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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-10-05 Gutenberg Cup 1 Should the Gauls end their resistance to the Romans?
2013-10-05 Gutenberg Cup 2 Should we create a common sanctuary/reservation for hipsters, zombies, former FDP politicians and stranded aliens?
2013-10-05 Gutenberg Cup 3 Should sex become olympic?
2013-10-05 Gutenberg Cup Open_Semis Should the long-term unemployed be reemployed for energy production?
2013-10-05 Gutenberg Cup Open_Final Should Sauron become US president?
2012-10-20 Gutenberg Cup 1 Should Robin be allowed to drive the Batmobil too?
2012-10-20 Gutenberg Cup 2 Does Snowhite need only one Dwarf?
2012-10-20 Gutenberg Cup 3 Do we need a women’s quota in prison?
2012-10-20 Gutenberg Cup Open_Semis Do we need an ECO-label for organs?
2012-10-20 Gutenberg Cup Open_Final Should the Dönertier be placed under environmental protection?