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Date Tournament Round Motion
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 1 THW force companies to pay their interns
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 2 THW out closeted LGBT sports stars
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 3 THW allocate votes inversely proportional to wealth (where everyone gets at least one vote)
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 4 THW allow single parents to raise their children in prison
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Semis THBT the West should use ground troops against the Islamic State
2014-10-25 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Final THW require British political parties to field 50% female candidates in national elections
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 1 THW legalise polygamy
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 2 THW financially incentivise voting
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 3 THBT the West should impose sanctions on Israel until it disbands its nuclear programme and relinquishes control of all nuclear weapons
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) 4 THW ban protests at any event connected to a military funeral
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Semis TH supports Scottish independence
2012-10-20 Bogwall (SSDC Novices) Open_Final THW out closeted LGBT public figures