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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates 1 THR the choice by gun control activists to focus on mass shootings as the primary consequence of gun violence
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates 2 THP the English Rule to the American Rule* *Info Slide: The English Rule requires that the loser in a lawsuit pays the winner's legal fees, and is observed by nearly every Western democracy. In the United States, however, the both sides pay their own attorney fees unless otherwise specified by the judge (this is rare).
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates 3 THBT political parties should actively prohibit candidates with radically different beliefs from running under the party name
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates 4 TH, as a major news agency, would only publish positive reviews of minority-focused media (Queer Eye, Moonlight, Call Me By Your Name)
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates 5 THR the prominence of religious rehabilitation programs in prisons
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates Novice_Final THBT all national economic policy (taxation, monetary policy, tariffs, etc) should be set by an appointed panel of economists rather than by elected officials
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates Open_Semis TH, as an emerging economy, prefers supporting domestically-based banks to the exclusion of multinational financial institutions (for example, providing support to Banco de Mexico and the businesses and individuals who use BdeM in Mexico, but not those who bank at HSBC Mexico).
2018-03-10 2018 Empire Debates Open_Final THP a conception of human rights which derives its authority from a divine being rather than a secular source.