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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-10-15 Edinburgh Cup 1 TH would introduce academic streaming.
2016-10-15 Edinburgh Cup 2 TH supports voluntourism.
2016-10-15 Edinburgh Cup 3 TH, as the state, would aggressively fund GMO research.
2016-10-15 Edinburgh Cup 4 TH believes that Japan should acquire nuclear weapons.
2016-10-15 Edinburgh Cup 5 TH regrets the culture of casual sex.
2016-10-15 Edinburgh Cup Open_Semis TH, as an astronaut, would take part in Mars One (one way trip to Mars).
2016-10-15 Edinburgh Cup Open_Final TH believes that the USA should never use the language of American exceptionalism.
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 1 THBT governments should negotiate with terrorists when their citizens are taken hostage by terrorist groups
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 2 THW allow international commercial surrogacy
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 3 THS “No Platform” policies in student unions
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 4 THW pay reparations to former mining communities in the UK
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup 5 THBT government regulation agencies should be allowed to break up banks, like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, that are deemed ’too big to fail’.
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup Open_Semis THBT governments should prioritise economically productive public spending over investing in arts, humanities, etc. when deciding on their budget.
2014-10-04 Edinburgh Cup Open_Final TH, as the UK Labour party, would participate in a cross party initiative to reform the Human Rights Act.
2013-10-05 Edinburgh Cup 1 THW boycott the Russian Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi
2013-10-05 Edinburgh Cup 2 THBT British national curricula should portray a unanimously and graphically negative account of the impact of British colonialism on its foreign subjects
2013-10-05 Edinburgh Cup 3 THBT Rockstar Games should make the lead protagonist of the next instalment of the GTA series female
2013-10-05 Edinburgh Cup 4 TH supports aggressive Palestinian protest (such as property destruction) in illegal Israeli settlements
2013-10-05 Edinburgh Cup 5 THB President Obama should grant Chelsea Manning a presidential pardon
2013-10-05 Edinburgh Cup Open_Semis THW restrict the press from all speculation and reporting on the mental health of criminals and suspected criminals
2013-10-05 Edinburgh Cup Open_Final THB that feminists should adopt the cause of anti-capitalism
2012-10-06 Edinburgh Cup 1 THBT the State should pay for university education
2012-10-06 Edinburgh Cup 2 THW abolish all hate crime laws and instead prosecute according to criminal law
2012-10-06 Edinburgh Cup 3 THS eco-terrorism
2012-10-06 Edinburgh Cup 4 THBT the identity of the artist should be obscured from those who buy and display the art (approximation)
2012-10-06 Edinburgh Cup 5 THW financially incentivize drug and alcohol addicts not to have children
2012-10-06 Edinburgh Cup Open_Semis THBT in the event of a Syrian border attack on Turkey, NATO should come to the aid of Turkey
2012-10-06 Edinburgh Cup Open_Final TH welcomes the death of god at the hands of science
2011-10-08 Edinburgh Cup 1 THW ban nuclear energy
2011-10-08 Edinburgh Cup 2 THW abolish the British Monarchy
2011-10-08 Edinburgh Cup 3 THB the UN should immediately recognise and independent state of Palestine
2011-10-08 Edinburgh Cup 4 THW cease all austerity measures in favour of a massive increase in government spending
2011-10-08 Edinburgh Cup Open_Semis THW start a marxist revolution
2011-10-08 Edinburgh Cup Open_Final THB the world is a safer place since the collapse of the USSR