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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 1 THP a world based on the ""lying flat"" narrative as opposed to a world based on the productivity narrative
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 2 TH regrets the dominance of the ""evil west"" narrative in academic circles
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 3 THBT EU should have opted for debt-relief mechanisms instead of ""Coronabonds""* emission
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 4 THBT LGBTQ movements in progressive nations should focus its campaing in family values instead of sexual liberalization
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 5 Assuming technological deepfake feasibility, TH welcomes the digital recration of great deceased artists (e.g. Tupac, James Dean)
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 6 THS the existence of institutions with the power to ban anti-democratic political actions and speeches
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 7 TH repudiates the notion that children owe their parents.
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 8 When relating to China, TH, as the Biden Administration, would focus on the human rights approach to the detriment of the economic approach
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 9 TH would opt for the Social Security Health System over Universalist Health System in developed countries
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 Novice_Semi THBT social movements should emphasize the individual's ability to change their own reality in the face of oppression at the expense of emphasizing structures that restrict and determine an individual's life
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 Open_Quarter THBT that is in the interest of liberal opposition movements in democratic-authoritarian regimes to actively use disinformation strategies and fake news
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 Open_Semi In Islamic enclave neighborhoods, THBT France should fund public schools with progressive interpretations of Islam at the expense of secular public schools.
2021-09-03 CMDLP 2021 Open_Final THP a world in which the notion of happiness is uncoupled from the search for a life purpose