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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 1 This House would remove quarterly reporting requirements for publicly traded companies
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 2 This House believes that prominent institutions in marginalized communities (churches, schools, community centres, etc.) should practice the politics of respectability
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 3 This House supports the US's use of economic warfare (tariffs, targeted sanctions, etc.) against China in order to force compliance with the rules of the global neoliberal economic order (opening up its economy, protecting intellectual property, not engaging in currency manipulation, etc.)
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 4 This House would remove all health restrictions for prospective adoptive parents
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 5 This House believes that developing countries should never commit to having their sovereign debt disputes settled by courts in foreign countries
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 6 In countries with vigorously contested campaign contribution regulations, this House believes that the political left should not contest the premise that money is speech and should, instead, contest how that speech is regulated
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Novice_Final This House believes that the horrors of history are incompatible with a belief in a Judeo-Christian God
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Open_Quarters In a plurality of cases, this House believes that the "me too" movement should, on balance, prioritize a path towards redemption over retribution
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Open_Semis In legal systems where constitutional courts practice judicial review, this House would apply the "no precedential effect rule" to judgments by single judge margins
2018-10-26 Yale IV 2018 Open_Final This House would legalize and train sex workers specifically to work with disabled people
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 1 THW provide means-tested welfare in the form of basic goods and services (including vouchers), rather than cash payments.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 2 THBT twitter has done more harm than good
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 3 TH Prefers Asian Values to Western liberalism
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 4 THBT investors should cease purchasing bonds issued by the Venezuelan government.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 5 THBT minority parents should shelter their children from the existence of racism for as long as possible
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 ESL_Semis THBT that the EU should suspend the voting rights of Poland.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 ESL_Final THW ban the creation of all artificial conscious beings.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Novice_Finals THW require all sold products to clearly display their price in Dead Children Currency.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Quarters THR the creation and adoption of cryptocurrencies.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Semis THBT Mohammed bin Salman's policies are in the interests of the ruling House of Saud.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Final Assuming it could be done peacefully, THW replace all existing governments with a single global democratic government.
2016-11-20 CMS Cambridge Women's Open 2016 1 This house prefers secular governments that exclude all religion from public spaces to those that allow all religions in public.
2016-11-20 CMS Cambridge Women's Open 2016 2 This house believes that nations should invest in regional human rights institutions at the expense of global institutions (such as the ICC).
2016-11-20 CMS Cambridge Women's Open 2016 3 This house regrets the rise of choice feminism
2016-11-20 CMS Cambridge Women's Open 2016 4 This house believes that opposition parties in Latin America should seek incremental transitions of power rather than the recall or overthrow of ruling parties.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 1 THW abolish all occupational licensing.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 2 THBT western nations fighting the Islamic state should commit to the creation of an independent Kurdish state.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 3 This house believes that religious officials (e.g. priests, imams, rabbis) should not make statements in support of political policies, parties, or candidates.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 4 TH supports the continued remilitarization of Japan.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 5 THB that all museums, galleries, and cultural institutions should offer to return exhibits to their countries/communities of origin.
2016-11-06 Yale IV 6 THW nationalize credit rating agencies.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Novice_Semis THBT identity-based social movements should prioritize the majority population's acceptance of that identity over preservation of a distinct culture.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Novice_Finals TH fears the development of independent artificial intelligence.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Quarters THBT a rise in global oil prices is in the interest of the West.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Semis THS supreme court rulings based on natural rights not enumerated in constitutions.
2016-11-06 Yale IV Open_Final TH believes in God.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 1 TH opposes the attempts by the feminist movement to redefine roles and behaviours traditionally associated with women (e.g. wanting to be a housewife, wearing make-up and heels) as empowering.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 2 THS countries withdrawing from the International Criminal Court in order to create their own regional replacements (e.g. an African Criminal Court, an InterAmerican Criminal Court).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 3 In areas of chronically low academic attainment, THBT the general approach of educational charities should be to focus resources on maximising the potential of exceptional students, over helping the lowest achieving.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 4 THS the rise of computational creativity (Infoslide: Computational Creativity' is a scientific field researching AI models that simulate or replicate human creativity. Projects in the field include but are not limited to using AI to script films, compose music, write poetry, and paint).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 5 THW give legislative veto power to a Future Generations Commission (Infoslide: For the purposes of this debate, a 'Future Generations Commission' is an independent body mandated with mapping the long-term impacts of governmental policy on the young, or unborn generations).
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 ESL_Semis Where resources are significantly limited, THBT states should actively promote religion in areas of high poverty.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 ESL_Final TH prefers a world in which all children are conceived with DNA from a global genetic database.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Novice_Final THBT it is immoral for individuals who have met their basic needs to not donate any excess wealth to utility maximising causes.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Open_Quarters Actually, THW rather see one innocent man go to jail than see 100 guilty men walk free.
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Open_Semis THR 'Operation Car Wash'. (Infoslide: Operation Car Wash' is a broad investigation conducted in Brazil that revealed extensive corruption. As a result of the operation, the left-leaning Workers' Party have lost power, and far-right candidate Jair Bolsonaro has been elected president)
2018-11-16 Cambridge IV 2018 Open_Final From behind a veil of ignorance, TH would choose to not be born.
2017-06-20 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 4 THW subsidise banks to disproportionately direct loans to historically disadvantaged communities and individuals
2017-06-19 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 3 THBT Brazil should fully privatise Petrobras
2017-06-18 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 2 THW punish attempted and committed crimes equally
2017-06-17 Newcastle Mixed Doubles 1 THBT individual feminist women should reject acts of chivalry (e.g. buying drinks for them, holding the door open, "ladies first" etc.)
2016-10-01 ISIC 1 TH believes that the governments of developing nations should actively encourage slum tourism
2016-10-01 ISIC 2 TH believes that states should stop identifying citizens by their race or religion
2016-10-01 ISIC 3 TH believes that ASEAN should give up all efforts toward greater political and economic integration
2016-10-01 ISIC Open_Final TH believes that it is in Indonesia’s interests to join the TPP
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 1 THR the decline in influence of ‘gatekeeping’ media institutions (major newspapers, network news, etc.)
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 2 THW no longer require parental consent for administering invasive procedures on adolescents (e.g. piercing and tattoos, cosmetic surgery, sex reassignment surgery, etc.)
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 3 After popular uprisings resulting in the overthrow of long-time dictators, THBT Western nations should make support (e.g. diplomatic recognition, foreign aid, investments) to the new government explicitly contingent on holding internationally observed elections within 6 months of the dictator’s end.
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 4 THW embrace transhumanist philosophy.
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 5 THBT secondary education (ages 10-18) should focus on preparing students for local workforce needs rather than focusing on well-rounded basic education (i.e. mathematics, literature, physical and biological sciences, art, history)
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 6 THW pay known gang members to not commit violent crimes
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 7 THO employer-provided benefits (e.g. health insurance, childcare, retirement investment accounts)
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 8 THW create matriarchal semi-autonomous regions within countries, and provide legal, political, and economic support to them
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 Novice_Quarters TH, as Japan, would support closing all U.S. military bases on Japanese territory.
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 Novice_Semis This house regrets the corporatization of higher education.
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 Novice_Final This supports prison abolition as opposed to prison reform.
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 Open_Quarters THR the stance of U.S. foreign policy in favor of Sunni forces in the Shia-Sunni conflict in the Middle East.
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 Open_Semis This house regrets the modern idealization of Civil Rights leaders as moderate, pacifist, and respectable.
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 Open_Final THW divide the United States of America into multiple countries
2019-04-13 USUDC 2019 Open_Final THBT LGBTQ+ activists in non-Western countries should use and advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and individuals using their local historical terms (mahjie, hijra, etc.) instead of Western terminology (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender etc.).
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 1 This House regrets the societal expectation of going to the University
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 2 This House would introduce quotas for women in League of Legends Esports teams
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 3 This House believes that the West should impose an arms embargo on Saudi Arabia
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 4 Assuming the technology existed, This House would allow the use of technology X.
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 5 In states with high rates of violent crime This House supports assassination of individuals credibly accused of participating in organized crime
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 Open_Quarters This House regrets the demonization of Donald Trump
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 Open_Semis This House believes that the open immigration policy is not good for Germany
2018-10-27 Tilbury House Cologne Open 2018 Open_Final Assuming that a technology exists that can accurately measure and transfer intelligence This House would radically redistribute intelligence among the population
2018-10-03 China BP 1 This House Regrets narratives that glorify the elderly (e.g. "The old know better"; "The old deserve more" etc.)
2018-10-03 China BP 2 This House Believes That Supreme Courts should refrain from making decisions on controversial social issues (e.g. gay rights, abortion)
2018-10-03 China BP 3 During economic crises, This House Believes That states should prioritise fiscal stability (i.e. balancing budget) over increasing public spending
2018-10-03 China BP 4 This House Believes That international criminal tribunals should introduce the death penalty for individuals convicted of crimes against humanity
2018-10-03 China BP 5 This House Believes That academic journals should not publish articles that characterize colonialism as positive
2018-10-03 China BP 6 Assuming feasibility, in countries with conscription, This House Would forcibly delete all soldiers' memories of combat situations upon their discharge
2018-10-03 China BP 7 This House Believes That the deaf rights movement should disproportionately emphasize the positive experiences associated with being deaf
2018-10-03 China BP 8 This House, as Iran, Would resume its nuclear weapons program
2018-10-03 China BP 9 This House Would allow political parties to make binding electoral promises that, once broken, will immediately trigger reelection
2018-10-03 China BP Novice_Semis This House prefers a world with a dominant norm of not expressing strong emotions
2018-10-03 China BP Novice_Final This House Would abolish constitutional monarchies
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Octos This House opposes the dominant social norm in favor of monogamy
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Quarters This House Believes That President Vladimir Putin is good for Russia
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Semis This House Believes That the Pope should be elected by Catholics around the world
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Final This House Believes That Asian education systems should actively promote the view that Asian culture is superior to Western Culture
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 1 THW Give Extra Votes to Individuals who Live in Areas with Consistently Low Voter Turnout
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 2 This House Believes That the state should pay a salary to stay-at-home parents
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 3 Given the existence of "SASP Glasses" technology, This House Would ban them.
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 4 This House Believes That western tech companies should collectively refuse to comply with the Russian personal information law
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 5 This House Believes That developed nations should not recruit high-skilled workers (Such as doctors, engineers, etc.) from developing countries
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 Open_Semis Given the ability to accurately measure the moral track record of a person, This House Would criminalize having a consistently negative moral track record
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 Open_Final This House Believes that the Election of Donald Trump Serves the Interests of Russian Citizens
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 1 THW give women two votes in political elections
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 2 THBT law enforcement organisations should never provide incentives to gang members to inform on their superiors (e.g. plea bargains or monetary rewards)
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 3 TH regrets the decline in oil prices over the last 18 months
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 4 THBT Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is good for America
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 5 THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle refugees who reach their borders
2015-10-24 SOAS IV ESL_Final THBT countries, like Switzerland, that were neutral in WW II should pay financial reparations to states occupied by the Nazis
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Quarters THBT the state should reclaim a fixed proportion of all charitable giving and redistribute it to other charities on the basis of their effectiveness
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Semis THBT the trans movement should actively seek to separate themselves, their issues and their collective identity from the LGBTQ movement in their campaigns and in the public consciousness
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Final THW prefer a world in which there are no extreme emotions such as boiling rage, falling madly in love, extreme grief etc
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 1 This house would pay additional benefits to families on welfare according to their child’s performance in school.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 2 This house supports two-party political systems over multi-party political systems.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 3 This house would ban international aid charities from using senational, graphic, or overly-emotional images of suffering in fundraising and advertising campaigns.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 4 This house believes that EU member states should nationalise all their oil and gas resources in order to surrender total ownership and control of them to an EU-run energy agency.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 5 This house believes that states of the former Yugoslavia should not commemorate the events of the Yugoslav Wars.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 6 This house would introduce blind voting.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 7 This house would require of police departments that the ethnic composition of their arrests match the ethnic composition of the population in their jurisdiction.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 8 This house believes that micro-finance organisations (including, but not limited to: NGOs, charities and development banks) should offer micro-finance loans in developing nations exclusively to women.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 9 This house believes that states should hold binding national referendums on major peace agreements.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Tiebreak This house would make membership in a labour union compulsory for every worker.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Quarters This house would require companies to place images of animal suffering on all products or food whose production harmed or killed animals.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Semis This house believes that leaders of minority religions in Europe should strongly encourage their congregations to refrain from public displays of their faith.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 ESL_Final THW, assuming it was technically feasible, remove the ability of soldiers to feel fear
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 Open_Quarters This house believes that supreme/constitutional courts should not have the power to strike down legislation.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 Open_Semis This house believes that the United States of America should invade, and forcibly partition Iraq.
2014-08-19 Zagreb EUDC 2014 Open_Finals This House believes that feminist movement should oppose military interventions which claim to further women's rights