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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-02-06 LSE Open 1 THR modern medicine's prioritisation of longevity over quality of life (e.g. extending lifespan vs. palliative care)
2021-02-06 LSE Open 2 THP a world where, after COVID-19 is no longer a threat to public health and safety, remote work remains the norm
2021-02-06 LSE Open 4 THO "political consumerism"
2021-02-06 LSE Open 5 THS the rise of private cities in the developing world
2021-02-06 LSE Open Open_Quarter THW require no-fee brokerages (e.g. Robinhood) to introduce a minimum asset threshold for all investors
2021-02-06 LSE Open Open_Semi THBT the election of Joe Biden is in the interests of Israel
2021-02-06 LSE Open Open_Final THBT the LGBTQ+ movement should emphasise family values as a part of their activism, rather than adopt the view that family values do not matter
2016-02-13 LSE Open 1 TH Supports the proliferation of free schools
2016-02-13 LSE Open 2 THIS HOUSE WOULD require all government ministers to have majority approval from the professional bodies their department has legislative responsibility for. (For example, the UK Minister for Health would need majority approval from the British Medical Association)
2016-02-13 LSE Open 3 Assuming there are actors who fit the criteria: THIS HOUSE BELIEVES That film directors have a moral obligation to cast actors who share key lived experiences with the characters they play.
2016-02-13 LSE Open 4 THIS HOUSE BELIEVES That western liberal democracies should cease all direct military action in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen.
2016-02-13 LSE Open 5 THIS HOUSE WOULD Make corporation tax proportional to company wage ratios
2016-02-13 LSE Open ESL Semifinal THW Introduce a system of tradable quotas for asylum seekers in the European Union
2016-02-13 LSE Open ESL Final THW Prefer to live in A Brave New World
2016-02-13 LSE Open Open Quarterfinal THW Introduce a system of tradable quotas for asylum seekers in the European Union
2016-02-13 LSE Open Open Semifinal THBT The USA should adopt a parliamentary democracy rather than a presidential one.
2016-02-13 LSE Open Final THW Allow individuals to sign contracts which cede future rights of theirs to other individuals (for example, to sell themselves into slavery)
2014-02-15 LSE Open 1 THBT Governments should not assist in the rebuilding of disaster prone areas
2014-02-15 LSE Open 2 TH regrets the existence of critic or professionally determined film awards, including the Academy Awards, Palme D'Or, and Sight and Sound's Top 10
2014-02-15 LSE Open 3 THBT it is the West's interest for long term Brent Crude Oil prices to fall below US$60 per barrel. Info
2014-02-15 LSE Open 4 THBT the LGBT movement should abandon the claim that sexuality is not a choice
2014-02-15 LSE Open 5 THB European Football leagues should aggressively redistribute income from successful to less successful domestic clubs
2014-02-15 LSE Open ESL_Semis THBT the states of the Western Balkans should ban positive depictions of indicted or convicted war criminals
2014-02-15 LSE Open ESL_Final THW financially incentivise interracial and interfaith marriage
2014-02-15 LSE Open Open_Quarters THW criminalise its citizens from fighting in foreign conflicts
2014-02-15 LSE Open Open_Semis THB that majority liberal supreme courts should actively misapply constitutions in order to advance progressive rights
2014-02-15 LSE Open Open_Final TH regrets Jiyas use of the Burka (info video)
2013-02-16 LSE Open 1 THBT Western Liberal Democracies should institute bans on their citizens visiting illiberal states whose economies depends on tourism
2013-02-16 LSE Open 2 THW require prospective owners or large shareholders of sport clubs / teams to gain majority support from season ticket holders or other representatives of the fan base to complete their acquisition
2013-02-16 LSE Open 3 THW make conscription a war crime
2013-02-16 LSE Open 4 THW require close relatives of the homeless to pay their welfare costs to the extent that they can afford to do so
2013-02-16 LSE Open 5 THW allocate state funding for the arts exclusively to new and original work, and never to reproductions of ‘great works’ or other old plays, opera, music, films or art
2013-02-16 LSE Open ESL_Final This House would allow pro-life organisations to offer to pay women considering abortions to carry the baby to term (assuming adequate child support services exist)
2013-02-16 LSE Open Open_Quarters THBT the International Criminal Court should focus on indicting and prosecuting larger numbers of middle-to-low ranking suspects for war crimes, crimes against humanity, or genocide, rather than smaller numbers of high ranking suspects
2013-02-16 LSE Open Open_Semis This House believes that the civil and criminal legal system has no business considering or regulating behaviour that exclusively occurs in online virtual worlds such as ‘Second Life’
2013-02-16 LSE Open Open_Final This House would support policies of ‘ever increasing political union’ – i.e. progressive political integration aimed at the distant goal of federal unification – amongst members of the League of Arab States
2012-02-17 LSE Open 1 THW legalise all forms of assisted suicide for mentally sound people
2012-02-17 LSE Open 2 TH regrets the strong social norms in favour of lifelong monogamy
2012-02-17 LSE Open 3 THBT western countries should invest primarily in air power rather than ground troops for future military interventions
2012-02-17 LSE Open 4 THBT the education system should promote equality of outcomes over equality of opportunities
2012-02-17 LSE Open 5 TH welcomes the advent of extreme genetic enhancements for human beings
2012-02-17 LSE Open ESL_Final THBT national governments should aim to depopulate rather than regenerate areas with few viable economic activities
2012-02-17 LSE Open Open_Quarters info slide: behavioural economics, rival changes in the way choices are presented changes behaviour THBT the state should systematically use subconscious manipulation to nudge citizens towards good choices
2012-02-17 LSE Open Open_Semis THBT Western foreign policy should seek to prevent China's acquisition of Africa's natural land and resources
2012-02-17 LSE Open Open_Final TH regrets the decline of Marxism in liberal Western democracies