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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-10-03 China BP 1 This House Regrets narratives that glorify the elderly (e.g. "The old know better"; "The old deserve more" etc.)
2018-10-03 China BP 2 This House Believes That Supreme Courts should refrain from making decisions on controversial social issues (e.g. gay rights, abortion)
2018-10-03 China BP 3 During economic crises, This House Believes That states should prioritise fiscal stability (i.e. balancing budget) over increasing public spending
2018-10-03 China BP 4 This House Believes That international criminal tribunals should introduce the death penalty for individuals convicted of crimes against humanity
2018-10-03 China BP 5 This House Believes That academic journals should not publish articles that characterize colonialism as positive
2018-10-03 China BP 6 Assuming feasibility, in countries with conscription, This House Would forcibly delete all soldiers' memories of combat situations upon their discharge
2018-10-03 China BP 7 This House Believes That the deaf rights movement should disproportionately emphasize the positive experiences associated with being deaf
2018-10-03 China BP 8 This House, as Iran, Would resume its nuclear weapons program
2018-10-03 China BP 9 This House Would allow political parties to make binding electoral promises that, once broken, will immediately trigger reelection
2018-10-03 China BP Novice_Semis This House prefers a world with a dominant norm of not expressing strong emotions
2018-10-03 China BP Novice_Final This House Would abolish constitutional monarchies
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Octos This House opposes the dominant social norm in favor of monogamy
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Quarters This House Believes That President Vladimir Putin is good for Russia
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Semis This House Believes That the Pope should be elected by Catholics around the world
2018-10-03 China BP Open_Final This House Believes That Asian education systems should actively promote the view that Asian culture is superior to Western Culture