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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 1 This house believes that President Obama should pardon those convicted of low level drug possession charges en masse
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 2 This house supports the establishment of zero rating platforms in the developing world
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 3 This house believes that socially progressive organisations and institutions should aggressively pursue policies to accommodate underprivileged groups, such as mandatory preferred gender pronoun introductions, trigger warnings prior to discussion on sensitive topics and the creation of autonomous spaces
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 4 This house believes that Greece is better outside the Euro
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 5 You are an incredibly respected art critic. You own a private art gallery which the rich, famous, and influential fly from around the world to visit. Recently a photograph has come to prominence among elite art circles, and as a consequence has become incredibly sought after - hailed for its gritty realism. It is a graphic photograph of a woman killed and raped by her husband, taken by police as evidence. You have been offered the original photograph for your collection. This house would refuse
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 6 This house believes that presidential primaries in the United States should be placed on the same day
2015-09-06 Joynt Scroll 2015 Open_Semi This house believes that developing countries should employ western professionals to run their courts and police forces.