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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-04-26 Jacobs Open 1 THW remove all "sin taxes"
2013-04-26 Jacobs Open 2 TH, as US President, would grant Chinese Christian refugees asylum
2013-04-26 Jacobs Open 3 THBT Governments should fund and public display of art which viscerally portrays the suffering of victims created by state policies/actions (eg war, failure to go to war, poverty at home and abroad)
2013-04-26 Jacobs Open 4 THW only allow election campaigns to be funded by a fixed budget provided by the state
2013-04-26 Jacobs Open 5 TH, as the gay community, regrets the rise of Grindr in western liberal democracies
2013-04-26 Jacobs Open Open_Semis In the event of a terrorist attack by radical Islamists, THW fabricate evidence (which wouldn't be found out to be untrue) that the attack was committed by someone from the dominant (religious/ethnic) group in that society
2013-04-26 Jacobs Open Open_Final TH, as 2 atheist parents, raising their child in a homogeneous religious rural community (e.g. in Texas) would raise their child to be religious
2012-04-13 Jacobs Open 1 When paying teachers, THW take into account their students' academic performance
2012-04-13 Jacobs Open 2 TH regrets joining Facebook
2012-04-13 Jacobs Open 3 THW encourage its citizens to break laws in other countries that violate human rights
2012-04-13 Jacobs Open 4 THW pay spouses who stay at home a salary
2012-04-13 Jacobs Open 5 TH supports the US's use of military drones in Pakistan
2012-04-13 Jacobs Open Open_Final TH supports campaigns like "Kony 2012”