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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-05-19 Brüder Grimm Cup 1 Should self-incriminating reports for tax evasion no longer lead to amnesty/ower punishment?
2013-05-19 Brüder Grimm Cup 2 Should Members of Parliaments be allowed to have family members as employees?
2013-05-19 Brüder Grimm Cup 3 Should works of art no longer be restored?
2013-05-19 Brüder Grimm Cup 4 Should genetic testing right after birth be made mandatory?
2013-05-19 Brüder Grimm Cup Open_Semis Should Telecommunications providers be required by law to ensure net neutrality?
2013-05-19 Brüder Grimm Cup Open_Final Should there be a quota for young people in top political offices?
2012-05-26 Bruder Grimm Cup 1 THW make football clubs pay for the costs of police surveillance during league matches
2012-05-26 Bruder Grimm Cup 2 THW block the Security Council as long as the veto power remains available
2012-05-26 Bruder Grimm Cup 3 THW Vorrunde: THW rewrite the Grimm fairytales in a gender neutral way (Dieses Haus würde die Grimmschen Märchen gendergerecht umschreiben)
2012-05-26 Bruder Grimm Cup 4 THW require candidates for public office to be psychologically evaluated during their trial period rather than making their psychological illness history public
2012-05-26 Bruder Grimm Cup Open_Semis THW allow defendants to choose between a judge or a jury.
2012-05-26 Bruder Grimm Cup Open_Final THW allow doctors treating terminally ill patients patients to offer them treatments that are still in the experimental stages