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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 1 TH opposes the ownership of pets
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 2 TH regrets the romanticisation of art that is pursued for non-material gain (e.g. glorifying the ‘Starving Artist’)
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 3 THW abandon African Union plans for a single currency
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 4 In states with a significant ethnic minority population, TH supports the creation of political parties solely pursuing the interests of an ethnic minority group
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 5 TH supports the use of mirroring in popular culture (eg. music videos, movies, art, literature, etc.) (Mirroring is the performance or reversal of stereotypically misogynist actions by women, often for feminist purposes: eg. reverse cat-calling.)
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 Novice_Final TH believes that governments should oppose the formation of education hierarchies
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 Open_Semis TH supports the full separation of religious and political activities in Muslim-majority States
2018-12-14 Birmingham IV 2018 Open_Final TH prefers a world where co-parenting is primarily non-romantic (conducted by consenting partners who have no romantic or sexual relationship, eg. friends)
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV 1 This house regrets Disney's use of indigenous characters and settings in their films
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV 2 This house believes that pro-remain political parties and campaign groups should launch a class action suit against prominent members of the Leave campaign for Fraud
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV 3 This house believes that the Trump administration should abandon the One-China policy
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV 4 In post conflict societies, This house would grant amnesty to perpetrators of crimes rather than seeking prosecutions
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV 5 This house would make membership of Trade Unions compulsory
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV Open_Quarters This house would ban organisations from promoting abstinence
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV Open_Semis This house regrets the inclusion of the People's Mobilization Forces in the war against the Islamic State
2016-12-10 Birmingham IV Open_Final This house believes that Eastern European states should destroy monuments from their Soviet Union period
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 1 THW allow the trophy hunting of endangered animals
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 2 THW programme self-driving cars to prioritise the number of lives saved when faced with unavoidable collisions as opposed to prioritising the safety of the driver.
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 3 THW ban the Orange Walk
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 4 THBT LGBTQ+ campaigns should criticise the nuclear family
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV 5 THBT African Union states should withdraw from the International Criminal Court and set up an African alternative
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Novice_Final THBT when faced with the choice between spending discretionary income on non-essentials or giving to charity, individuals should always choose to give to charity
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Open_Quarters THW allow mental health charities to sue media outlets for the defamation of the mentally ill
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Open_Semis THBT the Parliamentary Labour Party should immediately depose Jeremy Corbyn by a vote of no confidence
2015-12-12 Birmingham IV Open_Final THBT the USA should publicly apologise for the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 1 TH, as the Dutch government, would ban all depictions, and the impersonating, of Zwarte Piet
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 2 THW Extend the UK DNA Database to the entire population
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 3 THR the Rise of the Women's Magazine
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 4 TH supports the rise of Social Impact Bonds to fund public projects
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV 5 THW, as the Indian Gov't, Cease the Naxalite Surrender and Rehabilitation Policy
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV Open_Semis THBT President Obama should prosecute officials that authorised and ordered torture
2014-12-13 Birmingham IV Open_Final In countries where the right to an abortion has been achieved... THBT the right to abortion is no longer a legitimate debate
2013-12-20 Birmingham IV 1 THW financially compensate children who fail to achieve employable grades at school
2013-12-20 Birmingham IV 2 THW establish quotas for immigrants on national sports teams
2013-12-20 Birmingham IV 3 THB the European Union should lower the entry requirements and fast-track accession procedures for the Ukraine and other nations in the Caucasus
2013-12-20 Birmingham IV 4 THB the USA should withdraw from its defensive pact with Japan in the East China Sea
2013-12-20 Birmingham IV 5 THBT lack of Intent should not be considered a legitimate defence in hate speech trials
2013-12-20 Birmingham IV Open_Semis THBT governments should take public steps to disrupt and discredit the use of cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin)
2013-12-20 Birmingham IV Open_Final THBT South Africans should engage in a frank and critical discussion of the life achievements and legacy of Nelson Mandela, rather than continue to uncritically revere him
2012-12-14 Birmingham IV 1 THBT the state should subsidise news media outlets
2012-12-14 Birmingham IV 2 THBT the government of the DRC should hire private military companies to defeat rebels in North and South Kivu
2012-12-14 Birmingham IV 3 TH supports citizen-initiated referendums*
2012-12-14 Birmingham IV 4 THBT the Japanese government should renounce pacifism and rearm
2012-12-14 Birmingham IV 5 TH supports the legalisation of the production, sale, purchase and consumption of All recreational drugs
2012-12-14 Birmingham IV Open_Semis THW alter World Trade Organisation rules to allow poor countries to erect protectionist barriers against rich countries
2012-12-14 Birmingham IV Open_Final THW, as the UK, give up its nuclear arsenal