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Date Tournament Round Motion
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 1 THW compel doctors to report suspected cases of domestic abuse to the police
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 2 THBT football associations should require clubs to be majority owned by their fans
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 3 THW legalise entrapment
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 4 THBT the EU should give automatic membership to states that have seceded from current member states
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 5 THW not afford religious identity the same level of anti-discrimination protection as inborn traits (such as race, gender and sexuality)
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients Open_Semis THBT that the UN Security Council should sanction companies that buy 'booty futures' from rebel movements
2014-03-01 Glasgow Ancients Open_Final TH supports the rise of online communities that aggressively police ideological purity within the feminist movement
2013-03-21 Feminism and Gender Tournament Open_Final TH, which is a female debater, would participate in next year's Glasgow Ancients.
2013-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 1 TH, as the academic and debating communities of the UK, would not invite George Galloway to our public debates
2013-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 2 THW ban unpaid internships
2013-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 3 THW would ban the use of unarmed domestic surveillance drones
2013-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 4 THW assassinate Iranian and North Korean nuclear scientists
2013-03-01 Glasgow Ancients 5 THBT governments have no legal or moral obligation to respond with proportionate force to armed attacks on their citizens
2013-03-01 Glasgow Ancients Open_Semis THB the ICC should not issue warrants for suspects during ongoing conflicts
2013-03-01 Glasgow Ancients Open_Final TH regrets the centralisation of organised religion