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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-10-09 Bogwall Novices 1 THW require sports teams to be owned by their local communities, as opposed to corporations or individuals
2020-10-09 Bogwall Novices 2 THW ban public debates between candidates in the runup to elections
2020-10-09 Bogwall Novices 3 THBT the environmentalist movement should lobby for legislative change (e.g. emissions trading schemes, banning fracking) rather than individual action (e.g. recycling, reducing car usage)
2020-10-09 Bogwall Novices 4 THBT Western states should support local rebel groups (e.g. by funding them and giving them intel) as opposed to direct military intervention in other states
2020-10-09 Bogwall Novices Open_Semi In times of public crises (e.g. epidemics, natural disasters), THBT the government should be temporarily replaced by technocrats
2020-10-09 Bogwall Novices Open_Final THBT the nominees and the winners of the Oscars should always be decided by public vote
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 1 THW force companies to pay their interns
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 2 THW out closeted LGBT sports stars
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 3 THW allocate votes inversely proportional to wealth (where everyone gets at least one vote)
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 4 THW allow single parents to raise their children in prison
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Semis THBT the West should use ground troops against the Islamic State
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Final THW require British political parties to field 50% female candidates in national elections
2013-11-15 Bogwall 1 THBT the (same-sex couples) Marriage Bill 2013 should remove the right of religious institutions to refuse to perform same-sex marriages
2013-11-15 Bogwall 2 THBT past colonial empires should pay reparations to their former colonies who are still classed as developing
2013-11-15 Bogwall 3 THBT feminist political activists should form a separate political party based on feminist ideology, rather than joining existing parties
2013-11-15 Bogwall 4 THW Pay Additional Benefits to Families on Welfare Whose Children are Excelling in School
2013-11-15 Bogwall Open_Semis THBT America should refuse to engage with any attempts to end cyber warfare
2013-11-15 Bogwall Open_Final TH, as Sherlock Holmes, Would accept the henchman’s offer.
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 1 THW legalise polygamy
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 2 THW financially incentivise voting
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 3 THBT the West should impose sanctions on Israel until it disbands its nuclear programme and relinquishes control of all nuclear weapons
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 4 THW ban protests at any event connected to a military funeral
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Semis TH supports Scottish independence
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Final THW out closeted LGBT public figures
2011-11-18 Bogwall 1 This house would ban under 18's from appearing on reality TV shows
2011-11-18 Bogwall 2 This house would ban all space exploration for the foreseeable future
2011-11-18 Bogwall 3 This house would globally create a tax on financial transactions
2011-11-18 Bogwall 4 This house would apply all libel law to content produced on social networking sites
2011-11-18 Bogwall Open_Final This house would euthanise all people on their 80th brithday