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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-10-28 Belgrade Open 2016 1 THW prosecute violent fouls in sports as criminal assault
2016-10-28 Belgrade Open 2016 2 THBT ICC should forcefeed detainees going on hunger strike.
2016-10-28 Belgrade Open 2016 3 TH, as China, would allow women, and only women, to marry multiple male partners
2016-10-28 Belgrade Open 2016 4 THBT Israel should Privatize the West Bank Checkpoints
2016-10-28 Belgrade Open 2016 5 THR the overwhelming narrative of good triumphing over evil in childrens
2016-10-28 Belgrade Open 2016 Open_Semis THW rather be a part of “Club 27” thank live an average anonymous
2016-10-28 Belgrade Open 2016 Open_Final In retrospect, THW have preferred Truth and Reconciliation Comissions over the ICTY to deal with the aftermath of the Yugoslav Wars
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 1 THW allow individuals to grant amnesty to criminals for crimes they committed against them
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 2 THW break up banks that are deemed too big to fail
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 3 THBT the LGBTQ lobby should make up evidence that prominent anti-LGBTQ rights campaigners are, themselves LGBTQ
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 4 THBT developing nations should hold the Catholic Church financially liable for the medical expenses of Catholic HIV/AIDS victims in areas where the church campaigns against condom use
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open 5 THW ban dating services built around matching rich men/women with younger men/women
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open Open_Semis THBT Serbia should immediately cut off political and economic ties with the Russian Federation
2014-10-24 Belgrade Open Open_Final THW immediately evacuate all relics off cultural or historical import currently located in unstable countries to stable Western nations
2013-05-17 Belgrade Open 1 THBT Djokar Tsarnev, the Boston Marathon bomber, should be given the death penalty
2013-05-17 Belgrade Open 2 THW take the children of Roma who live traditional lifestyles into state care
2013-05-17 Belgrade Open 3 THW reverse austerity measures in Europe
2013-05-17 Belgrade Open 4 THW allow voters to dismiss their government during its term through citizen initiated referenda
2013-05-17 Belgrade Open 5 THBT EU should offer Middle Eastern and North African states membership in exchange for successful democratic transformation
2013-05-17 Belgrade Open Open_Semis Additive manufacturing or 3D printing is the process of making a three-dimensional solid object of almost any shape from a downloadable design. Currently, they can be used to create shoes, electronic devises, guns and even houses. In future, their uses are likely to grow. Motion: THW ban the sale of 3D printers to households
2013-05-17 Belgrade Open Open_Final THW replace the national sport teams of Ex-Yugoslavian republics with new unified teams