2015 Motions

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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 1 THW allow the trophy hunting of endangered animals
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 2 THW programme self-driving cars to prioritise the number of lives saved when faced with unavoidable collisions as opposed to prioritising the safety of the driver.
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 3 THW ban the Orange Walk
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 4 THBT LGBTQ+ campaigns should criticise the nuclear family
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 5 THBT African Union states should withdraw from the International Criminal Court and set up an African alternative
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Novice_Final THBT when faced with the choice between spending discretionary income on non-essentials or giving to charity, individuals should always choose to give to charity
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Open_Quarters THW allow mental health charities to sue media outlets for the defamation of the mentally ill
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Open_Semis THBT the Parliamentary Labour Party should immediately depose Jeremy Corbyn by a vote of no confidence
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Open_Final THBT the USA should publicly apologise for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV 1 THR the Narrative of the American Dream.
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV 2 THB The State Should Not Attach any Legal or Fiscal Privileges to the Family Unit (e.g tax breaks, spousal exemptions etc)
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV 3 THR The Fall of the Galactic Empire.
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV 4 THW Introduce an Excise Tax on Tabloids to Finance a Subsidy of Broadsheet.
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV 5 THW exclude Turkey from NATO if it Continues Bombing Kurdish Troops in Syria and Iraq.
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV Novice_Final THR the Narrative of Having one Great Calling or Purpose in Life.
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV Open_Partial_Quarters THR the Negative Connotations Surrounding Creating Art for the Primary Purpose of Profit.
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV Open_Semis THW Ban Mens’ Rights Activist Groups.
2015-12-12 SSE Riga IV Open_Final TH as the Republican National Committee Would Literally Kick Donald Trump out of the Republican Party.
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 1 THW ban plea bargaining
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 2 THS the use of coercive economic and diplomatic measures against states in which serious environmental damange to natural resources of share global importance is occurring
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 3 THW ban surgical genital alteration procedures for minors that are not strictly medically necessary for bodily or sexual function
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 4 TH welcomes the rise of for-profit education in developing countries
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 5 THW ban the use of religious rhetoric and symbols in political campaigns
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 6 TH supports a three-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflcit
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV Open_Quarters THBT retribution should not be a part of the criminal justice system.
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV Open_Semis THB abortions that are based on the fetus showing signs of non-fatal physical and developmental disabilities
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV Open_Finals THS universal jurisdiction for crimes against humanity.
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) 1 THS the rise of homeschooling among minority communities
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) 2 THBT environmental refugees should be granted citizenship in countries that have contributed most heavily to global pollution
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) 3 THBT minority groups seeking public support for equal rights should emphasize distinct cultures over similarity to the mainstream.
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) 4 THW financially assist inner-city neighbourhoods in order to prevent gentrification, for instance by subsidizing mixed-income housing over public housing projects.
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) 5 THBT all democracies should ban relatives of past office holders from running for election
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) Novice_Finals THS genderless parenting
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) Open_Semis THBT the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) should have its own regional peacekeeping force.
2015-11-27 Canadian British Parliamentary Championships (@ York University) Open_Finals THBT private education institutions should facilitate student demands for spaces of protest to be kept free of media
2015-11-22 Cambridge Women's Open 1 THBT governments should place no restrictions on how welfare payments, excluding child benefit, are spent.
2015-11-22 Cambridge Women's Open 2 THBT social disgust is sufficient justification for censoring art.
2015-11-22 Cambridge Women's Open 3 THW legally permit soldiers to refuse to participate in military actions or missions on the basis of conscience.
2015-11-22 Cambridge Women's Open 4 THBT states should take high numbers of refugees, even when faced with strong democratic opposition.
2015-11-22 Cambridge Women's Open ESL_Final THBT Britain should pay reparations to its former colonies.
2015-11-22 Cambridge Women's Open Open_Final THR the Rise of the Rom-Com Genre.
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 1 THW abolish all rent control laws.
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 2 THBT no media should ever be allowed to endorse any candidates in democratic elections.
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 3 THW ban religious proselytization in prisons.
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 4 THBT all self-driven cars must use the same government-mandated algorithm to solve the "trolley problem."
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 5 THW prefer the creation of class-based affirmative action programs over race-based affirmative action programs at higher education institutions.
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 6 This house prefers direct intervention of Western nations over backing of non-state actors in armed conflicts.
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 Novice_Final THW abolish all publicly accessible sex offender registries
2015-11-21 Brad Smith Debate Tournament 2015 Open_Final THS a single-payer healthcare system.
2015-11-21 JADE College Cup 2015 1 This house believes that standardized testing, as a requirement for admission to universities, does more harm than good
2015-11-21 JADE College Cup 2015 2 This house would institute a mandatory retirement age for politicians
2015-11-21 JADE College Cup 2015 Open_Final This house believes that Britain should pay reparations to Jamaica
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 1 This house believes that medical staff should be able to opt out of providing treatments on religious or ethical grounds
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 2 This house regrets the eastward expansion of the European Union during and since 2004
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 3 This house would prefer a world without religious beliefs
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 4 This house believes that Israel should have continued the occupation of Gaza
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV 5 This house believes that educational institutions should never attempt to restrict the freedom of expression of students or staff (except when mandated by law)
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV ESL_Semi This House Regrets the perception that soldiers are heroes
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV ESL_Final THBT Saudi Arabia should limit participation in the Hajj to the citizens of countries that are committed to taking direct action against IS
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV Open_Quarters THR the partition of India
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV Open_Semi TH Opposes the Sharing Economy
2015-11-20 Cambridge IV Open_Final THBT the international community should pay countries near to conflict zones to process, settle and restrict the further movement of refugees
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 1 TH, as an individual feminist, would boycott tinder
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 2 THW publish all salaries
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 3 THW pay direct reparations to the descendants of slaves in the United States
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 4 TH, with the exception of news reporting, would not allow anyone to publish or profit off accounts of violent criminals' crimes.
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 5 TH opposes the search for a cure to autism
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Semis You are a female Democratic candidates running in the general election for President of the U.S. The results are extremely close going into the vote. One of your staffers tells you, with certainty, that they can right the election of your favour with little chance of detection. THW do it.
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Finals TH prefers a world where memories and accurately recorded and available for external playback.
2015-11-15 Birmingham ESL Novice Mini 2015 1 THW impose gender and racial quotas in government cabinets
2015-11-15 Birmingham ESL Novice Mini 2015 2 Assuming we live in a world where superheroes exist, THW require superheroes to publicly reveal their identities
2015-11-15 Birmingham ESL Novice Mini 2015 3 THW pay a living wage to stay-at-home parents
2015-11-15 Birmingham ESL Novice Mini 2015 4 THBT environmentalists should launch violent campaigns against major polluting companies
2015-11-15 Birmingham ESL Novice Mini 2015 Open_Final THW dramatically reduce the patent life on life saving drugs
2015-11-14 SSE Practice Tournament 1 THBT India should discourage arranged marriages
2015-11-14 SSE Practice Tournament 2 THW only invest in those African countries that put adequate effort into the protection of biological diversity
2015-11-14 SSE Practice Tournament 3 (Open motion) THW sacrifice anything for safety
2015-11-14 SSE Practice Tournament 4 THW offer temporary tax relief to Baltic emigrants coming back home
2015-11-14 SSE Practice Tournament Open_Final TH, as NATO, W not offer assistance in case of the armed forces of Russia entering any of the Baltic states
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 1 THW aggressively prioritize women for military leadership positions
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 2 THW provide a universal basic income
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 3 THS the Animal Liberation Front
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 4 THW regularly publish the proposed content of international trade deals throughout the entire negotiation process
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) 5 THW remove tax-exempt status from religious institutions.
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) Novice_Finals Assuming a low probability of detection, THS scientists who falsify data in order to exagerrate the harms of climate change.
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) Open_Semis TH, as Taiwan, would cease efforts to develop deeper economic, cultural, and diplomatic ties with mainland China.
2015-11-13 Guindon Cup (University of Ottawa) Open_Finals THW enforce Ulysses contracts
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 1 This House Would Ban Religious Primary and Secondary Schools
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 2 This house believes US immigration policy should only prioritise merit-based standards of acceptance over the reunification of families.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 3 This house would end penalty enhancements for hate crimes.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 4 This House believes that Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 5 This house would allow opponents of abortion to sign legally-binding contracts with pregnant women, in which they pay those pregnant women not to have an abortion.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV ESL_Semi THW accept 'I was only following orders' as a defence in war crimes trials
2015-11-13 Oxford IV ESL_Final THR the institutions of marriage and civil partnership
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Novice_Final THW create and enforce filial responsibility laws (mandating that people take care of their parents)" - or words to that effect
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Open_Quarters THR the rise of mega-cities
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Open_Semis THBT after 50 years of ownership the state should have the right to repossess all works of painting or sculpture for the purpose of public display
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Open_Final A new planet has been discovered identical to Earth. 1 of 2 systems can be implemented on this planet (or words to that effect). THW implement communism over capitalism.
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 1 THW ban cosmetic surgery
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 2 THBT African countries should adopt English as the principal language of instruction in schools
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 3 THW only fund medicine based on its impact on Quality Adjusted Life Years (with info slide)
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 4 TH, as the West, would cooperate with Russia in its military intervention in Syria (with info slide)
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 Novice_Final THBT the media should not report on the private lives of politicians
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 Open_Semis THBT female game designers should prioritise over everything else the creation of female characters
2015-11-07 Westminster Open 2015 Open_Finals THW ban scientific research into the genetics of race
2015-11-06 Tilbury House IV 1 THW fine news organisations who consistently fail to meet a standard of fair and balanced reporting.
2015-11-06 Tilbury House IV 2 THW require gaming companies to offer their products free of charge to women, in cases where there is a significant gender disparity in consumption.
2015-11-06 Tilbury House IV 3 THW abolish and ban all agricultural subsidies in the European Union.
2015-11-06 Tilbury House IV 4 Assuming you would not be found out, in the event of a terrorist attack on EU soil committed by Islamist extremists, THW fabricate evidence that the attack was committed by the dominant ethnic and socio-economic group, e.g. white Anglo-Saxons.
2015-11-06 Tilbury House IV 5
2015-11-06 Tilbury House IV Open_Semis THW impose sanctions on Erdogan's AKP government.
2015-11-06 Tilbury House IV Open_Final THBT the concept of "safe spaces" has no place in any academic activity or environment.
2015-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2015 1 That academic social science departments should make active efforts to hire faculty that do not have progressive beliefs.
2015-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2015 2 This house would restrict the benefits of the schengen agreement to citizens of the EU only.
2015-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2015 3 That the government should regulate automated driving systems (e.g. google driverless cars), so that in the event of a potential accident, the programme makes decisions that prioritise the safety of those outside of the vehicle over that of the passengers within.
2015-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2015 4 That non-white actors shouldn’t pursue roles where characters they would portray are based on ethnic stereotypes.
2015-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2015 5 That governments in democracies should not control the school history curriculum.
2015-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2015 Open_Semi That people who currently choose to be vegetarian on the grounds of animal welfare should instead consume products where the production process treats animals well.
2015-11-01 New Zealand BP Debating Championships 2015 Open_Final That technology companies should refuse to provide governments information about their customers, even if that would mean breaking the law.
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 1 THW compel colleges to pay athletes as professionals (with info slide)
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 2 THBT the EU should enforce freedom of movement within current Schengen countries (with info slide)
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 3 TH supports Lean In feminism (with info slide)
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 4 THW ban adoption agencies which select families on religious grounds
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 Open_Semis THBT states should strive to reduce inequality even after everyone has enough for an acceptable quality of life
2015-10-31 Imperial Open 2016 Open_Finals THW allow students to vote on the curriculum they are taught in schools
2015-10-30 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 1 THW require a turnout quota be met to legitimize elections.
2015-10-30 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 2 THBT prominent female athletes should reject offers to play in professional male leagues.
2015-10-30 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 3 THW suspend the domestic operations of companies that actively conceal violations of major environmental regulations.
2015-10-30 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 4 TH regrets the decline of formal participation in religious institutions.
2015-10-30 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) 5 TH, as Japan, would remove Article 9 from its constitution.
2015-10-30 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) Open_Semis THW privatize Petrobras.
2015-10-30 Chancellor's Cup (Queen's University) Open_Finals Given the existence of a drug that eliminates fear with minimal to no side effects, THW let soldiers opt into using it.
2015-10-24 HWS Fall Classic 1 THBT developed nations should abolish all protectionist trade policies
2015-10-24 HWS Fall Classic 2 THBT sports leagues with systems of promotion and relegation are good for fans.
2015-10-24 HWS Fall Classic 3 THBT the transgender movement should leave the LGBTQ movement
2015-10-24 HWS Fall Classic 4 Deaf culture is the set of social beliefs, behaviours, art, literary traditions, history, values and shared institutions of communities that are influenced by deafness and which use sign languages as the main means of communication. As a hearing parent of a deaf child, THW choose to mainstream your child to the exclusion of participation in deaf culture.
2015-10-24 HWS Fall Classic 5
2015-10-24 HWS Fall Classic Open_Semis
2015-10-24 HWS Fall Classic Open_Finals THW abolish all US military aid to Saudi Arabia.
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 1 THW give women two votes in political elections
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 2 THBT law enforcement organisations should never provide incentives to gang members to inform on their superiors (e.g. plea bargains or monetary rewards)
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 3 TH regrets the decline in oil prices over the last 18 months
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 4 THBT Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is good for America
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 5 THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle refugees who reach their borders
2015-10-24 SOAS IV ESL_Final THBT countries, like Switzerland, that were neutral in WW II should pay financial reparations to states occupied by the Nazis
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Quarters THBT the state should reclaim a fixed proportion of all charitable giving and redistribute it to other charities on the basis of their effectiveness
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Semis THBT the trans movement should actively seek to separate themselves, their issues and their collective identity from the LGBTQ movement in their campaigns and in the public consciousness
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Final THW prefer a world in which there are no extreme emotions such as boiling rage, falling madly in love, extreme grief etc
2015-10-17 KCL IV 1 THW cap every company's highest salary at 10x the lowest salary within that company.
2015-10-17 KCL IV 2 In countries with few female politicians, THBT it is good to have a politically active First Lady.
2015-10-17 KCL IV 3 THW introduce a tax on "low brow" entertainment in order to subsidise "high brow" art.
2015-10-17 KCL IV 4 THBT criminal justice policy should be outsourced to technocrats instead of elected representatives.
2015-10-17 KCL IV Novice_Final TH as Western Countries ( EU, US, Canada, Australia) would stop selling arms to Saudi Arabia.
2015-10-17 KCL IV Open_Semis THBT militaries should aggressively engage in the genetic and bionic enhancement of consenting soldiers.
2015-10-17 KCL IV Open_Final THBT the US and it's allies should announce Intentions to capture and try, as opposed to assassinate the leaders of Da'esh (IS)
2015-10-16 Hart House IV 1 THW ban companies from using fear as a tactic in advertising.
2015-10-16 Hart House IV 2 THBT the police should work with hacktivists
2015-10-16 Hart House IV 3 THO the notion that marriage is meant to be long-lasting
2015-10-16 Hart House IV 4 Assuming Russia agrees to help fight ISIS, TH, as the US, would cease funding to Syrian rebel groups
2015-10-16 Hart House IV 5 THO films/TV shows that depict a minority narrative through a white heteronormative lense
2015-10-16 Hart House IV Open_Quarters THR the rise of the sharing economy
2015-10-16 Hart House IV Open_Semis THBT treasure hunters should have possession of any artefacts they find
2015-10-16 Hart House IV Open_Finals THBT individuals should not share their political views on social media platforms
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 1 Disinviting college and university speakers does more good than harm.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 2 Low-level offenders shopuld have their fates determined by neighbors rather than traditional courts.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 3 There should be no space missions without United Nations scientific approval.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 4 The sharing economy does more harm than good.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 5 Government should create public space on the Internet for social protest and political free speech.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 6 This House would establish a universal passport.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 7 The US federal government should bail out states and cities.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 8 This House supports a permanent seat with veto power on the UN Security Council for Africa.
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 Open_Semis Colonial powers should pay reparations for the Atlantic slave trade
2015-10-11 Claremont 2015 Open_Final The US federal government should rewrite its constitution every 25 years
2015-10-10 UCD IV 1 THW require approval from local referenda for all major land development decisions (e.g stadiums, airport extensions, railways etc.)
2015-10-10 UCD IV 2 THS the July 2015 decision of the UK government to deny a visa to Tyler the Creator
2015-10-10 UCD IV 3 THBT the West should abandon its foreign policy aim of removing Assad from power
2015-10-10 UCD IV 4 THW allow asylum seekers to work
2015-10-10 UCD IV 5 THBT the government should only fund further education courses that have high graduate employment rates
2015-10-10 UCD IV Open_Semis THBT political parties’ Cabinets and Shadow Cabinets should be elected by the members of that party
2015-10-10 UCD IV Open_Final THR the overwhelming narrative of good triumphing over evil in children’s entertainment
2015-10-02 Yale IV 1 THW ban religious K-12 schools
2015-10-02 Yale IV 2 THBT voters should be able to override the votes of their elected representatives on individual bills by two-thirds or greater referendum.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 3 THBT developed nations should pay reparations to developing nations that have experienced significant adverse consequences from climate change
2015-10-02 Yale IV 4 TH rejects the media's intentional humanization of those responsible for heinous acts or crimes.
2015-10-02 Yale IV 5 THBT the US should join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
2015-10-02 Yale IV 6 Given the existence of a drug that dramatically increases mental capacity, THBT universities should ban and test for student use of the drug.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Novice_Finals THBT American feminists have an obligation to vote for a female presidential candidate.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Quarters THW not vote for protest candidates in primary elections.
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Semis THW legalize graffiti in public spaces
2015-10-02 Yale IV Open_Finals THBT the EU should offer Greece full debt relief in exchange for its housing at least 200,000 Syrian refugees.
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 1 THW prioritize support of domestic reporters in areas of conflict over the use of Western reporting
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 2 THW ban private schools
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 3 THS government collection of private information as a security measure
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 4 THW abolish industry awards (i.e. the Oscars, the Emmys, etc.)
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 5 THW only give aid to devleoping countries that have good environmental policy.
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 6 THW enforce a Cap and Trade system for refugee quotas.
2015-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Semis THS the use of feminist narratives in advertising for beauty products
2015-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Finals THR the prominence of professional sports in American pop culture.
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 1 This house believes that President Obama should pardon those convicted of low level drug possession charges en masse
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 2 This house supports the establishment of zero rating platforms in the developing world
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 3 This house believes that socially progressive organisations and institutions should aggressively pursue policies to accommodate underprivileged groups, such as mandatory preferred gender pronoun introductions, trigger warnings prior to discussion on sensitive topics and the creation of autonomous spaces
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 4 This house believes that Greece is better outside the Euro
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 5 You are an incredibly respected art critic. You own a private art gallery which the rich, famous, and influential fly from around the world to visit. Recently a photograph has come to prominence among elite art circles, and as a consequence has become incredibly sought after - hailed for its gritty realism. It is a graphic photograph of a woman killed and raped by her husband, taken by police as evidence. You have been offered the original photograph for your collection. This house would refuse
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 6 This house believes that presidential primaries in the United States should be placed on the same day
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 Open_Semi This house believes that developing countries should employ western professionals to run their courts and police forces.
2015-08-28 Athens Open 2015 1 THW tax religious institutions at the same levels as for-profit businesses.
2015-08-28 Athens Open 2015 2 TH welcomes the rise of Anti-Establishment Candidates, such as Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, and Jeremy Corbyn.
2015-08-28 Athens Open 2015 3 THS the leaking of Ashley Madison data
2015-08-28 Athens Open 2015 4 THW prohibit the transfer of football players outside their home leagues until the age of 26.
2015-08-28 Athens Open 2015 5 TH, as Iran, would covertly continue developing its nuclear weapons program.
2015-08-28 Athens Open 2015 Open_Semis THBT Serbia and FYR Macedonia should immediately close their borders to asylum seekers and undocumented migrants.
2015-08-28 Athens Open 2015 Open_Final THBT Greece should return to the Drachma
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 1 This House would pay all elected politicians the median wage in their country.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 2 This House believes that when multi-national corporations conduct any business in Western states, these nations should enforce their environmental standards at all stages of production.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 3 This House believes that Western states should not use private military contractors in combat.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 4 This House would ban any treatment, service or ritual from claiming a physical healing effect until it is tested and proven more effective than a placebo by a national regulator.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 5 This House believes that the European Union should lift its arms embargo on China.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 6 This House would only allow the media and campagning organisations to depict or publish information about the deceased in a tragedy with the explicit permission of the family.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 7 TH believes that the West should stop all attempts to gather information or intelligence by deception and/or coercion of foreign citizens
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 8 TH believes that it is legitimate for individuals to punish people they deem to have committed online harassment by revealing their identity online.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 9 THW introduce a 100% inheritance tax
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 ESL_Quarters TH would legalise surrogacy for profit in Western Liberal Democracies
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 ESL_Semis TH would introduce a mandatory term of at least 1 year of non-military national service for 18year olds
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 ESL_Semis_Aborted TH would allow EU citizens to donate to political parties in any EU state
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 ESL_Final TH believes that parents of a musical child genius have a moral obligation to push that child to maximise their musical potential.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 Open_Quarters TH would prohibit businesses from taking a public position on social issues
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 Open_Semis TH would require all defendants in criminal cases to be represented only by state-employed lawyers.
2015-08-03 Vienna EUDC 2015 Open_Final TH would treat the deaths of soldiers as regrettable losses of lives rather than examples of heroism.
2015-07-30 Ljubljana IV 1 THBT the media should not report on the personal lives of politicians
2015-07-30 Ljubljana IV 2 THS the use of Sanctuary City Policies by US cities
2015-07-30 Ljubljana IV 3 THW Require all school history curricular to focus 50% of their time and resources on women
2015-07-30 Ljubljana IV 4 THBT the South Korean Government should break up Chaebol conglomerates
2015-07-30 Ljubljana IV 5 THBT, in new democracies, military leaders should not be allowed to run for public office
2015-07-30 Ljubljana IV Open_Semis TH, as Dr Bob Hare, would not make the pyschopathy checklist publicly available
2015-07-30 Ljubljana IV Open_Final THW use NATO forces to defend sites of significant cultural and historical importance from permanent destruction
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 1 THW criminalize the buyer and not the seller of sexual services.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 2 THBT western liberal democracies should replace their aid programs with an "effective altruism" tax, and give revenue to the most effective available non-governmental organisations or charities.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 3 THW allow victims to significantly reduce the sentence of their wrongdoers.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 4 THW prefer a world in which all art were anonymous over a world where it were always attributed to the artist.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 5 The European Council comprises the heads of state of the member states of the EU, along with the council’s own president and the president of the commission M
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open Open_Semis THBT states should provide citizens with an unconditional income that ensures a lower-middle class standard of living, regardless of their employment status
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open Open_Final Assuming that the technology existed, THW erase history from our collective memory.
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 1 This House would heavily financially incentivise companies to take current prisoners as interns or apprentices
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 2 This House, as a vegan, would actively and persistently seek to convert those around you to veganism or vegetarianism
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 3 This House regrets the large number of UN resolutions issued against Israel (with info slide)
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 4 This House would disproportionately hire African Americans in the US police force
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 Open_Finals This House opposes the commodification of feminism (with info slide)
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open 0 Assuming the owners of Ashley Madison refuse to shut down the website, TH as the Impact Team would release the user data
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open 1 THW Create Special School for LGBT+ Youths
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open 2 THBT democracies should give migrant workers a vote in national elections
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open 3 THBT leaders of minority religions within Europe should strongly encourage their congregations to refrain from overt public displays of their faith (assuming theologically possible
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open 4 THW grant artists a percentage of the resale value of their artwork (the amount the art is sold on for if and when the initial inquirer decides to sell it on
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open 5 THBT the NAACP should have encouraged Rachel Dolezal to stay on as the Spokane chapter President
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open 6 TH Regrets that South Africa did not turn Omar Al-Bashir over to the International Criminal Court
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open Open_Semis THBT the International Monetary Fund should require collateral for national bailouts.
2015-07-24 UCT 150th Year Open Open_Final THBT South Africa should ban apartheid symbols and flags, along with those of other oppressive regimes.
2015-07-16 EuroDebate 2015 1 THW heavily subsidize art that glorifies the working class.
2015-07-16 EuroDebate 2015 2 THW assess pupils on individual academic development instead of standardized examination results.
2015-07-16 EuroDebate 2015 3 THBT social media should remove content it deems to be offensive to religions.
2015-07-16 EuroDebate 2015 Open_Final THR SCOTUS’s decision to legalize same sex marriage.
2015-07-10 BBU Open 2015 1 THS the use of signature strikes as part of American military policy.
2015-07-10 BBU Open 2015 2 THW require that all international debt bailout agreements are approved by a referendum of the country receiving that bailout
2015-07-10 BBU Open 2015 3 THW tax low-brow entertainment (e.g WWE wrestling, Keeping Up with The Kardashians, mainstream popular music) in order to subsidise high-brow art (e.g. Shakespeare, Bach, some arthouse film)
2015-07-10 BBU Open 2015 4 THBT a simple majority of the legislature of an established democracy should be able to change or overturn any piece of legislation (including constitutions)
2015-07-10 BBU Open 2015 5 THW ban working more than 35 hours a week (with no exceptions).
2015-07-10 BBU Open 2015 Open_Semis THW give control over all aspects education policy to local authorities
2015-07-10 BBU Open 2015 Open_Final THR the perception of soldiers as heroes.
2015-06-27 Tallinn Tech Open 1 THW only give unemployment benefits to individuals if they agreed to relocate to areas where employment is significantly more likely
2015-06-27 Tallinn Tech Open 2 THW require superheroes to publicly reveal their identities
2015-06-27 Tallinn Tech Open 3 TH, as a Jeff Gordon, would publicly come out
2015-06-27 Tallinn Tech Open 4 TH, as Harry Potter, would have used The Imperius Curse on Voldemort and control him to do good for the society
2015-06-27 Tallinn Tech Open 5 THW criminalize the use of deep web regardless of the content it is used for
2015-06-27 Tallinn Tech Open Open_Semis THR the glorification of startup culture
2015-06-27 Tallinn Tech Open Open_Final This House as the President of the United States would opt to destroy the alien ship.
2015-06-14 English Open 2015 1 TH, as police forces, would accept applicants with a criminal record.
2015-06-14 English Open 2015 2 THBT a referendum on Scotland’s independence should include all UK citizens.
2015-06-14 English Open 2015 3 TH, as the WW2 Allies, would emphasize the contribution of the Red Army to defeat the Nazis
2015-06-14 English Open 2015 Open_Semis This house would rather declaration of inconsistency than judicial supremacy.
2015-06-14 English Open 2015 Open_Final This house believes that every vote in parliament (EU, State…) should be behind the veil of ignorance.
2015-06-12 SSE Riga Debate Academy 1 THW require men to take paternity leave
2015-06-12 SSE Riga Debate Academy 2 THW ban strikes in times of economic instability
2015-06-12 SSE Riga Debate Academy 3 THBT states should ban their citizens from travelling as tourists to countries with poor human rights record
2015-06-12 SSE Riga Debate Academy 4 THW ban convicted criminals from holding elected office
2015-06-12 SSE Riga Debate Academy Open_Final THW introduce mandatory military service
2015-06-05 Tech Open 2015 1 THW compel all students returning from educational tours in the Nazi extermination camps to participate in an educational tour with the organization “Breaking Silence” (An organization which criticizes IDF actions)
2015-06-05 Tech Open 2016 2 THW compel large companies with paid internship programs (Such as McKinsey and Google) to accept a quota of אוכלוסיות מוחלשות as interns.
2015-06-05 Tech Open 2017 3 THW give higher primates protections similar to those given to refugees.
2015-06-05 Tech Open 2018 4 THW accept Intel’s proposal.
2015-06-05 Tech Open 2019 Open_Final THW, as Japan, ban geishas.
2015-05-28 BRAC Bank Great Gender Debates 2015 1 TH supports the decision of female athletes to use their sexuality to market themselves.
2015-05-28 BRAC Bank Great Gender Debates 2015 2 THW publicly flog the perpetrators of minor sexual misconduct such as harassment and eve teasing.
2015-05-28 BRAC Bank Great Gender Debates 2015 3 THS international commercial surrogacy
2015-05-28 BRAC Bank Great Gender Debates 2015 4 THBT the T should leave the LGB
2015-05-28 BRAC Bank Great Gender Debates 2015 5 THW ban rape pornography
2015-05-28 BRAC Bank Great Gender Debates 2015 Open_Semi THBT states should prosecute sexist or misogynistic comments
2015-05-28 BRAC Bank Great Gender Debates 2015 Open_Final THBT true women's liberation can never coexist with organized religion
2015-05-20 Drishty English Debate Championships 2015 1 THW deny all government subsidized health benefits for individuals who choose to lead an unhealthy lifestyle
2015-05-20 Drishty English Debate Championships 2015 2 THW ban all youth wings of political parties in developing countries
2015-05-20 Drishty English Debate Championships 2015 3 THW give less punishment to the poor for petty crimes
2015-05-20 Drishty English Debate Championships 2015 4 THW not allow countries undertaking military intervention abroad to harvest natural resources while they are there
2015-05-20 Drishty English Debate Championships 2015 Open_Semi Assuming the technology exists, THW remove aggression from human behaviour
2015-05-20 Drishty English Debate Championships 2015 Open_Final THW grant protesters the right to use non-lethal weapons to violently, but proportionately retaliate
2015-05-17 Israeli Open Championship 2015 1 THBT monogamy is outdated (Long term exclusive relationships).
2015-05-17 Israeli Open Championship 2015 2 TH prefers that European Jews immigrate to Israel.
2015-05-17 Israeli Open Championship 2015 3 THW give the Commission of Future Generations a veto over legislation.
2015-05-17 Israeli Open Championship 2015 Open_Semis THW found a state for African Americans, as the 51st American state.
2015-05-17 Israeli Open Championship 2015 Open_Final TH regrets the classification of human behaviors (Such as depression, eating disorders, etc.) as diseases.
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open 1 THW legalise squatting
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open 2 THBT FIFA should comply with the demand that they suspend Israel’s membership of FIFA until Israel allows Palestine to freely compete in international football
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open 3 THBT the Turkish government should actively encourage Turkish migrants living in Europe to return to Turkey
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open 4 THBT the State should pay for the education of all students at all levels
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open 5 THW remove all legal barriers on the selection of embryo’s (including but not limited to selecting on gender, physical or mental disability, etc.)
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open 6 THBT newlyweds should take a Rumspringa after one year of marriage
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open Open_Semis THW renationalise essential services that were previously privatised (such as water, electricity and gas)
2015-05-15 Sabanci University International Debate Open Open_Final THW produce a telenovella about Ataturk’s life that seeks to glorify Kemalism
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 1 THW give development aid only to countries which commit to and demonstrate the implementation of humanitarian values consistent with that of the donor country (for example LGBT rights, women´s rights)
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 2 THW ban the display of art created with the intented purpose or reasonably likely outcome of creating offence
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 3 Assuming that a minimum standard of welfare has been achieved, THBT states should make no further attempt to reduce inequality.
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 4 THBT it is in the interest of the European Union that the United Kingdom leaves
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 5 TH regrets the approach taken by prominent business women of giving advice on succeeding in the business world as it is rather than highlighting the need to drastically change that world
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open Open_Semis THW weight the votes of people within demographic groupings to represent the relative size of each grouping within the general population, not just those who vote (Demographic groupings are characteristics such as race, gender, wealth, age)
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open Open_Final Assuming a technology exists which causes people contemplating committing violent crimes to feel nausea and pain, rendering them unable to think about or commit a crime
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 1 In an ideal feminist world, this house prefers a societal norm of having stay at home dads to a societal norm of having both parents working
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 2 This house supports a heavy-handed military response to xenophobic violence
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 3 TH regrets the rise of the certified artist (as certified through official art schools, degrees, or programmes
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 4 As a black middle-class South African, this house would vote ANC
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 5 Assuming that technology existed that would allow one to transfer years of their natural life (the time one would live, if not cut down unnaturally by disease or accident
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 6 This house would not use images of gratuitous violence as means for political mobilisation
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 7 This house believes that foreign mercenaries, employed by the West, should unionise
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 8 THBT nearby mens and womens prisons should set up regularly scheduled inter-prison activities, including the provision of private rooms for sexual intercourse.
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 9 THW grant independence to [OG picks]
2015-04-25 Vidzeme Open 1 THW abolish the use of referenda
2015-04-25 Vidzeme Open 2 THBT the former Eastern bloc countries should not emphasize their history of struggle against Russian imperialism in constructing their national identity
2015-04-25 Vidzeme Open 3 THW ban private & public initiatives to search for extra-terrestial intelligence
2015-04-25 Vidzeme Open 4 THBT the introduction of the Euro was not in Germany’s interest
2015-04-25 Vidzeme Open 5 THW force all universities to make their lectures free for all and available online
2015-04-25 Vidzeme Open Open_Semis THR the creation of the Western canon
2015-04-25 Vidzeme Open Open_Final THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle asylum-seekers who reach their borders
2015-04-19 HWS Round Robin 1 THS establishing an independent state of Kurdistan.
2015-04-19 HWS Round Robin 2 THW measure gross national happiness and base policy decisions on those measurements.
2015-04-19 HWS Round Robin 3 THW disallow exclusive private arbitration for contracts between corporations and individuals.
2015-04-19 HWS Round Robin 4 Setting aside infectious diseases, THW work to prevent interaction with tribes who have not had contact with the modern world.
2015-04-19 HWS Round Robin 5 THW prohibit religious institutions from considering applicants’ religious affiliation for any position whose primary function is not the performance of religious rites (e.g., administrators, teachers, fundraisers, etc.).
2015-04-19 HWS Round Robin Open_Final THBT prominent civil society activists should choose not to run for public office.
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 1 THBT social media companies (like Google, Facebook or Twitter) should self-censor their content in order to be permitted by authoritarian countries
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 2 THBT national sporting associations should give a lifetime ban to any player convicted of a serious violent crime
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 3 THBT The LGBT movement should abandon the born this way rhetoric
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 4 THBT videos of graphic terrorist atrocities should not be broadcast
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 5 THBT developing countries should refuse to sign any trade treaty which contains ISDS
2015-04-10 Estonian Open Open_Semis THR The Use of Medical Data From Nazi Experiments
2015-04-10 Estonian Open Open_Final TH as US goverment prefers low oil prices (paraphrased)
2015-04-01 HWS Round Robin 1 THS establishing an independent state of Kurdistan.
2015-04-01 HWS Round Robin 2 THW measure gross national happiness and base policy decisions on those measurements.
2015-04-01 HWS Round Robin 3 THW disallow exclusive private arbitration for contracts between corporations and individuals.
2015-04-01 HWS Round Robin 4 Setting aside infectious diseases, THW work to prevent interaction with tribes who have not had contact with the modern world.
2015-04-01 HWS Round Robin 5 THW prohibit religious institutions from considering applicants' religious affiliation for any position whose primary function is not the performance of religious rites (e.g. administrators, teachers, fundraisers, etc.)
2015-04-01 HWS Round Robin Open_Finals THB prominent civil society activists should choose not to run for public office
2015-03-27 Cardiff Open 2015 1 THBT the EU should guarantee membership to seceding regions of member states
2015-03-27 Cardiff Open 2015 2 THW grant prison wardens the right to extend prison sentences as a punishment (with info slide)
2015-03-27 Cardiff Open 2015 3 THBT the USA should publicly cease its efforts to prevent Iran from developing Nuclear Weapons
2015-03-27 Cardiff Open 2015 4 THW force fathers to take paternity leave
2015-03-27 Cardiff Open 2015 Open_Finals THW aggressively stream children from an early age, according to academic ability
2015-03-27 Copenhagen Open 1 THBT political parties' electoral campaigns should only be funded by the state.
2015-03-27 Copenhagen Open 2 THW introduce correct porn viewing lessons in schools.
2015-03-27 Copenhagen Open 3 THW create a Pan Scandinavian-Baltic military alliance.
2015-03-27 Copenhagen Open 4 TH, as a Jew, would leave Europe for Israel.
2015-03-27 Copenhagen Open 5 THW allow long-time cheated spouses to sue the third party for damages.
2015-03-27 Copenhagen Open Open_Semis THBT the amount of clothes a person can own should be capped.
2015-03-27 Copenhagen Open Open_Final THBT European officials should not have released the fact that the downing of flight 4U9525 was deliberate.
2015-03-13 National Maidens 1 Assuming a deal were offered, TH as Edward Snowden would take a short prison sentence in order to return to the US
2015-03-13 National Maidens 2 THR the Valorisation of the 1916 Rising
2015-03-13 National Maidens 3 THB former colonial powers should pay reparations to their former colonies
2015-03-13 National Maidens 4 THW posthumously strip Kevin Carter of the Pulitzer Prize
2015-03-13 National Maidens 5 THB African countries with AIDS crises should sue the Catholic church
2015-03-13 National Maidens Open_Semis Assuming some willingly do this already, TH as a super-powered individual would unmask and register
2015-03-13 National Maidens Open_Finals Assuming the land and resources are available, THW establish an independent state for women
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) 1 THB existing welfare programs should be replaced by unconditional cash transfers.
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) 2 THB political polling and major election analytics do more harm than good.
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) 3 THW not let cities use public funds to construct stadiums for professional sports teams.
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) 4 THB the U.S. should impose substantial tarriffs on Chinese goods until China ceases all currency manipulation.
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) 5 THR the success of white artists who co-opt minority dominated music subcultures (e.g. Rap, jazz, hip-hop, etc.)
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) 6 THW hold govrenment officials criminally responsible for severe harm to citizens resulting from grossly negligent public policy.
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) Open_Quarters THR the rise of Choice Feminism.
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) Open_Semis THB the EU should revoke membership status of any state that withdraws from the Schengen Agreement.
2015-03-11 NAUDC (@ Ithaca College) Open_Finals THR "True Crime" entertainment. (e.g. Making a Murderer, American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson, Serial, etc.)
2015-02-28 Cardiff Schools 2015 1 THW allow single parents convicted of crimes to raise their children in prison
2015-02-28 Cardiff Schools 2015 2 THW broadcast a welcome message to the alien spacecraft
2015-02-28 Cardiff Schools 2015 3 THBT all schools in Wales should teach subjects through the medium of Welsh.
2015-02-28 Cardiff Schools 2015 Open_Final THW not give awards to music or film stars who have committed violent crimes
2015-02-28 Leiden Open 1 This House would allow euthanasia for consenting adults and children
2015-02-28 Leiden Open 2 This House believes that democratic countries should not allow family members of recent presidents to run for office
2015-02-28 Leiden Open 3 This House believes that the EU should introduce a unified tax system for companies
2015-02-28 Leiden Open 4 This House would ban the provision of amnesties for serious crimes commited during wartime
2015-02-28 Leiden Open 5 This House opposes organised religion
2015-02-28 Leiden Open Novice_Final This House would cut all benefits from those able but unwilling to work
2015-02-28 Leiden Open Open_Semi This House would make soldiers, upon return from the battlefield, take a pill that lets them forget about the war
2015-02-28 Leiden Open Open_Final This House believes that capitalism is absolutely incompatible with long term peace
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 1 THBT the EU should openly fund secular, pro-democracy and pro-human rights political parties and civil society groups in countries with oppressive regimes
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 2 THBT the NAACP should publicly condemn white artists who appropriate black culture
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 3 THW require companies that produce pornography to be run by a co-operative of their female performers
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 4 THW transfer complete strategic control of the NHS to a body of experts, appointed by experienced medical practitioners and not accountable to Parliament (with info slide)
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 5 THBT Gov'ts should not publicly discuss anti-terror laws and state security in the wake of terrorist attacks
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV ESL_Final THBT even if human life could be extended indefinitely, society should choose to end their lives at 100 years
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV ProAm_Final THBT that states should not commemorate the veterans of conflicts that are now considered to be unjustified
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV Open_Quarters TH, as an up and coming female artist, would publically decline a leading role in a Roman Polanski film (with info slide)
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV Open_Semis THW criminalise the use and creation of unauthorised anonymous communication providers and network browsers (with info slide)
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV Open_Final TH welcomes the rise of the far left in continental Europe (e.g. Syriza in Greece & Podemos in Spain)
2015-01-31 Norton Rose Fulbright Warwick IV 1 THW nationalise all pharmaceutical companies in countries with a national health service.
2015-01-31 Norton Rose Fulbright Warwick IV 2 TH, as the LGBT+ movement, regrets the decline of "gay areas" e.g. Soho, le marais and Chelsea
2015-01-31 Norton Rose Fulbright Warwick IV 3 THW (partially) staff the police through a rotating National Service.
2015-01-31 Norton Rose Fulbright Warwick IV 4 THBT states should aggressively pursue housing policy which promotes racial integration. e.g. through council housing allocations
2015-01-31 Norton Rose Fulbright Warwick IV Open_Semis THBT states when constructing tax policies should prioritise equality rather than economic growth
2015-01-31 Norton Rose Fulbright Warwick IV Open_Final TH regrets the rise of the nation state
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 1 THW grant the unqualified right to assisted suicide to all mentally sound adults.
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 2 THW create public housing for the poor in wealthy areas
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 3 THBT US citizens should select Option B i.e. they should vote to publicly subject the kidnapped officials to enhanced interrogation techniques.
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 4 THBT States Should Destroy All Contemporary Works of Art (including but not limited to music, films and paintings) Created by Artists Convicted of Heinous Crimes.
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 5 THBT Western States Should Create LGBTQ* Schools
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 Novice_Final TH, as the human population of planet X, would choose communism over capitalism.
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 Open_Quarters THBT low oil prices are good for the West (may not have been the exact wording)
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 Open_Semis THS the Creation of Feminist Parties.
2015-01-30 AIB Trinity IV 2015 Open_Final THBT Western States Should Ban Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 1 THBT men's and women's prisons that are close to each other should have co-ed activity time including sex rooms.
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 2 THBT the Palestinian movement should abandon its claim for the right to return in exchange for significant financial reparations
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 3 TH regrets the alliance of liberal political parties with large businesses and financial interests
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 4 THBT minority artists should create street art and other art in public spaces rather than art intended for display in galleries and traditional artistic venues.
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 5 THBT on balance, the influence of the internet on journalism has been harmful to society
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 6 THS the rise of Syriza.
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Octos THBT the norm of having stay-at-home dads is better for the women's rights movement than that of both parents working
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Quarters
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Semis THBT, on balance, the rapid fall of oil prices has been beneficial to the West
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Finals THBT on balance, the international human rights regime has done more harm than good
2015-01-23 Rotterdam Open 1 THW ban religious and ideological schools
2015-01-23 Rotterdam Open 2 THW run simultaneously in or out referenda in all EU member states
2015-01-23 Rotterdam Open 3 THW ban Zwarte Piet (Black Pete)
2015-01-23 Rotterdam Open 4 TH, as the WTO, would allow poor countries to establish trade barriers
2015-01-23 Rotterdam Open Open_Semis TH, as the USA, would put boots on the ground in Iraq
2015-01-23 Rotterdam Open Open_Final (paraphrased) THW ban automation
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 1 THR the decline of tightly integrated families
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 2 THBT environmental movements should support climate engineering that fundamentally alters the environment in an attempt to combat global warming
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 3 THBT in areas of socio-economic deprivation, schools should train students in vocational skills to the exclusion of the liberal arts
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 4 THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 5 THBT the international community should cut off internet access in Syria
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 6 THBT developing countries should adopt economic development policies that heavily disincentivise urbanisation
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 7 THW ban the research and production of moral enhancement drugs
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 8 THBT the US and EU should seek to promote peace by heavily subsidising Israeli businesses who invest in the Palestinian territories
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 9 TH, as a medical professional employed by the US military or security sevices, would, and would encourage others, to refuse orders to provide medical treatment to individuals undergoing 'enhanced interrogation techniques'
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 EFL_Semis THW ban its citizens from visiting illiberal states whose economies depend on tourism
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 EFL_Final THBT progressive politicians in conservative societies should pander to bigots, racists, hardline conservatives and others with regressive views in attempting to win elections
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 ESL_Quarters THBT the African-American community should actively oppose 'broken windows policies'
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 ESL_Semis THW strictly limit the replacement of workers with technology by companies
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 ESL_Finals THBT liberal democracies that overthrow the governments of other states should impose power-sharing, even when this severely overrides or delays democratic representation
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 Masters_1 TH regrets the rise of art that celebrates gaining material wealth
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 Masters_2 THBT judges should deliberately misinterpret constitutions to protect important liberties
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 Open_Partials THW allow corporations to use hackers to retaliate against cyberattacks where the state seems unwilling or unable to do so
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 Open_Octos THBT disadvantaged groups should emphasise their conformity with, rather than distinctiveness from, dominant culture, as a strategy for improving their social position
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 Open_Quarters TH regrets the decline of secular pan-Arab nationalism
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 Open_Semis THBT all states should create special economic zones in cities, where all economic activities (except the purchase of goods and services) are carried out by women
2015-01-01 Malaysia WUDC 2015 Open_Final THBT humanitarian organisations should, and should be allowed to, give funding, resources or services to illegal armed groups when this is made a condition for access to vulnerable civilians