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Date Tournament Round Motion
2017-11-04 Durham IV 1 THW ban zoos
2017-11-04 Durham IV 2 THBT when a company conducts any business in a developed nation, that nation should enforce its domestic environmental regulations at all stages of that company's supply chain (including suppliers and sub-contractors)
2017-11-04 Durham IV 3 Assuming it was logistically feasible, THW randomly swap all newborn babies at birth.
2017-11-04 Durham IV 4 THS the continued remilitarisation of Japan.
2017-11-04 Durham IV 5 THW rank all charities by their Effective Altruism score and remove charitable status from all but the most effective.
2017-11-04 Durham IV Novice_Finals THBT states should not pursue policies to reduce inequality once all citizens have an acceptable standard living
2017-11-04 Durham IV Open_Semis THR the existence of NATO after the dissolution of the USSR
2017-11-04 Durham IV Open_Final TH, as the Church of England, would withdraw from the Anglican Communion
2013-11-02 Durham IV 1 THBT in criminal court cases the jury should be comprised of individuals from the same racial and socio-economic background as the defendant
2013-11-02 Durham IV 2 THW give the public the power to pardon whistleblowers through a referendum
2013-11-02 Durham IV 3 THBT that the International Criminal Court should not issue indictments against individuals involved in ongoing conflicts
2013-11-02 Durham IV 4 THW not allow individuals to opt into a one-way mission to Mars with the Mars One Project.
2013-11-02 Durham IV 5 THBT energy security is a legitimate reason for military action
2013-11-02 Durham IV Novice_Final THW hold parents criminally liable for the repeat offences of their children
2013-11-02 Durham IV Open_Semis THW pay drug addicts to be permanently sterilised
2013-11-02 Durham IV Open_Final TH regrets the creation of a moral and legal distinction between the use of chemical weapons and conventional weapons
2012-11-03 Durham IV 1 THW ban male circumcision for Under 18s, except for medical reasons.
2012-11-03 Durham IV 2 TH wants the USA to lead a Coalition of the Willing to intervene militarily in Syria.
2012-11-03 Durham IV 3 THBT developed countries should not retaliate to protectionist measures by developing countries.
2012-11-03 Durham IV 4 THW publicly shame persons found guilty of committing hate speech.
2012-11-03 Durham IV 5 THBT Britain should seek issue based coalitions rather than a further integration into the EU.
2012-11-03 Durham IV Novice_Final This House would ban extremist political parties.
2012-11-03 Durham IV Open_Semis This House would allow prospective mothers to take the pill."
2012-11-03 Durham IV Open_Final This House would support the partition of nation-states along their ethnic lines.
2011-11-05 Durham IV 1 THB the police should not create perp walks.
2011-11-05 Durham IV 2 THW teach boys those aspects of subjects which are thought to be most interesting to them, such as military history.
2011-11-05 Durham IV 3 THW require all newspapers to be constituted as cooperatives, owned and run by journalists.
2011-11-05 Durham IV 4 Insofar as it is cost effective, THBT authorities should routinely gather and access as much information, including private and personal information, that may conceivably be useful in solving or preventing crime, as possible.
2011-11-05 Durham IV 5 THW punish NHS workers who do not blow the whistle on malpractice, corruption or negligence, of which they know, as if they had carried out the act themselves.
2011-11-05 Durham IV Novice_Final This house believes it is illegitimate for governments to prevent any peaceful protest in public space.
2011-11-05 Durham IV Open_Semis This house would not prosecute people living below the poverty line for purely acquisitive crime.
2011-11-05 Durham IV Open_Final This house believes that the media should not use the phrase 'big society' uncritically.