS)
2014-07-24 Boddencup 2 THW not invest in research and development that has the delay of the aging process as its sole purpose.
2014-07-24 Boddencup 3 THW welcome the worldwide introduction of soylent or similar mixtures as a nutritional standard or staple food.
2014-07-24 Boddencup 4 THBT you should use the beliefs of your fellow human beings to promote and establish socially progressive norms in society.
2014-07-24 Boddencup 5 THW temporarily suspend Hungary’s EU membership
2014-07-24 Boddencup Open_Semis THW impose extra (penalty) taxes on products that cannot be proven to have been produced under fair-trade conditions.
2014-07-24 Boddencup Open_Final THBT the United Nations as an idea have failed by now (auf mittelbare Zeit)
2014-07-19 Earlsfort Open 1 THW Prosecute The Parents/Guardians of Obese Children For Neglect
2014-07-19 Earlsfort Open 2 THB States Should Ensure That Their Police Forces are Roughly Proportionally Representative of the Diversity of Race & Religion of the Local Population
2014-07-19 Earlsfort Open 3 THB The European Union Should Immediately And Aggressively Accelerate The Accession of Ukraine
2014-07-19 Earlsfort Open 4 THW Allow Formula 1 Teams to Race a Third Car, Provided at Least 1 of the Drivers is Female
2014-07-19 Earlsfort Open 5 THB Religious Institutions Should Not be Entitled to Any Exemption From Anti-Discrimination Laws
2014-07-19 Earlsfort Open Open_Semis THB one should not be entitled to seek removal of any links to any data irrespective of their being ‘‘inadequate, irrelevant or excessive“
2014-07-19 Earlsfort Open Open_Final THB the state should provide no further services beyond those of basic law and order
2014-07-19 HeidelBÄM 1 Should parents’ votes carry more weight in elections?
2014-07-19 HeidelBÄM 2 Should cultural institutes be self-sufficient?
2014-07-19 HeidelBÄM 3 Should combat sports/martial arts be forbidden?
2014-07-19 HeidelBÄM Open_Final Should development aid only be given in the form of knowledge transfer?
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open 1 This House believes men should have the right to refuse paternal financial obligations towards pregnancies they did not consent to.
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open 2 This House believes individuals have the right to be forgotten.
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open 3 This House would abandon the use of economic sanctions as a tool for achieving political aims
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open 4 This House discredits portrayal of Disney princesses
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open 5 This House would allow 3rd World countries to choose to be reinstated as a colony.
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open Novice_Final Infoslide: you have the ability to know when and how people are going to die. THW not tell anyone
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open Open_Semis This House would allow drug addicts to file class action suits against their state, for their condition.
2014-07-18 Bulgaria Open Open_Final This House would disband the Vatican as a state.
2014-07-11 BBU Open 1 This house would ban schools from catering to a specific religion (such as Catholic schools, Hebrew schools or Muslim schools)
2014-07-11 BBU Open 2 This house believes that Brazilian footballers should have boycotted the entire 2014 World Cup.
2014-07-11 BBU Open 3 THW allow inmates to pay for substantially better prison conditions.
2014-07-11 BBU Open 4 THW revoke the citizenship of Western citizens who travel to the Middle East to join Jihadi groups.
2014-07-11 BBU Open 5 THBT western European states should adopt the eastern European ban on all Communist symbols.
2014-07-11 BBU Open Open_Semis Assuming the technology to do so safely and easily exist, THW force everyone to undergo periodical sex changes.
2014-07-11 BBU Open Open_Final You are a scientist. You have discovered absolute conclusive proof that God does not exist. This house would destroy the information.
2014-07-11 Methusalem Cup 1 Should the Catholic Church make its members to elect the new pope?
2014-07-11 Methusalem Cup 2 Should debaters who win their first ZEIT DEBATTE stop participating in these tournaments as speakers?
2014-07-11 Methusalem Cup 3 Should wearing national symbols like flags, colours, make up, costumes and sports shirts be banned during international sport events?
2014-07-11 Methusalem Cup Open_Final Should journalists be banned from participating actively (as speakers or writers) in political or scientific events?
2014-07-07 Heart of Europe BP 1 THW allow the use of nootropics for academic and professional purposes
2014-07-07 Heart of Europe BP 2 Given the rise of the Islamic State, THW support military intervention in Syria and Iraq
2014-07-07 Heart of Europe BP 3 THBT newly industrialized countries should not host international sporting events
2014-07-07 Heart of Europe BP 4 TH supports the implementation of Liquid Democracy via digital voting
2014-07-07 Heart of Europe BP 5 THW push the button (to end all life on earth)
2014-07-07 Heart of Europe BP Open_Final THW give up on climate change prevention and would instead focus on climate change adaptation
2014-06-21 Durham Open 1.1 THW have scientists make environmental policies, not politicians
2014-06-21 Durham Open 1.2 THBT humanism should disassociate from atheism
2014-06-21 Durham Open 1.3 THW nationalise porn
2014-06-21 Durham Open 10.1 THBT LGBT should split into its constituent parts
2014-06-21 Durham Open 10.2 THW teach sex positions explicitly for pleasure in sex education lessons
2014-06-21 Durham Open 10.3 THBT the US should assassinate the five Taliban prisoners released in return for Bowe Bergdahl so that the US will never negotiate with terrorists
2014-06-21 Durham Open 2.1 TH, as the US government, would create a separate Kurdish state
2014-06-21 Durham Open 2.2 THW only show films that pass the Bechdel test
2014-06-21 Durham Open 2.3 THW give equal coverage to mens’ and womens’ sport
2014-06-21 Durham Open 3.1 THBT the Mexican government should support vigilante groups
2014-06-21 Durham Open 3.2 THW remove the 9th clause from the Japanese constitution
2014-06-21 Durham Open 3.3 THW require all photoshopped images to be labelled
2014-06-21 Durham Open 4.1 THW reallocate names randomly
2014-06-21 Durham Open 4.2 THW allow simulated child pornography
2014-06-21 Durham Open 4.3 THW reduce US cultural domination
2014-06-21 Durham Open 5.1 THW decrease womens’ income tax
2014-06-21 Durham Open 5.2 THW aggressively hire ex-soldiers as teachers
2014-06-21 Durham Open 5.3 THBT Palestinians should accept demilitarisation in exchange for US recognition as a state
2014-06-21 Durham Open 6.1 THW ban private schools
2014-06-21 Durham Open 6.2 THW continue to drill the Arctic
2014-06-21 Durham Open 6.3 THW give house arrest for non-violent offenders
2014-06-21 Durham Open 7.1 THW not have set up the ICTY after the dissolution of Yugoslavia
2014-06-21 Durham Open 7.2 THBT Greece should immediately default and leave the Euro
2014-06-21 Durham Open 7.3 THW get councils to put out tenders for all NHS services in a local area
2014-06-21 Durham Open 8.1 THB liberal and progressive groups should stop saying “Check your privilege”
2014-06-21 Durham Open 8.2 THW prevent guilty nations of human rights violations from hosting sporting events
2014-06-21 Durham Open 8.3 THW abolish government funding of art
2014-06-21 Durham Open 9.1 THW send female diplomats to gender inequality countries
2014-06-21 Durham Open 9.2 THBT Mossad should covertly assassinate Syrian rebel leaders
2014-06-21 Durham Open 9.3 TH regrets the commercialisation of indigenous cultures
2014-06-21 Durham Open Open_Semi_1 THW abolish Oxbridge
2014-06-21 Durham Open Open_Semi_2 THB that the UN should ban impartial small arms embargos
2014-06-21 Durham Open Open_Final THB that the Iraqi government should issue oil dividends to its citizens
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 1.1 Paternity leave should be equal to maternity leave
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 1.2 Students should get their basic study grant back.
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 2.1 Large banks should be split into smaller ones
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 2.2 We should prosecute homegrown Jihadis
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 3.1 More financial support for students is preferable over travel subsidies
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 3.2 The state should get a monopoly on prostitution
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 4.1 We should get a European army
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 4.2 The Netherlands should impose a maximum wage
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 5.1 We should add the P of paedophilia to the LGBT movement
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) 5.2 Women older than forty should not have children
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) Open_Semi_1 The Dutch people should select the coach of the national football team
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) Open_Semi_2 A (very) high tax on inheritance would be just
2014-06-14 Eloquentiatoernooi (Eloquence tournament) Open_Final Greenpeace should be banned
2014-06-14 Jena Frauenturnier (Women’s tournament) 1 THW abolish all limitations on freedom of speech
2014-06-14 Jena Frauenturnier (Women’s tournament) 2 THW ignore the snake and not eat from the fruit
2014-06-14 Jena Frauenturnier (Women’s tournament) 3 TH welcomes double nationalities.
2014-06-14 Jena Frauenturnier (Women’s tournament) 4 TH condemns the progressive marketisation of our health care system
2014-06-14 Jena Frauenturnier (Women’s tournament) Open_Final THW boycott the football World Cup in Brasil
2014-06-14 Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open 1 THW ban all procedures to alter one's racial appearance.
2014-06-14 Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open 2 THW require all licenses for ethically controversial scientific experiments to be approved by a majority of a randomly selected group of citizens
2014-06-14 Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open 3 THW legalise commercial surrogacy.
2014-06-14 Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open 4 THBT sex education in schools should teach techniques for pure sexual gratification (including but not limited to: anal sex, oral sex, mutual gratifcation, and masturbation).
2014-06-14 Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open 5 THW provide disproportionate financial incentives to make life choices which directly conflict with traditional gender roles.
2014-06-14 Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open Open_Semis THW require that religious organisations and leaders remain politically neutral.
2014-06-14 Newcastle Mixed Doubles Open Open_Final THW privatise the distribution of welfare.
2014-06-13 Monroe Cup 1 THW criminalise the purchase of sex
2014-06-13 Monroe Cup 2 THBT seats in the UK Parliament should be based on competitive, merit-based, examinations rather than elections
2014-06-13 Monroe Cup 3 THBT The Palestinian people should abandon claims to independent statehood and publicly demand the merger of Palestine and Israel into a single democratic state
2014-06-13 Monroe Cup 4 THW remove the exemption for religious organisations from anti-discrimination legislation (such as the Equalities Act 2010)
2014-06-13 Monroe Cup 5 THBT the United States Government should pay reparations to the descendants of former slaves
2014-06-07 Bristol Open 1 THW publicly designate men's rights movements as hate groups and monitor them accordingly
2014-06-07 Bristol Open 2 THW act now to prevent quantum computing becoming a reality
2014-06-07 Bristol Open 3 TH, as Israel and the USA, would extend heavy military and economic aid to (only) Syrian rebel groups who publicly endorse immediate peace with Israel
2014-06-07 Bristol Open 4 THW, as Ed Milliband, ignore the referendum result, and remain in the EU
2014-06-07 Bristol Open Open_Final TH supports Kanye West‘s use of the Confederate flag
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) 1 THW abolish Gesinnungsstrafrecht (additional attitude/mindset penalties for crimes commited, e.g. hate crimes)
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) 2 THW give citizens the right to change their identities without giving justification
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) 3 THBT Putin’s conduct of the Crimea crisis was in Russia’s strategic interest
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) 4 TH is a citizen of a western liberal democracy that rejects discrimination on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation or ethnicity. TH would boycott works from artists (painters, musicians, movie directors, etc.) that personally hold discriminatory views, even when you like their art
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) 5 TH regrets the increasing classification of human behaviour as illnesses
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) 6 THW, as part of awareness campaigns about rape and sexual violence, inform women of potentially risky behaviour (like alcohol consumption or choice of clothing)
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) 7 TH, as the European Union, would introduce defence mechanisms agains anti-EU parties
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) ESL_Final THBT it is time for Germany to take more on miiltary responsibility in the world
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) Open_Quarters : THBT liberal democracies should not treat disclosure of information to the public as treason.
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) Open_Semis : THW temporarily recolonise former colonies that have developed into “failed states”
2014-06-06 Deutsche Debattiermeisterschaft (German Language Debating Championships) Open_Final THBT current day’s political correctness does more harm than good
2014-05-31 Tilbury House Novice 1 This house would ban religious schools.
2014-05-31 Tilbury House Novice 2 This house believes France and Britain should support a permanent common EU seat in the UN Security Council in exchange for their seats.
2014-05-31 Tilbury House Novice 3 Assuming it is technologically possible, this house would require individuals in liberal democracies to reveal their actual identity when communicating on the internet
2014-05-31 Tilbury House Novice 4 This house supports an unconditional basic income
2014-05-31 Tilbury House Novice Open_Final This house believes a healthy democracy needs term limits for heads of government
2014-05-30 Riga Debate Academy 1 This house would fund cosmetic plastic surgery.
2014-05-30 Riga Debate Academy 2 This House Believes that juries should only include individuals that are from the same socio-economic class as the defendant
2014-05-30 Riga Debate Academy 3 This house believes that international sporting events, such as the Olympics or Football World Cup, should not be held in countries with poor human rights records.
2014-05-30 Riga Debate Academy 4 This house applauds the rise of pop songs by female artists that glorify assertive female sexuality
2014-05-30 TechOpen 1 THW implement a full ban on burqas
2014-05-30 TechOpen 2 TH, as the European Union, would suspend Hungary's EU-membership if they do not reform within a set period of time.
2014-05-30 TechOpen 3 THW create Hamsterdams in cities with a high level of drug use
2014-05-30 TechOpen 4 THW allow virtual child pornography
2014-05-30 TechOpen Open_Semis THW Implement the Prime Directive
2014-05-30 TechOpen Open_Final TH, as the Palestinian people, would launch a Third Intifada
2014-05-17 Neckarwiesen Cup 1 Should we introduce diversity quota, rather than women’s quota?
2014-05-17 Neckarwiesen Cup 2 (inkl.Factsheet) Should we reserve prostheses and implants for people with physical deficiencies?
2014-05-17 Neckarwiesen Cup 3 Should companies have to justify the labour conditions of their suppliers in their yearly financial reports?
2014-05-17 Neckarwiesen Cup Open_Final Should the European Court of Justice be given the power to annul national laws that violate European values upon request of the European Parliament?
2014-05-17 Trivium Debattoernooi 1 THW allow family members of drug addicts to force the addicts to go into rehab
2014-05-17 Trivium Debattoernooi 2 THW rather invest in nuclear energy than in “green” (renewable) energy
2014-05-17 Trivium Debattoernooi 3 THBT criminal law should not take retribution into account as a criteria for punishment
2014-05-17 Trivium Debattoernooi 4 THBT the west should put heavy sanctions on Russia until Putin abdicates and democratic elections are held
2014-05-17 Trivium Debattoernooi Open_Final TH, as the Catholic Church, would use elections to select its next pope
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 1 THBT parents should monitor the electronic communications of their children, for example by installing spyware, requiring their children to give them their passwords, or reading browser histories
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 2 THW take away essential service givers' (such as policemen, firemen and doctors) right to strike
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 3 TH regrets the campaign to remove Brendan Eich from office
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 4 THW allow the parliament to pass retroactive laws with a 2/3 majority
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 5 THBT developing countries should ban aid organizations from religious proselytizing
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open Open_Semis THBT The death of newspapers and news print media would be a net good
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open Open_Final THBT the education system should stream children according to their abilities from a young age
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 1 THW prohibit works of art that undermine/go against morality
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 10 THW make participating in sports activities mandatory
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 11 THW permit the state discretionary eavesdropping on its citizens
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 12 THW put a cap on the salaries of top athletes
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 13 THW make the payment of family allowances conditional on school attendance
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 14 THW resist the supremacy of English by any means available
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 2 THW ban commercials
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 3 THW introduce a “capability vote”
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 4 THW prohibit sex changes
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 5 THW ban pornography
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 6 THW impose a DNA database
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 7 THW prohibit all motor vehicles
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 8 THW grant legal personality to animals
2014-05-12 French Language World Championships Debating 9 THW ban online dating sites
2014-05-10 Frishlingscup 1 Should grades be abolished?
2014-05-10 Frishlingscup 2 Should E-sports be recognised, promoted and valued as equals to other sports?
2014-05-10 Frishlingscup 3 Should news media be banned from reporting on threats of terrorist attacks?
2014-05-10 Frishlingscup Open_Final Should kindergartens actively combat gender roles?
2014-05-10 Kalliope Debattoernooi 1 THW put high taxes on unhealthy products
2014-05-10 Kalliope Debattoernooi 2 THW ban TV shows that objectify women
2014-05-10 Kalliope Debattoernooi 3 THBT regions should always be able to call a referendum for independence
2014-05-10 Kalliope Debattoernooi 4 THB in a state that only provides the most basic services
2014-05-10 Kalliope Debattoernooi 5 TH, as the EU, would force its member states to rcognise gay marriages
2014-05-10 Kalliope Debattoernooi Open_Final THW give highly advanced artificial intelligence the same rights as humans
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 1 In instances where utterances of a minor amount to hate speech, THS the public shaming of the parent rather than the minor.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 2 THBT developing countries should hold the Catholic church financially liable for the medical expenses of AIDS victims in areas where the church campaigns against condom use.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 3 As the South African government, THW explicity oppose the use of the word "apartheid" in describing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 4 THW, by worker referendum, allow employees to set the salaries of their top executives.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 5 THW create an age-restricted rating that warns the audience when a film has failed the Bechdel Test.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 6 THBT gay judges or legal experts who meaningfully contribute to legalizing gay marriage are morally obligated to publicly reveal their sexual orientation.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 7 THW ban all private campaign contributions and instead implement a voucher system, wherein every citizen of voting age would receive a R600 voucher that can only be used to finance political campaigns of the citizen's choosing.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 8 THW require universities to write-off the student debt of any student who graduates in good academic standing but is unable to find a job despite actively seeking employment.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 9 THR Americans' recent and unprecedented opposition to military intervention.
2014-05-09 IDEA League of Young Voters European Cup 1 THW substantially lower labour regulations for young people in areas with high youth unemployment.
2014-05-09 IDEA League of Young Voters European Cup 2 THBT internet piracy has done more good than harm.
2014-05-09 IDEA League of Young Voters European Cup 3 THBT the European Union should guarantee membership to regions of member states that secede from their parent state.
2014-05-09 IDEA League of Young Voters European Cup 4 TH supports hydraulic fracturing.
2014-05-09 IDEA League of Young Voters European Cup 5 THW implement tradable quotas for asylum seekers within the European Union.
2014-05-09 IDEA League of Young Voters European Cup Open_Semis TH supports Athletic Bilbao's cantera policy.
2014-05-09 IDEA League of Young Voters European Cup Open_Final THW create a common history curricula for the entire European Union.
2014-05-02 Copenhagen Open 1 THW legalise the sale and purchase of human organs
2014-05-02 Copenhagen Open 2 THW allocate public housing and use financial incentives (e.g. rent subsidies) to maintain a minimum quota of ethnic groups in all areas of the country
2014-05-02 Copenhagen Open 3 THW ban the use of photoshop in magazines and advertising
2014-05-02 Copenhagen Open 4 THBT the USA should withdraw from NATO
2014-05-02 Copenhagen Open 5 THW lower income tax and impose higher wealth taxes (e.g. on inheritance, property and other assets) instead
2014-05-02 Copenhagen Open Open_Final THW build Dostoevsky's edifice
2014-05-02 Zeit Debatte Mainz 1 Should universities stop giving out honours or titles for which no scientific labour or standards were met (e.g. honourary doctors title)?
2014-05-02 Zeit Debatte Mainz 2 Should Spartengewerkschaften (craft unions) be abolished? Spartengewerkschaften abgeschafft werden?
2014-05-02 Zeit Debatte Mainz 3 Should providing arms to the citizens of another state be outlawed under international law?
2014-05-02 Zeit Debatte Mainz 4 Should landowners be the owners of all natural resources (Bodenschätze) in their ground?
2014-05-02 Zeit Debatte Mainz 5 Should media be banned from publishing information about the sexual preferences or orientations of public figures without their consent?
2014-05-02 Zeit Debatte Mainz Open_Semis It is mandatory in Germany to reserve one percent of your public building budget for art projects. Motion: Should we stop the mandatory art requirement for public building projects?
2014-05-02 Zeit Debatte Mainz Open_Final Should politicians be liable for policy decisions with their private assets (mutatis mutandis)?
2014-04-26 Hull Open 1 THW require all advertising to be gender neutral.
2014-04-26 Hull Open 2 A Computer Operated Police (or C.O.P) Machine is a non-autonomous humanoid domestic drone currently being developed by the State to carry out operations deemed to be too dangerous for human officers. They are remote operated and fully armed. Motion: TH supports the deployment, throughout the Police Force, of C.O.P.s.
2014-04-26 Hull Open 3 THW aggressively promote scientific rationalism in schools.
2014-04-26 Hull Open 4 THW, as the West, invade Syria with the objectives to depose the Assad regime and oversee a transition to democracy.
2014-04-26 Hull Open Open_Final THW decriminalise the intentional and negligent transmission of HIV.
2014-04-26 North-East German Regional Championships 1 THW ban commercial expeditions to the top of the Mount Everest
2014-04-26 North-East German Regional Championships 2 THW award state funding for the arts through lottery
2014-04-26 North-East German Regional Championships 3 THW apply the technology as an alternative to regular imprisonment
2014-04-26 North-East German Regional Championships 4 THW falsify history in post-war societies in order to ensure peace
2014-04-26 North-East German Regional Championships Open_Semis THW replace the state pension with a state disability insurance
2014-04-26 North-East German Regional Championships Open_Final THW require companies to make the salaries of all their employees publicly available
2014-04-26 South German Regional Championships 1 THBT liberal democratic states should add citizens duties as well as citizens rights in their constitutions
2014-04-26 South German Regional Championships 2 THW rewrite sexist, racist or otherwise discriminating passages in opera libretti
2014-04-26 South German Regional Championships 3 THW allow parents to decide to let their severally mentally handicapped children be operated or treated with hormones so that they will not enter physical puberty
2014-04-26 South German Regional Championships 4 THW ban money from Saudi Arabia to promote Islam in the EU, as long as other religions are banned from that country.
2014-04-26 South German Regional Championships Open_Semis THW require popular sports that generate high profits to share a portion of their gains with marginal/fringe sports
2014-04-26 South German Regional Championships Open_Final THW require companies to make the salaries of all their employees publicly available
2014-04-26 VUAS Debate tournament 1 THW require elected politicians and their families to use only services provided by the state
2014-04-26 VUAS Debate tournament 2 THW grant the Roma the right to settle in self governing autonomous communities
2014-04-26 VUAS Debate tournament 3 THBT states should grant unconditional asylum to all Syrians
2014-04-26 VUAS Debate tournament 4 TH, as Latvia, would ban Legion Day parades
2014-04-26 VUAS Debate tournament 5 THW would classify crimes directed against sub-cultures as hate crimes
2014-04-26 VUAS Debate tournament Open_Semis In countries where gay marriage is legal THW abolish tax exemptions and cease funding of religious organisations that refuse to conduct same sex marriage or ban homosexuals from their services
2014-04-26 VUAS Debate tournament Open_Final Given the consent of Ukraine's government, THBT the West should assist in maintaining peace and territorial integrity in Eastern Ukraine
2014-04-26 West German Regional Championships 1 THW ban beauty pageants for minors
2014-04-26 West German Regional Championships 2 THW ban political contributions.
2014-04-26 West German Regional Championships 3 TH, as a woman, would make targeted use of her feminine charms
2014-04-26 West German Regional Championships 4 THBT all borders should be opened at once
2014-04-26 West German Regional Championships Open_Semis THW replace the Bundestag by permanent “delegated voting”
2014-04-26 West German Regional Championships Open_Final THW require companies to make the salaries of all their employees publicly available
2014-04-25 Paris Open 1 THBT it is immoral to donate to animal welfare charities while there are charities which aim to alleviate human suffering still in need.
2014-04-25 Paris Open 2 THW guarantee military veterans jobs for life (through civilian state sector employment or/and state subsidy of private sector employment).
2014-04-25 Paris Open 3 THBT feminists should not oppose dating sites which seek to romantically link rich men and physically attractive women.
2014-04-25 Paris Open 4 THBT western nations should require companies seeking to sell products within their borders to abide by national worker’s rights legislation, regardless of where the goods were manufactured and at all stages of the production process.
2014-04-25 Paris Open 5 THW determine income tax based on the relative privilege of an individuals’ upbringing.(Privilege includes such things as private education, parental wealth, childhood home)
2014-04-25 Paris Open ESL_Final THW offer citizenship to illegal immigrants in exchange for meaningful information on their traffickers and illegal employers.
2014-04-25 Paris Open Open_Semis THW, as NATO, send troops to protect the Ukrainian border (not including the Crimea).
2014-04-25 Paris Open Open_Final THS the unlimited use of war-time propaganda which aims to dehumanise the enemy.
2014-04-19 Aberdeen Open 1 THW legalize the sale, production and consumption of drugs
2014-04-19 Aberdeen Open 2 THW expand baby hatches in China
2014-04-19 Aberdeen Open 3 THW partially link development aid to developing countries commitment to female equality
2014-04-19 Aberdeen Open 4 TH welcomes the downfall of global capitalism
2014-04-19 Aberdeen Open Open_Final THBT the states should pay reparations to ethnic minorities
2014-04-12 HSE Open Open_Semis THW ban presidential pardon
2014-04-12 HSE Open Open_Final TH, as LGBT community, would out closeted politicians who are gays and publicly express homophobic views
2014-04-12 Kent IV 1 This House Regrets the rise of televised talent shows
2014-04-12 Kent IV 2 THBT national central banks should set limits on government spending
2014-04-12 Kent IV 3 THW ban the orange march in the UK
2014-04-12 Kent IV 4 THBT developing democracies with a history of ethnic tensions should have ethnic quotas in government
2014-04-12 Kent IV Open_Final THBT black civil rights groups should condemn contemporary hip hop
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 1 THS the “No Platform” practice towards far-right and fascist public figures in advance of the EU elections.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 2 THBT history curricula should feature the same proportion of male and female historical figures.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 3 THW allow assisted suicide for terminally ill children with the consent of their parents.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 4 THBT Western states should substantially support the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in its efforts in the developing world to promote birth control that is undetectable by men.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 5 THW make voting mandatory.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV Open_Semis THW abolish the prison system.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV Open_Final THBT the EU should force member states to adopt socially progressive legislation (e. g. same-sex marriage, abortion rights, ethnic and religious minority rights).
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 1 THW create a separate athletics league for athletes that choose to take performance enhancing substances.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 2 THW impose quotas that ensure at least half of a company’s board of directors is composed of women.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 3 THBT the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 4 THW allow individuals to enter into pre-nuptial agreements where infidelity is punishable by prison sentences.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 5 THS the creation and use of Autonomous Killing Robots. Info: Autonomous Killing Robots are a form of military technology which when activated, can identify and engage targets* without further human intervention. *targets include humans and light armoured vehicles
2014-04-11 Estonian Open Novice_Final THW give the public the power, via referendum, to pardon whistleblowers.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open Open_Semis THBT the EU should offer membership to Middle Eastern and North African states that achieve successful democratic transition.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open Open_Final In a parallel universe, there is a planet X which resembles Earth as it existed in the early days of humanity. Their human population face a choice of implementing one of two political systems. Motion: TH, as the human population of planet X, would choose communism over capitalism.
2014-04-10 SSE Riga Practice Tournament 1 THW, radically tax the rich and give all citizens a basic income without a requirement to work
2014-04-10 SSE Riga Practice Tournament 2 THBT, rather than protecting endangered species the animal rights movement should prioritize maximizing the total welfare of the animal population
2014-04-10 SSE Riga Practice Tournament 3 THBT the Church should not take positions on issues which are not explicitly within the doctrine of the church
2014-04-10 SSE Riga Practice Tournament 4 THBT self proclaimed feminists should not alter themselves(e.g. cosmetic surgery, make-up)
2014-04-10 SSE Riga Practice Tournament Open_Final THW charge distribution and downloading of leaked sex tapes & nude pictures as sexual assault
2014-04-05 Aberystwyth Open 1 THW officially recognise Scientology as a religion
2014-04-05 Aberystwyth Open 2 TH regrets the popularisation and commercialisation of counter-cultural or oppositional sub-genres of music (e.g Gangsta Rap or Punk music)
2014-04-05 Aberystwyth Open 3 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey the orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot may not injure its own kind and defend its own kind unless it is interfering with the first or second rule This is a suggestion, based on systems proposed in the past. Feel free to use other moral frameworks, provided this is made clear in the first minute of the PM's speech Motion: Upon the creation of strong AI, THW hardwire AI units with an unassailable and unalterable moral code
2014-04-05 Aberystwyth Open 4 This House Would ban gay conversion therapy
2014-04-05 Aberystwyth Open Open_Final In a world where the technology exists, This House Would erase all the memories of individuals who have committed serious crimes and replace them with a fabricated set of memories, instead of sending them to prison
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) 1 THBT landowners should become the automatic owners of everything on and in the ground they own
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) 2 THBT all schools in the Westbank become integrated schools (mixing up children of different backgrounds to enhance integration and understanding)
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) 3 THW ban research into the genetic origins of homosexuality
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) 4 THW offer NATO membership to all former Soviet Union states
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) 5 TH, as the parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD would conceal the diagnosis from the child and its school
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) Novice_Final THW ban women older than 40 from having children
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) Open_Semis THW legally define rape as sex without explicit consent
2014-04-05 NK Debatteren (Dutch National Championships) Open_Final THBT no mayor should have participated in the protest marches against Wilders’ statements
2014-04-05 Northumbria Open 1 THW hold football clubs criminally liable for the actions of their fans
2014-04-05 Northumbria Open 2 THBT developing countries should create constitutionally guaranteed minimum standards of living
2014-04-05 Northumbria Open 3 THW establish vocational schools and aggressively stream academically underperforming children into them.
2014-04-05 Northumbria Open 4 TH regrets the centralisation of organised religion.
2014-04-05 Northumbria Open Open_Final THBT the government should nationalise all land and buildings.
2014-04-01 HWS Round Robin 1 THW measure the efficacy of charities and strip those with comparatively low social value of their charitable status.
2014-04-01 HWS Round Robin 2 THBT a world without organized religion would be a better world.
2014-04-01 HWS Round Robin 3 THS the boycotting of Israeli academics.
2014-04-01 HWS Round Robin 4 THBT full gender emancipation requires the end of monogamy as a dominant social norm.
2014-04-01 HWS Round Robin 5 THW permit parents to stunt physical development of their severely mentally disabled children.
2014-04-01 HWS Round Robin Open_Finals THBT, within broad budgetary constraints, environmental policy should be decided by unelected scientific experts selected by their peers.
2014-03-31 Paris V French Debating Association Tournament final Open_Final THBT "All's well that ends well"
2014-03-29 Cardiff Open 1 THW prioritise the funding of grassroots over elite sports
2014-03-29 Cardiff Open 2 THBT large Eurozone states should openly oppose Britain's attempts to renegotiate its duties and relationship with the EU
2014-03-29 Cardiff Open 3 TH supports the televisation of trials
2014-03-29 Cardiff Open 4 THW make development aid contingent on recipient countries maintaining substantial redistributive taxes
2014-03-29 Cardiff Open Open_Final THW make failure to render reasonable assistance to a person in distress a criminal offence
2014-03-29 Copenhagen Mini Open 1 THW ban unpaid internships
2014-03-29 Copenhagen Mini Open 2 THW establish and monitor centres for animal prostitution
2014-03-29 Copenhagen Mini Open 3 THW heavily increase taxes on meat
2014-03-29 Copenhagen Mini Open Open_Final Given that a trade-off is required, THBT history education in post-conflict societies should focus on reconciliation at the cost of truth
2014-03-29 Heriott Watt Open 1 THBT the death of newspapers and print news media would be good for journalism
2014-03-29 Heriott Watt Open 2 TH regrets hookup apps
2014-03-29 Heriott Watt Open 3 in these cases MPs might be expelled from their party or denied promotion if they vote against the party. Occasionally a party will have a 'free vote' and MPs can vote as they like. Examples in the UK include the ban on fox hunting with dogs, votes on abortion, and the legalisation of same-sex marriage. Labour had a whipped vote in favour of same-sex marriage, whereas the Conservatives had a free vote. Motion: TH regrets free votes
2014-03-29 Heriott Watt Open 4 Murray Edwards, Newnham and Lucy Cavendish. 1,100 out of 17 000 students in women-only colleges (6%). In the university as a whole, the ratio of women to men is roughly 50:50. Motion: This house, as the University of Cambridge, would abolish women-only colleges
2014-03-29 Heriott Watt Open Open_Final The Conservative Party is the main centre-right party in the UK. The Conservative Party is wildly unpopular in Scotland with just one seat in Westminster Parliament, despite winning many seats in England. Polls of Scottish voters see them expressing economic and social views generally in line with the majority of UK voters. It has been proposed that the Conservative Party in Scotland split with UK Conservative Party. The new party would have an independent policy platform. Motion: In the event of a 'no' vote in the independence referendum, THBT the Scottish Conservative Party should split from the UK Conservative Party
2014-03-28 National Maiden’s 1 THW ban commercial surrogacy
2014-03-28 National Maiden’s 2 THW abandon the search for extraterrestrial life
2014-03-28 National Maiden’s 3 THW welcome a political union of Latin American states based on the ideals of the Bolivarian revolution
2014-03-28 National Maiden’s 4 THBT artists accrue no additional responsibilities/duties by virtue of becoming famous
2014-03-28 National Maiden’s 4 THW make ratification of peace agreements conditional on approval by a popular vote of women affected by the conflict
2014-03-28 National Maiden’s Open_Semis TH is a police officer operating in a democracy with a functional judicial system. THW use extra-legal methods in the investigation and apprehension of serious criminals
2014-03-28 National Maiden’s Open_Final In Margaret Atwood's novel Oryx and Crake there is a pill, which: (a) Protects the user against all sexually transmitted diseases (b) Provides unlimited libido and sexual prowess, along with a general sense of energy and well being (c) Acts as a 100% effective male and female birth control pill. All of the effects are irreversible and there are no other side effects. THW take the pill.
2014-03-28 Zeit Debatte Wien 1 Should media be banned from speculative or evaluative (judgmental) reporting during court cases?
2014-03-28 Zeit Debatte Wien 2 Should war memorials for fallen soldiers also offer equal recognition to soldiers from the other side?
2014-03-28 Zeit Debatte Wien 3 Should it be a duty to report recognised injustices committed by fellow citizens (Sollen es eine Pflicht geben, erkanntes Unrecht seiner Mitbürger zur Anzeige zu bringen?)
2014-03-28 Zeit Debatte Wien 4 Should Fracking be stimulated?
2014-03-28 Zeit Debatte Wien 5 (inkl. Factsheet) Should Austria counteract its Declaration of Neutrality?
2014-03-28 Zeit Debatte Wien Open_Semis Should state marriage be open for all relations between people?
2014-03-28 Zeit Debatte Wien Open_Final Should we accept the incorporation of Crimea into Russia?
2014-03-23 Southampton Open 1 THW offer drug and alcohol addicts substantial cash payments in return for agreeing to undergo sterilisation
2014-03-23 Southampton Open 2 THBT major news-media organisations should not interview people with views outside the consensus of the scientific community
2014-03-23 Southampton Open 3 THBT men should take no active role in the womens liberation movement
2014-03-23 Southampton Open 4 TH, as a developing state, would ignore all international patent and copyright treaties
2014-03-23 Southampton Open Open_Final A person's self-image is the mental picture, generally of a kind that is quite resistant to change, that depicts not only details that are potentially available to objective investigation by others (height, weight, hair colour, biological sex, race etc.), but also items that have been learned by that person about himself or herself, either from personal experiences or by internalizing the judgments of others (gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc.) Motion: TH regrets the concept of self-image
2014-03-22 Exeter Open 1 THW bring back the Assisted Places Scheme (info)
2014-03-22 Exeter Open 2 THBT the feminist movement should actively participate in the production, distribution and consumption of pornography
2014-03-22 Exeter Open 3 TH regrets the rise of atheism as promoted by Richard Dawkins (in, for example, The God Delusion in which he argues that tolerance of religion damages society and individuals)
2014-03-22 Exeter Open 4 THW aggressively harass those who post online anonymous abuse
2014-03-22 Exeter Open Open_Final There is a city called Omelas where all the citizens live perfectly fulfilled and happy lives. Buildings are beautiful, crops are plentiful, there is no disease, no crime, and no sorrow of any kind. On the day they reach adulthood, every citizen is taken into the citadel, to a room in the basement. There, in the deepest dungeon, they find a child, malnourished and sick, chained against the wall, in the utmost misery a human being can endure. They know that if the child were comforted, if it were allowed to enjoy a solitary moment of happiness, that the beauty of the city above would crumble, and disease, crime and want would become a part of the peoples lives. For that reason, the child will never be allowed to leave by the city. Every citizen in Omelas knows it is there, and they have all agreed to live with it. Occasionally, a citizen, man or woman, young or old, will walk through the gate on the edge of the city. They will venture into the desert that surrounds the city for as far as can be seen, walk over the horizon, and never be seen or heard from again.They are known only as The Ones who Walk Away from Omelas. Motion: THW walk away.
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 1 THBT schools should actively seek to instill a strong sense of patriotism
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 2 THBT Western states should maintain travel bans on Modi in the event of his ascension to Prime Minister
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 3 THW impose a quota ensuring that more than half of the London Metropolitan Police Service, across all ranks, is composed of people from ethnic minorities
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 4 THW compel doctors to facilitate the deaths of consenting and competent patients.
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV Open_Final You are a Western Liberal democracy in a four-year long brutal and bloody war of attrition against an imperialistic dictatorship. Every Christmas, there is a football match between the two sides and a ceasefire. Attending the match are high ranking political and military persons of both sides, the killing of which would benefit greatly the other side. Motion: THW violate the ceasefire and kill the leaders.
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV ProAm_Final THBT Judges should take into account the socioeconomic circumstances of defendants
2014-03-22 NK Beleidsdebatteren (Dutch Policy Debate Championships) 1 Secondary schools should have a mandatory course in etiquette
2014-03-22 NK Beleidsdebatteren (Dutch Policy Debate Championships) 2 The Netherlands should give everyone over 14 the right to vote
2014-03-22 NK Beleidsdebatteren (Dutch Policy Debate Championships) 3 Dutch mayors should be elected
2014-03-22 NK Beleidsdebatteren (Dutch Policy Debate Championships) 4 Only people with a teaching degree should teach at universities in the Netherlands
2014-03-22 NK Beleidsdebatteren (Dutch Policy Debate Championships) Open_Semi_1 We should stop giving development aid.
2014-03-22 NK Beleidsdebatteren (Dutch Policy Debate Championships) Open_Semi_2 Polygamie should be legalised in the Netherlands
2014-03-22 NK Beleidsdebatteren (Dutch Policy Debate Championships) Open_Final Growing and selling cannabis should be made legal in the Netherlands
2014-03-21 Arandjelovac Open 1 In countries where prostitution is legal, THBT national health systems should cover services of sex workers for the disabled.
2014-03-21 Arandjelovac Open 2 THBT feminists should not campaign against polygamy in the Islamic world.
2014-03-21 Arandjelovac Open 3 THBT countries like Switzerland, that were neutral in WW II should pay financial reparations to states occupied by the Nazis.
2014-03-21 Arandjelovac Open 4 THW criminalise the public denial of evolution.
2014-03-21 Arandjelovac Open 5 THBT the Western World should not portray ‘’The Great Explorers’’ (e.g. Christoph Columbus, Vasco da Gama) as heroes.
2014-03-21 Arandjelovac Open Open_Semis THBT the US should covertly manipulate election results in South and Central America, in order to prevent the emergence of left wing governments.
2014-03-21 Arandjelovac Open Open_Final THB in right to bear arms
2014-03-21 DCU Open 1 This House Would Ban All Political Donations
2014-03-21 DCU Open 2 This House Would Establish Brothels on Military Bases
2014-03-21 DCU Open 3 This House Believes That it is Legitimate for Nations to Rewrite History Books in their Favour After a Time of War
2014-03-21 DCU Open 4 That This House, as Barack Obama, would use inception to plant socially progressive ideas in Vladimir Putin's dreams
2014-03-21 DCU Open 5 This House Believes That liberal states with sexually conservative communities should subsidise hymenoplasty
2014-03-21 DCU Open Open_Semis Info slide - Disgruntled with NSA spying on US citizens, two senators from opposing parties have introduced a bill banning companies in California from providing essential utility services to the agency – including cutting off its computer-cooling water supply. Motion: THW Support the Bill
2014-03-21 DCU Open Open_Final TH Welcomes the advent of extreme genetic advancements for humans
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 TH, as the North of England, would violently secede from the UK.
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 THW allow people to ascertain their lifespan via the 'Bethesda' device.
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 In a Battlestar Galactica-themed scenario (where humanity is drifting in space), THW ban abortion.
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 TH supports feminist vigilante groups in India.
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 THBT when secession referenda are called, the nation that is being seceded from should get a chance to vote the smaller country out
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 THW create a market in internal organs
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 THBT all erroneous information used in debates should be penalised by judges
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 TH, as a wizard, would create a horcrux
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 1 THW force countries to invest in a global space program
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 THW require all businesses to be owned and run as cooperatives
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 THW ban the production, sale, and use of Poké Balls
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 THW enter the Matrix
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 TH supports unmanned aerial vehicles in warfare
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 THW introduce a UK constitution giving courts more power.
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 THBT parents should advise daughters against heavy drinking to avoid sexual assault.
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 THW eliminate copyright and patenting
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 TH, as Germany, would ban all emission vehicles by 2020
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 2 THW disproportionately teach colonialism in schools
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 TH regrets the rise of drinking initiations in universities
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 TH supports the marriage of Ron and Hermione
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 THW allow "Just following orders" as a defence
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 THW ban advertising
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 THW forcibly plug everyone into Nozick's experience machine
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 TH does not regret internet piracy
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 It is 2017. This house is the Out campaign. THW spread hyperbolised information and lies about the EU in order to win the referendum
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 THBT colonialism caused more good than harm
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 3 THW force men and women to take equal maternity and paternity leave
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 TH, as Marcus Brutus, would participate in the conspiracy to kill Caesar
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 TH prefers 'an eye for an eye' in modern society
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 TH welcomes the advent of emerging genetic enhancements on the human body
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 THBT feminists should oppose global capitalism
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 It is 1951, during the Korean War. TH, as the US, would aggressively nuke China
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 THW tie minimum wage increases to increases in the income of the 1%
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 THW institute a lottery system whereby Olympic ticket purchasers may be drafted in as athletes
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 In a world with superheroes, THW institute a superhero register
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open 4 There is a zombie outbreak where 1% of the world is infected. They are all kept in a pen at great expense. We have a vaccination, and the other 99% are vaccinated - they will not be zombified, but the 1% are still dangerous, and there is no cure. Motion: THW kill the 1%
2014-03-16 Royal Holloway Open Open_Final TH prefers the abolition of pornography to the nationalisation of pornography.
2014-03-15 Bucharest Cup 1 THBT criminal defendants should only be allowed to use a state-funded attorney
2014-03-15 Bucharest Cup 2 THW not grant lifetime achievement awards to artists when their morality is significantly put into question
2014-03-15 Bucharest Cup 3 THW phase out fractional reserve banking
2014-03-15 Bucharest Cup 4 TH opposes the popular trend which encourages people to “be themselves” despite the opinions of others
2014-03-15 Bucharest Cup Open_Semis THW support a vigilante terrorist organisation combatting violence against women in African and the Middle East
2014-03-15 Bucharest Cup Open_Final TH supports compulsory fully privatised healthcare for people living above the poverty line
2014-03-15 Reedhoven Cup 1 Should the state provide drug checking options in all areas with higher than average drug use?
2014-03-15 Reedhoven Cup 2 Should all people be required to take a vaccination against human gene mutation (of the X-men variety) after birth?
2014-03-15 Reedhoven Cup 3 Should professional sports clubs be prohibited to seek national and international transfers of minors that are still in youth programs?
2014-03-15 Reedhoven Cup 4 Should closed prisons be abolished for all crimes in juvenile justice system?
2014-03-15 Reedhoven Cup Open_Semis Should there be an unconditional basic income?
2014-03-15 Reedhoven Cup Open_Final Should killing and feeding (Verfüttern) zoo animals for population control and consolidation of genetic diversity be banned?
2014-03-15 UCL IV 1 TH regrets the creation of shows like 'teen mom' and '16 and pregnant'
2014-03-15 UCL IV 2 TH supports Israel’s targeted assassinations of prominent members of Hamas
2014-03-15 UCL IV 3 THW suspend trade unions and labour protection laws at times of economic crisis
2014-03-15 UCL IV 4 THW require all isolated communities to have a rumspringa
2014-03-15 UCL IV Open_Semis TH welcomes the rise of anarcho-populism
2014-03-15 UCL IV Open_Final On the condition that gangs fulfil basic social needs (such as basic healthcare, education and sanitation), THW cease to combat the gangs and their trade in favelas
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) 1 THW abolish spousal privilege
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) 2 THBT authors who belong to historically oppressed peoples should only write in their native languages
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) 3 THBT the feminist movement should campaign to deconstruct masculinity rather than mobilize masculinity to serve feminist goals
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) 4 THBT states should not hold prisoners of war after a conflict's cessation.
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) 5 THR the rise of pop-cultural authories on what constitutes good sex.
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) 6 THW consider an academic's publicly stated political positions (e.g. blogs, tweets, editorials) in hiring, tenure and promotion decisions.
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) Open_Quarters THBT all media organizations should be owned and run by journalists
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) Open_Semis TH supports the prominence of the American Dream in the national American discourse.
2014-03-11 NAUDC (@ HWS College) Open_Finals TH, as the United States, would actively foment democratic unrest in China.
2014-03-11 Paris V French Debating Association Tournament Open_Semis Open_Semi_1 THBT the relationship between Britain and France is indeed a "Dear Conjunction"
2014-03-11 Paris V French Debating Association Tournament Open_Semis Open_Semi_2 THBT "Action is Eloquence" (Coriolanus)
2014-03-09 Pre-Pristina Open 1 THW ban advertising targeted at children
2014-03-09 Pre-Pristina Open 2 THW assassinate North Korean nuclear scientists
2014-03-09 Pre-Pristina Open Open_Final TH, as a high profile Kosovar football player, would choose to play for a national team fully recognised by FIFA instead of Kosovo
2014-03-08 Leeds Open 1 THW legally require the consent of artists for the resale and use of their art
2014-03-08 Leeds Open 2 TH supports The RMT's decision to strike (in protest at ticket office closures)
2014-03-08 Leeds Open 3 THBT the US and EU should apply economic sanctions to Russia unless there is a full withdrawal of troops from territorial Ukraine.
2014-03-08 Leeds Open 4 THW replace all means-tested benefits with a Universal Basic Income
2014-03-08 Leeds Open 5 THW abolish Oxford and Cambridge Universities
2014-03-08 Mainzer Debütanten Cup 1 Should religious education at school be abolished?
2014-03-08 Mainzer Debütanten Cup 2 Should we introduce mandatory quotas for media products from Europe in film, tv and radio?
2014-03-08 Mainzer Debütanten Cup 3 Should men be allowed to protest their legal duty to pay child support in writing if their partners decide against getting their written permission for abortion?
2014-03-08 Mainzer Debütanten Cup Open_Final Should the West cut all economic ties with Russia as long as it occupies Crimea?
2014-03-07 UL Open 1 THW legalise all drugs
2014-03-07 UL Open 2 THW ban all political parties
2014-03-07 UL Open 3 THB that in times of war, the state should conscript a military by means of a draft lottery
2014-03-07 UL Open 4 THW abolish the welfare state
2014-03-07 UL Open 5 THW open all borders
2014-03-07 UL Open Open_Semis TH regrets the demise of the Soviet Union
2014-03-07 UL Open Open_Final THB in the virtue of a disproportionate response
2014-03-07 Vienna IV 1 THBT NGOs/charities should not accept donations from organizations that contradict their aims
2014-03-07 Vienna IV 2 In situations where it's not possible to achieve both aims and the decision lies with the doctor, THBT doctors should prioritize prolonging life over the quality of that life
2014-03-07 Vienna IV 3 Ottakring is a neighbourhood with a high percentage of immigrants, particularly from former Yugoslavia.
2014-03-07 Vienna IV 4 THBT the US and the EU should support a Russian annexation of Crimea in exchange for an otherwise independent Ukraine
2014-03-07 Vienna IV 5 Assuming participants have consented freely and in full knowledge of the risks and possible consequences, THW allow its citizens to participate in the “Thirst Games”
2014-03-07 Vienna IV 6 TH supports nations marketing themselves as destinations for ‘good time tourism’ (for the purpose of this debate, good time tourism refers to every form of tourism that satisfies human desires and is generally forbidden in the West (prostitution, drugs)
2014-03-07 Vienna IV Open_Quarters Given a machine that can predict a person's life 95% accurately, THW not use it
2014-03-07 Vienna IV Open_Semis THBT media aimed at children should reject the "happily ever after" model and show a more realistic picture
2014-03-07 Vienna IV Open_Final THBT no state, in any situation, has the right to demand, encourage or promote its citizen to fight or die for their country
2014-03-03 Glasgow Women’s 1 THW abolish trial by jury
2014-03-03 Glasgow Women’s 2 THW allow UK broadcasters to be politically partisan in the reporting of current events
2014-03-03 Glasgow Women’s 3 THW allow parents to remove their children from specific classes at school (such as sports, religious studies, sex education and science) on moral, religious or political grounds
2014-03-03 Glasgow Women’s 4 THW never subject international treaties to popular referenda
2014-03-03 Glasgow Women’s Open_Final TH supports Barack Obama's 'Kill List'
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 1 THW compel doctors to report suspected cases of domestic abuse to the police
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 2 THBT football associations should require clubs to be majority owned by their fans
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 3 THW legalise entrapment
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 4 THBT the EU should give automatic membership to states that have seceded from current member states
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 5 THW not afford religious identity the same level of anti-discrimination protection as inborn traits (such as race, gender and sexuality)
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients Open_Semis THBT that the UN Security Council should sanction companies that buy 'booty futures' from rebel movements
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients Open_Final TH supports the rise of online communities that aggressively police ideological purity within the feminist movement
2014-03-01 Helsinki Mini 1 THBT feminists should endorse conscripting women in the Finnish army rather than abolishing conscription
2014-03-01 Helsinki Mini 2 TH as Russia supports partitioning Ukraine
2014-03-01 Helsinki Mini 3 THW ban male circumcision
2014-03-01 Marburger Geschichte Turnier (History Tournament) 1 It is 5 July 1914. THW, as the German Reich, issue the Austrian-Hungarian empire a “blank check” on how to deal with the conflict with Serbia
2014-03-01 Marburger Geschichte Turnier (History Tournament) 2 It is the end of the year 1862. THW, as Abraham Lincoln, give up on the demand to abolish slavery, provided it would help end the Civil War
2014-03-01 Marburger Geschichte Turnier (History Tournament) 3 It is February of the year 44 before Christ. THW, as Brutus, join the conspiracy group of Cassius that aims to murder Caesar
2014-03-01 Marburger Geschichte Turnier (History Tournament) 4 It is the beginning of 1961. THW, as the USA, seek a mutual neutrality pact with Cuba.
2014-03-01 Marburger Geschichte Turnier (History Tournament) Open_Semis It is the fall of 1923. THW, as the Western allied forced, let Germany repay ful reparations.
2014-03-01 Marburger Geschichte Turnier (History Tournament) Open_Final It is 1990 shortly before German reunification. THW, as the Bundesrepublik Deutschland, select the DDR anthem “Auferstanden aus Ruinen” (Risen from Ruins) as the new national anthem for a reunited Germany
2014-03-01 Nottingham Open 1 THW ban the screening and production of films depicting current or recent conflicts
2014-03-01 Nottingham Open 2 TH supports the Iraqi Government’s policy of paying citizens rewards to kill jihadist insurgents
2014-03-01 Nottingham Open 3 TH regrets the rise and dominance of social media (such as Facebook and Twitter) in Western Liberal Democracies.
2014-03-01 Nottingham Open 4 THBT developing countries should establish Charter Cities
2014-03-01 Nottingham Open Open_Semis THBT the ICC should hire mercenaries to capture indicted individuals and put them on trial at The Hague
2014-03-01 Nottingham Open Open_Final THBT convicted criminals should be allowed to raise their children in prison
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 1 THW legalise simulated child pornography
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 2 THW, when casting minority characters (e.g. racial minorities, LGBTs, people with disabilities etc.) would only cast actors from that same minority
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 3 TH, when testing life-extending treatments for terminally ill patients, would not use control groups
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 4 THBT Pakistan should not engage in peace talks with the Taliban
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV Open_Final You are a scientist working at CERN. Working alone one night, you make an accidental breakthrough in your research that will allow humanity to travel through time. You are alone in the lab and the odds of someone else making the same accidental breakthrough are non-existent. Motion: THW destroy its research
2014-02-28 Budapest Open 1 THW prohibit religious organizations from speaking out against homosexuality
2014-02-28 Budapest Open 2 THBT states should take active measures to limit the spread of American pop culture
2014-02-28 Budapest Open 3 THBT it is in Russia's interest to annex the Crimea
2014-02-28 Budapest Open 4 THBT the Black Rights Movement should oppose the appropriation of the Confederate flag by black public figures. (Info slide: Kanye West recently released a clothing line which featured the Confederate flag. The Confederate flag was the flag used by the pro-slavery southern US states in the American Civil War. The American Civil War was a conflict over the use of black slaves. The flag is still used by various groups, including white supremacists in the US.)
2014-02-28 Budapest Open 5 THBT developing countries should support commercial surrogacy (Info slide: Surrogacy is an arrangement in which a woman carries a child for another person or couple)
2014-02-28 Budapest Open Open_Semis TH opposes the sympathetic and humanizing portrayal of Nazi soldiers in popular media
2014-02-28 Budapest Open Open_Final THW suspend elections in countries with very high levels of government debt
2014-02-28 Irish Times Final Open_Final THBT the Irish Political System has served the People well
2014-02-28 Leubke Cup (@ Brock University) 1 THW not allow religious proselytization in the developing world.
2014-02-28 Leubke Cup (@ Brock University) 2 TH, as the US, would grant amnesty to Edward Snowden.
2014-02-28 Leubke Cup (@ Brock University) 3 THW not allow athletes who commit violent crimes to return to their sport upon the ending of their sentence.
2014-02-28 Leubke Cup (@ Brock University) 4 TH opposes embedded journalists in the military.
2014-02-28 Leubke Cup (@ Brock University) 5 TH supports the rise of sexually assertive female pop stars.
2014-02-28 Leubke Cup (@ Brock University) Open_Semis THS the public outing of gay public figures.
2014-02-28 Leubke Cup (@ Brock University) Open_Finals TH, with hindsight, support the 2003 invasion of Iraq.
2014-02-22 Leiden Open 1 THBT the governments of developing nations should actively encourage slum tourism
2014-02-22 Leiden Open 2 TH, as a critic, would advise the public not to consume works of music, film and art produced by artists that you deem morally reprehensible, regardless of the artistic merit of their work
2014-02-22 Leiden Open 3 There have been successful experiments with citizens actively involved in the rehabilitation process of ex-convicts by, for example, hosting them in their house, or building supportive relationships with them. In these programmes, the state ensured adequate financial and professional assistance. The participation in these programmes by citizens and ex-convicts has always been voluntary. Motion: THW randomly select citizens to actively assist in the rehabilitation process of ex-convicts, and make participation mandatory for those citizens
2014-02-22 Leiden Open 4 THBT the state should make funding for political parties proportionate to the number of members from low-income brackets in those parties
2014-02-22 Leiden Open 5 THW nationalise prostitution
2014-02-22 Leiden Open Novice_Final Some awards in literature, theater, film, sports, etc. are granted only to people from specific minorities (NAACP awards) Motion: TH as a nominee of such an award would not accept it.
2014-02-22 Leiden Open Open_Semis Some academic and cultural institutions have a practice of awarding prizes that recognise the achievements of members of minority groups. For example, “Muslim Student Achievement Award” or “African American Writer of the Year”. Motion:THB it is legitimate for states to deny residence or asylum to immigrants who openly contradict their predominant values
2014-02-22 Leiden Open Open_Final THBT the Catholic church should make absolution for those who have committed a crime conditional upon them handing themselves into the police.
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 1 THBT US media should not report any details about school shootings beyond the fact that they happened
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 2 THBT all international peacekeeping operations in Africa should be carried out solely by African troops.
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 3 Info slide - Menstrual activism is a movement which seeks to examine social attitudes towards menstruation through artistic performances such as wearing menstrual blood. Motion: TH supports menstrual activism.
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 4 THW ban holocaust denial
2014-02-22 Manchester IV ESL_Final THW support a strict disciplinarian education system, as long as it makes students perform better
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Novice_Final TH regrets the use of nationalism by colonial liberation movements (e.g. the Indian National Congress, Sinn Fein).
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Open_Quarters TH supports the creation of women only economic zones in Saudi Arabia
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Open_Semis THB African-American civil rights organisations should condemn capitalism
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Open_Final The technology exists to allow people to selectively erase their memories without any physical side effects. Motion: THW allow individuals to selectively erase their own memories
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Quarters_Partial THBT the LGBT movement should stop using the concept of “gay pride”
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Semis THBT the international community has a duty to protect human rights, if necessary by military means, even in violation of the principle of national sovereignty
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Semi_1 TH applauds the social pressure on teenage girls to initiate promiscuous sexual activity;
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Semi_2 THW create a small network of public schools accessible only to students with outstanding academic backgrounds
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Semi_3 When father of a fetus favours abortion and this is not carried out, THW allow him to excuse himself from any responsibility for the child;
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Semi_4 THW reduce VAT tax on goods and services provided for by small businesses in order to combat the black (parallel) economy
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Semi_5 THB in the primacy of serving others as opposed to seeking one’s own happiness
2014-02-21 Tornadu Open_Final THBT young Portuguese should recognize the existence of a generational struggle (with divergent and conflicting interests between generations) and prepare to win
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi 1 THW allow adoption agencies to guarantee to biological parents that their child will not be adopted by a same-sex couple
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi 2 THW allow euthanasia for patients suffering from dementia (and therefore legally incapable) who have signed an advance directive (request for euthanasia) Info
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi 3 THW provide all citizens a basic income at the poverty line without setting any requirements
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi 4 THW require all schools that teach religion to discuss militant atheism at an equal footing with all major religions.
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi 5 THW make the exploitation of brothels a state monopoly
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi Novice_Final THW split Belgium into separate parts
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi Open_Quarters THW choose its Prime Minister through direct elections
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi Open_Semis THW liberate slaves in Mauritania with a military intervention
2014-02-15 Bonapartiaans Debattoernooi Open_Final THW take Dutch citizenship away from any criminal with a double nationality and would extradite these criminals to the other country they hold citizenship of
2014-02-15 Irish Times Debates Open_Semis Open_Semi_1 THW commemorate the First World War
2014-02-15 Irish Times Debates Open_Semis Open_Semi_2 THW condemn the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel
2014-02-15 Irish Times Debates Open_Semis Open_Semi_3 THBT the Constitution of Ireland has served the country well
2014-02-15 Irish Times Debates Open_Semis Open_Semi_4 THW introduce Mandatory Organ Donation
2014-02-15 LSE Open 1 THBT Governments should not assist in the rebuilding of disaster prone areas
2014-02-15 LSE Open 2 TH regrets the existence of critic or professionally determined film awards, including the Academy Awards, Palme D'Or, and Sight and Sound's Top 10
2014-02-15 LSE Open 3 THBT it is the West's interest for long term Brent Crude Oil prices to fall below US$60 per barrel. Info
2014-02-15 LSE Open 4 THBT the LGBT movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice
2014-02-15 LSE Open 5 THB European Football leagues should aggressively redistribute income from successful to less successful domestic clubs
2014-02-15 LSE Open ESL_Semis THBT the states of the Western Balkans should ban positive depictions of indicted or convicted war criminals
2014-02-15 LSE Open ESL_Final THW financially incentivise interracial and interfaith marriage
2014-02-15 LSE Open Open_Quarters THW criminalise its citizens from fighting in foreign conflicts
2014-02-15 LSE Open Open_Semis THB that majority liberal supreme courts should actively misapply constitutions in order to advance progressive rights
2014-02-15 LSE Open Open_Final TH regrets Jiyas use of the Burka (info video)
2014-02-14 Irish National Law Debates 1 THW directly elect public representatives by random lottery
2014-02-14 Irish National Law Debates 2 THW remove all restrictions on sexual activities between mutually consenting adults
2014-02-14 Irish National Law Debates 3 THW abolish trial by jury in criminal cases
2014-02-14 Irish National Law Debates 4 THBT former colonial powers should not be involved in peacekeeping and nation-building in their former colonies
2014-02-14 Irish National Law Debates 5 THW choose to believe in a god or gods
2014-02-14 Irish National Law Debates Open_Semis THBT when awarding artistic achievement, all aspects of the artist's personal lives should be ignored
2014-02-14 Irish National Law Debates Open_Final THBT the use of violence to advance the cause of disenfranchised sexual minorities and women in Russia is legitimate
2014-02-14 North American Women's (@ McGill University) 1 THW ban religious and ethnic parties from running for election in developing democracies
2014-02-14 North American Women's (@ McGill University) 2 TH regrets the commercialization and mainstream popularization of grafitti.
2014-02-14 North American Women's (@ McGill University) 3 THBT NATO should maintain a standing army to which all members must commit a minimum number of troops.
2014-02-14 North American Women's (@ McGill University) 4 The “court of public opinion” refers to situations in which individuals are accused of wrongdoing, defended, and informally tried within public discourse rather than a court of law, and are subsequently treated differently based on society’s verdict(s). For example, Woody Allen is currently being tried within the court of public opinion. TH prefers a society with an active court of public opinion to one without.
2014-02-14 North American Women's (@ McGill University) 5 THW ban employers from creating contracts which prohibit employees from expressing their political views publicly.
2014-02-14 North American Women's (@ McGill University) Open_Semis THBT it is in the interest of minority rights groups (e.g. LGBTQ, women, racial minorities) to join forces in common protest rather than separately advocate for the individual interests.
2014-02-14 North American Women's (@ McGill University) Open_Finals Through NSA spy networks, this House - being the US gov't - has determined that the largest of several Ukrainian opposition groups (USAR) is imminently launching a violent coup against the Ukrainian government. THW warn the Ukrainian government.
2014-02-09 Reading No-Notes Open 1 THW Prevent men from running for elected office for a period of two terms.
2014-02-09 Reading No-Notes Open 2 THW Ban any and all participation in faith healing.
2014-02-09 Reading No-Notes Open 3 THW Allow and enforce prenuptial agreements that punish infidelity.
2014-02-09 Reading No-Notes Open 4 TH, as the Conservative party, would condemn the portrayal of Romanians and Bulgarians in the tabloids
2014-02-09 Reading No-Notes Open Open_Final This House Believes that NATO Should Launch a Retaliatory Nuclear Strike.
2014-02-08 Dutch Mace 1 THW allow companies to pay higher wages to employees who agree not to have children during their term of employment.
2014-02-08 Dutch Mace 2 THW only give out scholarships on the basis of academic potential.
2014-02-08 Dutch Mace 3 THB the West should make use of its imperialist power.
2014-02-08 Dutch Mace Open_Final THW ban such a machine.
2014-02-08 John Smith Memorial Mace Scotland 1 THW allow employees to sign a contract to give up their right to have children in exchange for a higher salary
2014-02-08 John Smith Memorial Mace Scotland 2 THBT developing nations should no longer sell land to foreign companies
2014-02-08 John Smith Memorial Mace Scotland 3 THW make the weight of votes proportional to a person’s expected remain lifespan
2014-02-08 John Smith Memorial Mace Scotland 4 TH supports the use of violent protest to topple oppressive regimes
2014-02-08 John Smith Memorial Mace Scotland 5 THW restrict CEOs from annually earning more than 12 times the salary of his or her lowest-paid employee
2014-02-08 John Smith Memorial Mace Scotland Open_Semis TH, as the Catholic Church, would vote in the Pope through a referendum amongst all Church-going Catholics when electing a new Pope, rather than amongst Cardinals
2014-02-08 John Smith Memorial Mace Scotland Open_Final THBT the State should pay to each and every citizen 15,000 pounds per year unconditionally
2014-02-08 Lancaster IV 1 THBT schools should prioritise the teaching of modern literature over classical literature.
2014-02-08 Lancaster IV 2 THBT the west should give substantial extra non-conditional aid packages to countries that have large illegal narcotics exports.
2014-02-08 Lancaster IV 3 TH, as Edward Snowden, regrets publishing the NSA files.
2014-02-08 Lancaster IV 4 THBT celebrities should be banned from making political statements.
2014-02-08 Lancaster IV Open_Final TH, as a scientist who has developed a compound which when ingested causes a person to become bisexual, would infect the global water supply with the compound.
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 1 THW make voting power depreciate with age.
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 2 THBT signatories to the Kyoto protocol should institute economic sanctions against nations that refuse to sign
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 3 THBT art depicting historical atrocities should depict them in their full brutality.
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 4 THW ban advertising that objectifies women.
2014-02-01 Warwick IV 1 THW require those claiming Job Seekers' Allowance to undertake community service
2014-02-01 Warwick IV 2 TH supports public funding of blasphemous art
2014-02-01 Warwick IV 3 THW abolish academic journals and make all academic research freely available to the public online
2014-02-01 Warwick IV 4 TH supports the formation of vigilante groups in high crime areas of Mexico
2014-02-01 Warwick IV Open_Semis THBT Barack Obama should issue an executive order suspending all state bans on gay marriage
2014-02-01 Warwick IV Open_Final TH, as a wealthy individual, rather than paying the full rate of tax, would avoid taxation in order to donate to charity, according to his/her own moral preferences
2014-01-25 Brabants Debattoernooi 1 We should be able to fire (Rabobank) Board members that were responsible for fraud, without a severance bonus.
2014-01-25 Brabants Debattoernooi 2 Bitcoins should become the official currency in the Netherlands
2014-01-25 Brabants Debattoernooi 3 Health insurances should be allowed to refuse medicines on the basis of their costs
2014-01-25 Brabants Debattoernooi 4 The availability/sales of pyrotechnics/fireworks should be limited (This article and this one give appropriate background info)
2014-01-25 Brabants Debattoernooi Open_Semi_1 Assad should win
2014-01-25 Brabants Debattoernooi Open_Semi_2 Dutch athletes should boycott the Sochi Winter Olympics
2014-01-25 Brabants Debattoernooi Open_Final People in Groningen should stop complaining (probably referring to gas drilling in the province)
2014-01-25 York IV 1 THW create drug provison centres to provide all adults with unlimited quantities of free heroin and cocaine, exclusively for on site consumption.
2014-01-25 York IV 2 In a world in which the Z-gene exists, THW require that mutants be constantly monitored by the state from birth.
2014-01-25 York IV 3 THBT the Labour Party should end its affiliation with trade unions.
2014-01-25 York IV 4 THBT schools should attempt to indoctrinate school children with the belief that they are personally culpable for death, poverty and abject misery in the developing world.
2014-01-25 York IV Open_Semis THBT the Syrian National Coalition and the Free Syrian Army should offer to end the Syrian Civil War and share power in a short term transitional government led by Bashar al-Assad
2014-01-25 York IV Open_Final THBT comedians who cross the line of public offence do more harm than good
2014-01-24 Trinity IV 1 THBT feminists should condemn the practice of monogamy
2014-01-24 Trinity IV 2 THBT resource-rich developing nations should severely restrict the extraction and sale of natural resources
2014-01-24 Trinity IV 3 THBT Japanese leaders are legitimate in visiting the Yasukuni Shrine
2014-01-24 Trinity IV 4 THB the NAACP should not seek a post-racial society
2014-01-24 Trinity IV Open_Quarters THB the Irish state should pay reparations to all female citizens who lived during the period in which Magdalene Laundries were operational
2014-01-24 Trinity IV Open_Semis THW teach children to question authority, even if it undermines discipline in the classroom
2014-01-24 Trinity IV Open_Final TH rejects the legitimacy of the state
2014-01-23 Paris V 1.1 THW stop state funding of the arts
2014-01-23 Paris V 1.2 THW "Live as if you were to die tomorrow"
2014-01-23 Paris V 1.3 THW use force to make peace
2014-01-23 Paris V 2.1 THBT the bare necessities are enough
2014-01-23 Paris V 2.2 THBT we should fear Google
2014-01-23 Paris V 2.3 THBT privacy is an illusion
2014-01-23 Paris V 2.4 THW not have children
2014-01-23 Paris V 2.5 THBT anything good in life is either illegal, immoral or fattening
2014-01-23 Paris V 3.1 THW always choose style over substance
2014-01-23 Paris V 3.2 THBT bad government comes from too much government
2014-01-23 Paris V 3.3 THBT men have become the tools of their tools
2014-01-23 Paris V 3.4 THBT science will save us
2014-01-23 Paris V 3.4 THW emigrate
2014-01-23 Paris V 3.5 THW tell the whole truth
2014-01-23 Paris V 4.1 THBT work is overrated
2014-01-23 Paris V 4.2 THB in free speech
2014-01-23 Paris V 4.3 THBT parents are corrupted by children
2014-01-23 Paris V 4.4 THBT imagination is better than knowledge
2014-01-23 Paris V 4.5 THBT whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to pause and reflect
2014-01-18 Irish Times Debates Round 2 1 TH condemns the actions of Edward Snowden
2014-01-18 Irish Times Debates Round 2 2 THW remove all restrictions on freedom of speech
2014-01-18 London Pro-Am IV 1 If the tech to do so were available, THW allow disabled parents to ensure their children are born with their disabilities
2014-01-18 London Pro-Am IV 2 TH, as the Pope and the Vatican council, would liquidate all the Vatican's assets and distribute them to charity
2014-01-18 London Pro-Am IV 3 THW create a scheme to aggressively encourage university graduates to marry and reproduce
2014-01-18 London Pro-Am IV 4 TH regrets the 'fat pride' movement
2014-01-11 Nottingham Trent Open 1 THW require that government ministers be highly qualified and experienced experts in their policy areas
2014-01-11 Nottingham Trent Open 2 THBT the EU should lift its ban on exporting sedatives used in lethal injections to the USA
2014-01-11 Nottingham Trent Open 3 THBT the Conservative Party should form an electoral pact with the UK Independence Party for the 2015 general election
2014-01-11 Nottingham Trent Open 4 THBT hacking is a legitimate form of protest against large corporations
2014-01-11 Nottingham Trent Open Open_Semis THBT all states should adopt the Flemish system of university admissions
2014-01-11 Nottingham Trent Open Open_Final THBT the British education system should aim to give students from all backgrounds a high level of familiarity with the cultural knowledge prized by white, upper and middle class elites
2014-01-10 Zeit Debatte Dresden 1 THW make graduates of state universities, who become stay-at-home “parents” (Hausfrauen oder Hausmänner), retrospectively pay their study fees (normally free).
2014-01-10 Zeit Debatte Dresden 2 THW offer immigrants who cannot claim welfare benefits in Germany a loan for “livelihood/existence costs” that they would have to repay after five years
2014-01-10 Zeit Debatte Dresden 3 THBT parents should monitor the electronic communications of their children, for example by installing spyware, requiring their children to give them their passwords, or reading browser histories
2014-01-10 Zeit Debatte Dresden 4 THW provide strong financial support to families who decide to bring a foetus with Down syndrom to term and raise it by themselves
2014-01-10 Zeit Debatte Dresden 5 THBT attacks on military targets, in which many civilian victims can be expected, are legitimate
2014-01-10 Zeit Debatte Dresden Open_Semis THW allow people to insure themselves against fines
2014-01-10 Zeit Debatte Dresden Open_Final TH, as an athlete with sight on a medal at the Olympic Games in Sotchi, would publicly promote LGBT rights during the Games
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 1 THR the commercialization of religious holidays.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 2 THBT universities should ban all fraternities and sororities.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 3 TH, as the Mexican government, would end its war against the drug cartels.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 4 THR the use of feminism as an advertising tactic.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 5 THW ban all youth wings of political parties in developing countries.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 6 THBT protesters should not use memorials as sites for protest.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Novice_Finals THS a lower income tax for women than men.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Open_Quarters THP Facebook's policy of only removing content that users report as objectionable to a policy where Facebook itself independently determines restrictions on content.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Open_Semis THBT all information marked as classified by governments should become available to the public within 50 years.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Open_Finals THW allow communities to vote to suspend police supervision.
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 1 THBT the United States of America should fund moderate Madrassas (schools of Islamic study) throughout the Islamic world
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 2 THW allow first-time offenders to, with the consent of the victims, pay compensation to them in place of a prison sentence
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 3 TH regrets the rise of a 'hookup culture' (one which accepts and encourages casual sexual encounters focused on physical pleasure, without necessarily including emotional bonding)
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 4 THBT developing countries should ban members of political dynasties from standing for elected office
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 5 THBT the Trans-Pacific Partnership is in the interests of the small and medium-sized negotiating countries.
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 6 THW make the receipt of welfare payments to raise children conditional on the use of long-term, but reversible, contraception
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 7 THBT government agencies that regulate drugs should only test whether a drug is safe, not whether it is effective, before approving it for public use.
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 8 THBT NATO should unconditionally offer membership to the states of the former Soviet Union, excluding Russia
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 9 TH regrets the commodification of indigenous cultures
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 EFL_Semis THBT the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 EFL_Final THBT multinational companies should be liable for human rights abuses that occur anywhere in their supply chain
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 ESL_Quarters THW remove all copyright protection for material deemed to be morally objectionable
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 ESL_Semis THBT Pope Francis should publicly encourage Catholics to support radically redistributive government policies
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 ESL_Final THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle asylum-seekers who reach their borders
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 Open_Partial_Double_Octos THW abolish gated communities in the developing world
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 Open_Octos THBT Japan should shame its soldiers who participated in WWII, including those who did not commit war crimes themselves
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 Open_Quarters THW auction off the long-term right to govern bankrupt cities for profit
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 Open_Semis THBT women should reject practices that alter the appearance of their genitalia, such as waxing and labiaplasty
2014-01-01 Chennai WUDC 2014 Open_Final THBT India should adopt aggressive free market policies.