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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 1 THW eliminate trial by jury and replace it with trial by judge
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 2 As an author of a non-colonial language (Inuktitut, isiXhosa, Gikuyu, etc) THW only write in one's native language.
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 3 Assuming the two are mutually exclusive, THW prefer wage subsidies over a raised minimum wage.
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 4 THW allow for free and open use of CRISPR technology in all medical research.
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 5 Other than a prospective student's net family income, THW remove all social factors (ie, race, gender, disability status) from university admissions' decision processes.
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 Novice_Final thbt the search for new, habitable planets should be prioritized in space exploration
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 Open_Quarters THBT Canada should take the lead in seeking the diplomatic isolation Saudi Arabia
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 Open_Semis THW hold social media companies legally liable for content on their platform
2018-11-03 Huber Debates 2018 Open_Final TH prefers a world where romantic relationships are initiated by an algorithm that matches prospective partners to a near-perfect degree.
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 1 THBT universities should not be allowed to patent technology they develop
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 2 THBT states should incentivize wealthy people to move to economically insolvent cities
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 3 THBT pro-Palestinian organisations should abandon their support for the BDS movement against Israeli academic institutions and scholars
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 4 THW Legalize Graffiti
2017-11-04 Huber Debates 5 THBT states that are responsible for heavy pollution are morally obligated to sell portions of their land to states under severe threat by climate change
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Novice_Semis Motion: THBT universities should never restrict freedom of expression beyond what is already considered illegal by the state
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Open_Quarters THBT the African Union should pivot toward the global East rather than the global West
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Open_Semis THR the decline of Marxist political parties
2017-11-04 Huber Debates Open_Final THW charge prosecutors who withhold or deliberately lie about evidence in cases where the defendant faces the death penalty or life in prison, with attempted murder.
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 1 thw implement mandatory paternity leave for new fathers
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 2 thbt countries should implement strong worker protection laws even at the cost of economic growth (ie, collective bargaining, overtime hours, worker compensation, etc)
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 3 thw deny tax-exempt status to religious institutions that restrict women from accessing leadership or teaching roles
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 4 THBT jewish-americans have a moral obligation to suspend their participation in organizations (hillel, birthright, aipac, etc) that endorses israel’s current settlement program
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 5 Thw create an international organization to facilitate private individuals suing foreign governments for causing serious harms to their communities
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 Novice_Final Thw allow voters to repeal legislation using citizen referenda initiated referenda passed by a ⅔ popular vote majority
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 Open_Quarters In regions with severe, widespread violence against women, ths acts of vigilante justice in response to gendered assaults (israel egypt)
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 Open_Semis thbt the kurdish people should abandon attempts to establish an independent state, in favour of seeking greater poliitical inclusion in iraq and in turkey
2016-10-29 Huber Debates 2016 Open_Final THR the decline of Black Militant Groups (i.e. the Black Panther Party, the Black Liberation Army