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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP 1 THBT governments of secular democracies have an obligation to censor in parts or in whole Holy Scriptures which openly support violence and overt discrimination against minorities
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP 2 THBT universities should prioritize teaching expertise over research expertise when hiring and promoting faculty members
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP 3 In democracies, THBT opposition figures should emphasize cooperation with, rather than criticism of, strongman heads of state (e.g. Trump, Duterte, Bolsonaro, Widodo) for the duration of the COVID 19 pandemic
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP 4 THBT governments should never intervene to stop or slow gentrification
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP Novice_Final THBT individuals and NGOs in developed countries should focus their charitable efforts on causes outside their borders rather than local causes
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP Open_Quarter THBT minority communities should actively discourage their children from pursuing careers in state security apparatuses (i.e. the military, the police, immigration and border control)
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP Open_Semi THS a policy of assassinating leaders of transnational gangs (e.g. MS-13) irrespective of the nation in which they are located
2020-09-26 Diliman Pre-ABP Open_Final THR the predominant narrative that one should strive to make a meaningful impact on the world even at the expense of one’s own happiness