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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 1 THW require all isolated religious communities (eg. Hasidic Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, etc.) to give all 18-year-olds a 'Rumspringa'.
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 2 THW significantly tax vacant homes
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 3 THW ban media sources from taking institutional stances on the innocence or guilt of people who have been charged with a crime, but not yet convicted or acquitted
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 4 THBT environmental organizations should start a campaign of sabotage and destruction against major pollution companies
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 5 This house regrets South Africa's rainbow nation narrative
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV 6 THW pay politicians the median wage in their country
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Novice_Final TH prefers a world in which children are raised to aspire to be single rather than married
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Open_Quarters This house believes that the southern african development community (SADC) should pursue political union
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Open_Semis TH regrets art that glorifies gaining material wealth
2018-12-01 Brandeis IV Open_Final THBT the ACLU should work to maximize civil liberties regardless of ideology.
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 1 THW significantly reduce funding for schools that perpetuate inaccuracies in their teachings of indigenous history
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 2 THBT social movements should abandon the tactic of publicly shaming individuals in order to accomplish change
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 3 THP a tech industry characterized by multiple smaller firms rather than one dominated by a few large players (e.g. Google Amazon Facebook in status quo)
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 4 TH, as the US, would re-impose sanctions on Myanmar until the Rohingyas receive political representation
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 5 THW require news websites and publications to provide opposing points of view on all politically contested issues
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 6 THBT governments should provide significant financial incentives for urban citizens to move to rural areas
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 Novice_Final THS unfettered free trade
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 Open_Quarters THR South Africa's withdrawal from the ICC
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 Open_Semis THBT minority comedians should not play up stereotypes based upon their own identity within performances
2016-01-12 Brandeis IV 2016 Open_Final THW delicense corporations that do not engage in social responsibility proportional to their profit margins (e.g. campaigns to end hunger in a community, giving away portion of profit to charity, implementing more environmentally friendly business operations etc.)
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 1 THW ban plea bargaining
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 2 THS the use of coercive economic and diplomatic measures against states in which serious environmental damange to natural resources of share global importance is occurring
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 3 THW ban surgical genital alteration procedures for minors that are not strictly medically necessary for bodily or sexual function
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 4 TH welcomes the rise of for-profit education in developing countries
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 5 THW ban the use of religious rhetoric and symbols in political campaigns
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV 6 TH supports a three-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflcit
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV Open_Quarters THBT retribution should not be a part of the criminal justice system.
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV Open_Semis THB abortions that are based on the fetus showing signs of non-fatal physical and developmental disabilities
2015-12-05 Brandeis IV Open_Finals THS universal jurisdiction for crimes against humanity.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 1 THR the commercialization of religious holidays.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 2 THBT universities should ban all fraternities and sororities.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 3 TH, as the Mexican government, would end its war against the drug cartels.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 4 THR the use of feminism as an advertising tactic.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 5 THW ban all youth wings of political parties in developing countries.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV 6 THBT protesters should not use memorials as sites for protest.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Novice_Finals THS a lower income tax for women than men.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Open_Quarters THP Facebook's policy of only removing content that users report as objectionable to a policy where Facebook itself independently determines restrictions on content.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Open_Semis THBT all information marked as classified by governments should become available to the public within 50 years.
2014-01-01 Brandeis IV Open_Finals THW allow communities to vote to suspend police supervision.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV 1 THBT children should be banned from attending religious services.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV 2 THBT the use of chemical weapons in a defensive capacity against enemy combatants should not be a war crime.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV 3 THW criminalize the possession and use of Bitcoins.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV 4 THW make government assistance to historically marginalized cultural groups contingent on policies to combat traditional gender inequality.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV 5 THBT all universities should create separate career tracks for teaching and research.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV 6 THBT the NFL should issue automatic lifetime bans to players convicted of domestic violence or sexual assault.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV Open_Quarters THW require the state to compensate individuals who face criminal prosecution but are not found guilty.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV Open_Semis THBT Germany should renew the ban on the publication of Mein Kampf.
2013-12-06 Brandeis IV Open_Finals THBT the LGBT movement should not take a position on whether sexual preferences are a choice.