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Date Tournament Round Motion
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 1 THS the “No Platform” practice towards far-right and fascist public figures in advance of the EU elections.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 2 THBT history curricula should feature the same proportion of male and female historical figures.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 3 THW allow assisted suicide for terminally ill children with the consent of their parents.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 4 THBT Western states should substantially support the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in its efforts in the developing world to promote birth control that is undetectable by men.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV 5 THW make voting mandatory.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV Open_Semis THW abolish the prison system.
2014-04-11 Berlin IV Open_Final THBT the EU should force member states to adopt socially progressive legislation (e. g. same-sex marriage, abortion rights, ethnic and religious minority rights).
2013-06-21 Berlin IV 1 THW forbid the Supreme Court to annul legislation.
2013-06-21 Berlin IV 2 THW ban fortune-telling for profit.
2013-06-21 Berlin IV 3 As an emerging nation, THW allow the manufacture and sale of generic drugs even in cases where patents or international treaties are infringed.
2013-06-21 Berlin IV 4 THW give security services total and unrestricted access to citizens’ data on social media and webmail services.
2013-06-21 Berlin IV Open_Semis THW introduce an immediate democracy. (Information slide: Immediate democracy is a method in which citizens can change their vote at any time. The number of MPs given to each party is allocated on a daily basis and represents the current support percentage of the population. In this system there are no elections, but the number of MPs from each party can change every day.)
2013-06-21 Berlin IV Open_Final THW support popular uprisings against dictators even in cases they are lead by Islamist extremist.
2012-06-29 Berlin IV 1 THW assasinate Bashar al Assad
2012-06-29 Berlin IV 2 THBT schools should teach children from first-generation immigrants in the language of their parents
2012-06-29 Berlin IV 3 THBT developing countries should limit rural to urban migration
2012-06-29 Berlin IV 4 THW compel the Catholic Church to allow women to serve as priests
2012-06-29 Berlin IV 5 TH regrets South Africa’s decision to use Truth and Reconciliation Commisions rather than prosecuting perpetrators of crimes under Apartheid
2012-06-29 Berlin IV Open_Final TH regrets the decline of socialism