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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 1 In an ideal feminist world, this house prefers a societal norm of having stay at home dads to a societal norm of having both parents working
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 2 This house supports a heavy-handed military response to xenophobic violence
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 3 TH regrets the rise of the certified artist (as certified through official art schools, degrees, or programmes
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 4 As a black middle-class South African, this house would vote ANC
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 5 Assuming that technology existed that would allow one to transfer years of their natural life (the time one would live, if not cut down unnaturally by disease or accident
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 6 This house would not use images of gratuitous violence as means for political mobilisation
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 7 This house believes that foreign mercenaries, employed by the West, should unionise
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 8 THBT nearby mens and womens prisons should set up regularly scheduled inter-prison activities, including the provision of private rooms for sexual intercourse.
2015-05-01 Cape Town Open 9 THW grant independence to [OG picks]
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 1 In instances where utterances of a minor amount to hate speech, THS the public shaming of the parent rather than the minor.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 2 THBT developing countries should hold the Catholic church financially liable for the medical expenses of AIDS victims in areas where the church campaigns against condom use.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 3 As the South African government, THW explicity oppose the use of the word "apartheid" in describing the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 4 THW, by worker referendum, allow employees to set the salaries of their top executives.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 5 THW create an age-restricted rating that warns the audience when a film has failed the Bechdel Test.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 6 THBT gay judges or legal experts who meaningfully contribute to legalizing gay marriage are morally obligated to publicly reveal their sexual orientation.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 7 THW ban all private campaign contributions and instead implement a voucher system, wherein every citizen of voting age would receive a R600 voucher that can only be used to finance political campaigns of the citizen's choosing.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 8 THW require universities to write-off the student debt of any student who graduates in good academic standing but is unable to find a job despite actively seeking employment.
2014-05-09 Cape Town Open 9 THR Americans' recent and unprecedented opposition to military intervention.