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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 1 THBT social media companies (like Google, Facebook or Twitter) should self-censor their content in order to be permitted by authoritarian countries
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 2 THBT national sporting associations should give a lifetime ban to any player convicted of a serious violent crime
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 3 THBT The LGBT movement should abandon the born this way rhetoric
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 4 THBT videos of graphic terrorist atrocities should not be broadcast
2015-04-10 Estonian Open 5 THBT developing countries should refuse to sign any trade treaty which contains ISDS
2015-04-10 Estonian Open Open_Semis THR The Use of Medical Data From Nazi Experiments
2015-04-10 Estonian Open Open_Final TH as US goverment prefers low oil prices (paraphrased)
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 1 THW create a separate athletics league for athletes that choose to take performance enhancing substances.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 2 THW impose quotas that ensure at least half of a company’s board of directors is composed of women.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 3 THBT the gay rights movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 4 THW allow individuals to enter into pre-nuptial agreements where infidelity is punishable by prison sentences.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open 5 THS the creation and use of Autonomous Killing Robots. Info: Autonomous Killing Robots are a form of military technology which when activated, can identify and engage targets* without further human intervention. *targets include humans and light armoured vehicles
2014-04-11 Estonian Open Novice_Final THW give the public the power, via referendum, to pardon whistleblowers.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open Open_Semis THBT the EU should offer membership to Middle Eastern and North African states that achieve successful democratic transition.
2014-04-11 Estonian Open Open_Final In a parallel universe, there is a planet X which resembles Earth as it existed in the early days of humanity. Their human population face a choice of implementing one of two political systems. Motion: TH, as the human population of planet X, would choose communism over capitalism.
2013-04-12 Estonian Open 1 THW provide the disabled access to sex workers as part of national health care
2013-04-12 Estonian Open 2 THW pay mercenaries to assassinate Kim Jong-un.
2013-04-12 Estonian Open 3 THBT governments should actively discourage consumerist lifestyles
2013-04-12 Estonian Open 4 TH regrets the EU Troika’s reliance on mainly austerity measures as a solution for at risk Eurozone economies.
2013-04-12 Estonian Open 5 THW make failure to render reasonable assistance to a person in distress a criminal offence.
2013-04-12 Estonian Open Open_Semis THBT feminist organisations should not use nudity as a tactic for pursuing their aims
2013-04-12 Estonian Open Open_Final TH Regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy.