2019 Motions

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Athens EUDC 2019 THBT Greece should introduce significant financial incentives for companies and individuals currently based in Athens* to relocate to other Greek cities *Over a third of the Greek population lives in Athens.
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT it is in the interest of the Chinese Communist Party to cease attempts to infringe on "One Country, Two Systems" in Hong Kong, rather than continuing its current approach.
Athens EUDC 2019 THW encourage women to be selfish
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT it is in the interest of dominant organised religions for their leaders to declare more progressive interpretations of traditional dogma* *e.g. on dietary and pilgrimage requirements, the acceptability of contraception, same-sex relationships
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT consumers should predominantly aim to buy locally produced goods and services
Athens EUDC 2019 THW break up Disney
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT schools should teach children to be skeptical of parental authority
Athens EUDC 2019 In circumstances where a unanimous decision is currently required, THP majority voting as the European Council's decision-making approach
Athens EUDC 2019 THW make police commanders personally criminally liable for instances of police brutality committed by their subordinates
Athens EUDC 2019 In situations where deliberate economic policies by another state have caused substantial economic harms, THBT international law should recognise that military retaliation can be justified
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT the US Democratic Party should prioritise employment issues, even at the expense of significant harms to the environment.
Athens EUDC 2019 TH Opposes the Defining Decade norm
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT local governments in developing countries should allocate significant portions of their budget via Participatory Budgeting
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT it is in the interest of the Kremlin to take measures to reduce Russian dependency of China (e.g. limit the selling of raw materials to China, reduce the share of Yuan in Russia's currency reserves, not allowing Chinese companies to develop strategic infrastructure such as 5G in Russia)
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT communities that have been victims of atrocities should emphasise the narrative of the 'banality of evil' when interpreting those atrocities
Athens EUDC 2019 THBT the Greek government should have rejected the 2015 bailout deal and sought to negotiate further concessions, even at the risk of not receiving a bailout.
USUDC 2019 THR the decline in influence of ‘gatekeeping’ media institutions (major newspapers, network news, etc.)
USUDC 2019 THW no longer require parental consent for administering invasive procedures on adolescents (e.g. piercing and tattoos, cosmetic surgery, sex reassignment surgery, etc.)
USUDC 2019 After popular uprisings resulting in the overthrow of long-time dictators, THBT Western nations should make support (e.g. diplomatic recognition, foreign aid, investments) to the new government explicitly contingent on holding internationally observed elections within 6 months of the dictator’s end.
USUDC 2019 THW embrace transhumanist philosophy.
USUDC 2019 THBT secondary education (ages 10-18) should focus on preparing students for local workforce needs rather than focusing on well-rounded basic education (i.e. mathematics, literature, physical and biological sciences, art, history)
USUDC 2019 THW pay known gang members to not commit violent crimes
USUDC 2019 THO employer-provided benefits (e.g. health insurance, childcare, retirement investment accounts)
USUDC 2019 THW create matriarchal semi-autonomous regions within countries, and provide legal, political, and economic support to them
USUDC 2019 TH, as Japan, would support closing all U.S. military bases on Japanese territory.
USUDC 2019 This house regrets the corporatization of higher education.
USUDC 2019 This supports prison abolition as opposed to prison reform.
USUDC 2019 THR the stance of U.S. foreign policy in favor of Sunni forces in the Shia-Sunni conflict in the Middle East.
USUDC 2019 This house regrets the modern idealization of Civil Rights leaders as moderate, pacifist, and respectable.
USUDC 2019 THW divide the United States of America into multiple countries
USUDC 2019 THBT LGBTQ+ activists in non-Western countries should use and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and individuals using their local historical terms (mahjie, hijra, etc.) instead of Western terminology (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender etc.).
America's Cup 2019 THR the decline of Black militant groups
America's Cup 2019 THW ban the colonization of space
America's Cup 2019 THO democracy
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THBT States/Provinces/Territories should be able to decide whether to implement federal laws and regulations.
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THBT Indigenous/Metis peoples should be guaranteed a middle-class income as reparations for past injustices.
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THBT the public’s right to know ought to be valued above the right to privacy of candidates for public office.
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THS Prohibit the advertisement of prescription medicine to the general public
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THBT all undocumented minors should be granted permanent residency.
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THS allow the populace to petition for revotes of elected officials during their term
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THS ban providing military aid to authoritative regimes
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THS substantially increase its development and/or engagement to the Republic of India.
Muslim Interscholastic Tournament THS Considerably decrease its regulation of genetically modified foods.
Colgate Open THBT DINOs do more harm than good to the Democratic Party
Colgate Open In minority communities, THW prioritize free access to university over higher standards of schools education
Colgate Open THW, as a parent, teach their daughters to devalue romantic relationships
Colgate Open As part of the post-conflict government transition, TH, as the US would have partitioned Iraq into 3 separate states.
Colgate Open THW break up big tech companies (Amazon, Facebook, Google).
Colgate Open THBT liberal supreme courts should misinterpret the constitution to advance progressive rights
Colgate Open The westminster model is a form of government in which the executive is drawn from the elected parliament (ie. Canada, UK, Australia ect.) The prime minister is the head of the largest party or coalition, and all the cabinet ministers are Members of Parliament. In a Presidential Executive only the President (and Vice President) are elected by the population and all cabinet positions (executive) are appointed by the President (ie. the United States, France). The President also normally does not have direct control over the legislature. Motion: THS the presidential executive over the westminster model
Colgate Open THBT there is no moral obligation to follow the law
Colgate Open Assuming that it would be illegal for anyone to become stateless, THW create a marketplace for the buying and selling of citizenship between private individuals.
NAW*DC THW make college admissions a randomized lottery
NAW*DC THW record and publicize all criminal trial proceedings (eg, indictment hearings, testimonies, jury deliberations)
NAW*DC THS international intervention in Venezuela
NAW*DC Assuming it could be done without placing the burden of secrecy on adults, THP a world in which individuals are unaware of the existence of organized religions for the duration of their childhood.
NAW*DC THR the narrative of the American Dream.
NAW*DC THR society's focus on the perspectives of mass murderers
NAW*DC THBT western tech companies should actively pursue contracts with the Chinese government and Chinese firms
NAW*DC TH, as the LGBTQ+ community, would boycott RuPaul's Drag Race.
NAW*DC Assuming the public would never find out, THP historical narratives that prioritize equal representation throughout history, even if people and events need to be fabricated.
Budapest Open 2019 THBT the US should abandon complete denuclearization as a prerequisite to easing sanctions on NK
Budapest Open 2019 THR the rise in political consumerism
Budapest Open 2019 Given a way to accurately measure an individual's empathy, THW only allow individuals with high levels of empathy for people beyond their immediate circle to vote in elections.
Budapest Open 2019 THBT the IMF should require collateral in exchange for loans
Budapest Open 2019 TH, as the Pope, would abolish the concept of Hell
Budapest Open 2019 THS the creation of a global citizenship market
Budapest Open 2019 TH, as the EPP, Would Expel Fidesz
Budapest Open 2019 In cities and areas with rapidly increasing housing costs, THW tax new residents and use the revenue to subsidize housing costs for citizens already residing in the area
Budapest Open 2019 THR the narrative that forgiveness is a virtue
Empire Debates 2019 TH, as a hopeful for the Democratic presidential nomination, would not endorse Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal
Empire Debates 2019 THBT Muslim states in Asia (including but not limited to Malaysia, Indonesia, Afghanistan, etc) should participate in currency, finance, and resource unions with Arab states rather than regional powerhouses (e.g. China, India, Russia).
Empire Debates 2019 Assuming a world where superheroes exist, TH, as the United Nations, would regulate their engagement in conflicts
Empire Debates 2019 THBT in times of crisis that threaten the existence of a community (e.g., famine, war, plague, natural disaster, etc), capable individuals from the community have a moral obligation to dedicate their time directly towards ending the crisis instead of pursuing nonessential activities (e.g., playing sports, making non-propagandist/apolitical art, going on vacation to the beach, pursuing education irrelevant to the crisis, etc.
Empire Debates 2019 THW reallocate public school funding to create a voucher program for the poorest 10% of American households
Empire Debates 2019 THBT the United States and its allies should abandon the use of gay rights diplomacy in developing nations.
Empire Debates 2019 THR the concept of martyrdom
Munich Research Open 2019 THBT governments should stop funding scientific programmes that have no immediate benefit for humankind (such as space travel and exploration, human cloning)
Munich Research Open 2019 THBT Western states should permanently revoke the citizenship of citizens who join terrorist organisations
Munich Research Open 2019 TH regrets the EU’s introduction of freedom of movement
Munich Research Open 2019 THW suspend trade union powers and significantly relax labour protection laws in times of economic crisis
Munich Research Open 2019 THBT causing deliberate harms to enemy civilians, by the weaker side, is a justified tactic in asymmetrical warfare
Munich Research Open 2019 TH regrets the idealisation of motherhood
Munich Research Open 2019 Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, you are an out gay/lesbian individual in a Western liberal democracy.
Munich Research Open 2019 THBT female political candidates in liberal democracies should not appeal to traditional female roles in their campaigns
Leiden Open 2019 THBT the European Union should expel Hungary
Leiden Open 2019 This House Supports the rise of websites that provide free access to open source and pay-wall protected academic resources
Leiden Open 2019 issues that are classically seen as part of the political domain are increasingly decided on by courts through legislation. Examples include, but are not limited to: the Dutch state successfully being sued to take stronger measures against climate change (Urgenda) and forcing political parties to allow women as candidates (SGP), the British Supreme Court deciding whether the Lower House should have a vote on Brexit and Trumps measures being increasingly challenged in courts. Motion: THR the judicialisation of politics
Leiden Open 2019 THW allow natural persons to pay people not to vote
Leiden Open 2019 THW choose the job they are passionate about
Leiden Open 2019 This House prefers a world with a dominant norm of not expressing strong emotions
Leiden Open 2019 India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. The structure of the alliance treaty replicates all the clauses of the NATO treaty. Motion: This House supports Asian NATO
Leiden Open 2019 Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. Motion: This house believes that ”Dulce et Decorum Est pro Patria Mori” (i.e. the belief that it is sweet and right to die for your country)
Manchester IV 2019 THS civil rights activists using disruptive or violent civil disobedience as a tool of protest (e.g. the Stansted 15, Gilets Jaunes/Antifa movements)
Manchester IV 2019 THBT major film studios should substantially increase the number of lead roles for female villains in their blockbuster films
Manchester IV 2019 THS a Unity Ticket by prominent members of the Republican and Democratic parties in the 2020 US presidential elections
Manchester IV 2019 THW implement filial responsibility laws
Manchester IV 2019 THBT states should actively attempt to make contact with Uncontacted Peoples and provide them with modern medicine and technology
Manchester IV 2019 THR the trend of centring self-destructive/antisocial characters as protagonists in media (e.g. Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Sherlock, Mad Men…)
Manchester IV 2019 THBT developing countries should actively discourage the creation of primate cities
Manchester IV 2019 TH prefers a world with a widespread belief in Radical Freedom
Manchester IV 2019 THBT the scientific community should reject the view that science and religion are non-overlapping magisteria
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 THW ban embedded journalism
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 THW publicly televise the execution of death row inmates
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 THW actively relocate unemployed people living in areas of high and structural unemployment
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 THW provide amnesty to violent political dissidents in exchange for removing their ability to vote or run for public office, e.g. the integration of FARC rebels into Colombia
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 THBT professionals should have the right to refuse to provide their services based on religous grounds.
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 THW give land grants to women in developing nations
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 This house, as an upper-middle-class African American, would resettle in Africa.
GWU IV / US Universities Debate Eastern Championship 2019 Assuming feasibility, THW sacrifice the rich.
PEP IV THW give two votes to members of disenfranchised ethnic minorities.
PEP IV THW ban TalkToys
PEP IV THBT liberal democrats should provide financial and legal aid to their citizens who wish to permanently migrate abroad.
PEP IV THBT Asian countries should pivot away from US and seeker closer ties with China.
PEP IV THBT Pope Francis should take radical action to convince Catholics to vote only for political parties who promote redistributive policies.
PEP IV THBT states should prioritise the lives of their own soldiers over those of enemy non-combatants.
PEP IV THR the decline of Marxism in Western Europe.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 THW actively instill a value of disobeying authority in children.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 TH as the US would never militarily intervene in other countries.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 THR the westernization of the elites in post-colonial countries.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 THBT being single is preferable to being in a relationship.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 THBT liberal media organisations should actively glorify democratic candidates of color.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 THBT it is always unjustifiable to maintain friendship with somebody who use hate speech.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 THR the celebration of soldiers as heroes.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 Assuming that technology to do so existed, THW would progressively tax happiness and redistribute it.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 TH, as an Asian American, would not support the suit against Harvard University.
Cornell Novice Nationals 2019 & Cornell IV 2019 THS the idea of authoritarian reformers in developing countries.
The PES Debate Open This House would allow people raised in isolated communities (e.g. the Amish, Hasidic Jews) to sue their communities for harms caused by their lifestyle
The PES Debate Open TH, as the US Democrats, would give funding for the border wall in order to definitively end the government shutdown
The PES Debate Open This House regrets mainstream media's popularization of Western drag culture
The PES Debate Open THBT liberal states should fund the hacking of infrastructure designed to limit freedom of speech in authoritarian states
The PES Debate Open This House regrets the increasing presence of nihilism in popular culture (eg. BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Nihilist Memes etc.)
The PES Debate Open This House prefers a world where everybody believes in the concept of a sleeping God rather than an active God.
The PES Debate Open This House would rather be a part of the "Club 27" than live an average anonymous life
The PES Debate Open This House believes that Tech Giants (e.g. Google, Amazon, Facebook) should NOT be permitted to sue for patent infringement
The PES Debate Open This House believes that the world was better 10 years ago #tenyearchallenge
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THP a world without state-funded news organizations (e.g. BBC, AlJazeera, China Xinuan News, Russia Today (RT), etc.)
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THW expand the legal definition of a "false police report" to include reports made with minimal information, or reports that could reasonably be considered unnecessary.
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THBT the development of highly realistic virtual reality technology for recreational use does more harm than good.
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THP state capitalism over liberal capitalism.
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THS governments donating the organs of an individual after death, even against the wishes of that person or their family
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THW require participants of institutions from former colonial powers to pay higher registration fees when attending large-scale international events (such as academic conferences, sporting events, debate tournaments, etc.)
Brad Smith Debate Tournament TH as the OIC would cease business with China (eg freezing assets, boycotting firms, imposing tarrifs, imposing sanctions) until the Uighurs are given safety and religious liberty
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THBT disruptions of the government (eg fillibusters, civil servant strikes, and government shutdowns) are a legitimate political tool
Brad Smith Debate Tournament THBT extreme economic need should be grounds for asylum
York IV 2019 Given a trade-off, THW direct environmental policy towards mitigation of climate change, rather than prevention.
York IV 2019 THW make Ulysses contracts legally enforceable
York IV 2019 THW require all professional football teams to be majority-owned by their fans
York IV 2019 TH, as Turkey, would heavily align its foreign policy agenda towards Russia
York IV 2019 THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House, as South Africa, would forcibly break up exclusive Afrikaaner enclaves
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that the protections of international law conventions and treaties should not apply to combatants from terrorist organisations (e.g. prohibition on torture, prisoner of war status, guarantee of post-conflict release)
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House opposes the norm that romantic love should be the primary source of fulfilment in a person's life
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that the ongoing process of decolonisation should include actively disempowering religions that were imposed on the country during colonialism
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House would implement substantial measures to impose long-termism in corporate investment culture (e.g. minimum holding periods for shares, yearly rather than quarterly financial reporting, long-term executive compensation plans)
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House supports granting megacities autonomous control over their economic and social policy (e.g. immigration, health, criminal justice) with national taxation policy remaining under the control of the federal government
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House would actively encourage women not to have children
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that the United States should disengage from Syria
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that developing countries should privatise their State-Owned Enterprises (such as airlines, railway utility companies)
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House would grant individuals and organisations open standing to challenge the constitutionality of laws enacted by their government
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that it is unjustified to assist evil regimes in systematically persecuting members of their identity group in order to mitigate and moderate the regime's abuses (e.g. Israel Kasztner in Nazi-controlled Hungary, Wang Jingwei in Japan-occupied China).
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House would subsidise art that glorifies the working class
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House supports governments significantly increasing their use of big data-based predictive models in decision-making to replace human judgements (e.g. criminal justice policy, allocation of healthcare resources, housing development)
Cape Town WUDC 2019 In the lead up to the 1994 negotiated settlement in South Africa, this house believes that the ANC should have demanded further concessions (e.g. removing the amnesty provision in the TRC, greater land and economic rights) even at the expense of prolonging the conflict.
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that the WHO should adopt a convention which bans the sell of drugs with high resistance tendencies (e.g. antibiotics) to countries which do not comply with WHO guidelines regarding their medical and agricultural use
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that an approach of Political Expansionism on the part of the Chinese state is in the interests of the Chinese people
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House supports a norm of embracing anger in public discourse rather than one of aspiring to dispassionate objectivity
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House would impose a narrow banking regulation
Cape Town WUDC 2019 This House believes that the present condition of humanity is preferable to its condition in 100 years time.