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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-11-29 Iron Man tournament 1 THBT our legal system should neither regulate nor judge behaviour that takes place solely in virtual online worlds like “Second Life” and leave the making of rules to their manufacturers
2013-11-29 Iron Man tournament 2 THBT China should prioritise social justice over economic growth
2013-11-29 Iron Man tournament 3 THW allow businesses to pay employees who agree not to have children more in wages
2013-11-29 Iron Man tournament 4 THW allow sodomie (intercourse with animals)
2013-11-29 Iron Man tournament Open_Final A ship sinks at the high seas. Three sailors and the cabin boy survive in a lifeboat. There is no land in sight and the men are exhausted. To stay alive, the sailors kill and eat the cabin boy against his will. Days later, the lifeboat is found and brought to land. The sailors survived thanks to the reinforcement brought by eating the cabin boy. The authorities hear of the tale and the sailors are brought before a court where a jury will give a verdict. Motion: TH, as the jury, would vote against a conviction