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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 1 THBT implementing bonded government scholarships are in the interest of developing states
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 2 THBT the feminist movement in the West should heavily promote the concept of 'self-partnership'
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 3 THBT the European Union should immediately grant full membership rights to Bosnia and Herzegovina
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 4 THBT the Pope should excommunicate Rodrigo Duterte
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open 5 THBT environmentalist groups should fully abandon advocating for the mitigation of climate change, in favour of campaigning for adaptation efforts instead (e.g. building sea walls, genetically modified crops, exploring alternative living habitats)
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Novice_Final THR the social preference for positivity and optimism
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Open_Quarters You have been a moderate Republican for the last 10 years, and identify the most with the GOP establishment. THR the 2016 election of Donald Trump as president of the USA
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Open_Semi THBT the choice of the economic liberalism as a dominant doctrine by major international financial institutions does more harm than good
2020-10-07 Helsinki Open Open_Final THP a world where humans cannot perceive aesthetic beauty
2016-05-13 Helsinki Open 2016 1 THW allow the police and intelligence agencies unrestricted access to the internet history and online communications of all citizens.
2016-05-13 Helsinki Open 2016 2 THB that artists from dominant cultural groups should not seek to portray minority cultures.
2016-05-13 Helsinki Open 2016 3 THW remove exemptions from anti-discrimination law for religious organisations.
2016-05-13 Helsinki Open 2016 4 THW require all teams participating in international football competitions to have an equal representation of both sexes.
2016-05-13 Helsinki Open 2016 5 TH supports minority ethnic parties.
2016-05-13 Helsinki Open 2016 Novice_Final TH, as a wealthy individual, would use that wealth to become a vigilante (e.g. Batman) in areas of high crime and a corrupt police force (e.g. Mexico City).
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 1 THW give development aid only to countries which commit to and demonstrate the implementation of humanitarian values consistent with that of the donor country (for example LGBT rights, women´s rights)
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 2 THW ban the display of art created with the intented purpose or reasonably likely outcome of creating offence
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 3 Assuming that a minimum standard of welfare has been achieved, THBT states should make no further attempt to reduce inequality.
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 4 THBT it is in the interest of the European Union that the United Kingdom leaves
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open 5 TH regrets the approach taken by prominent business women of giving advice on succeeding in the business world as it is rather than highlighting the need to drastically change that world
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open Open_Semis THW weight the votes of people within demographic groupings to represent the relative size of each grouping within the general population, not just those who vote (Demographic groupings are characteristics such as race, gender, wealth, age)
2015-05-08 Helsinki Open Open_Final Assuming a technology exists which causes people contemplating committing violent crimes to feel nausea and pain, rendering them unable to think about or commit a crime
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 1 THBT parents should monitor the electronic communications of their children, for example by installing spyware, requiring their children to give them their passwords, or reading browser histories
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 2 THW take away essential service givers' (such as policemen, firemen and doctors) right to strike
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 3 TH regrets the campaign to remove Brendan Eich from office
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 4 THW allow the parliament to pass retroactive laws with a 2/3 majority
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open 5 THBT developing countries should ban aid organizations from religious proselytizing
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open Open_Semis THBT The death of newspapers and news print media would be a net good
2014-05-16 Helsinki Open Open_Final THBT the education system should stream children according to their abilities from a young age