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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open 1 THBT leaders of minority religions in Europe should strongly discourage their congregations from publicly displaying their faith
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open 2 THW require companies to hire a significant percentage of employees without university degrees across all levels of their organisation, for positions that do not require professional qualification (e.g. doctors, civil engineers)
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open 3 This House supports granting megacities autonomous control over their economic and social policy (e.g. immigration, health, criminal justice) with national taxation policy remaining under the control of the federal government
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open 4 THR the increased deployment of Unmanned Combat Vehicles in armed conflict
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open 5 THW give citizens more votes based on their performance on a test of current affairs and general political knowledge
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open ESL_Final In a minimal state, a government's role is exclusively to protect property rights and people's physical security. Beyond this, such a state would not intervene in people's lives, or provide any public services. THP a minimal state
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open Open_Quarter THW replace the ICC with permanent regional courts to prosecute crimes against humanity
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open Open_Semi THBT the EU should take full responsibility for the control of its external borders in dealing with the inflows of refugees
2021-05-22 Acropolis Open Open_Final In situations where deliberate economic policies by another state have caused substantial economic harms, THBT international law should recognise that military retaliation can be justified