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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-11-20 La Liberta 1 THS the idea of content on OTT platforms being regulated
2020-11-20 La Liberta 1 TH, believes that Google should allow fantasy sport apps like Dream 11 to be hosted on Playstore in India
2020-11-20 La Liberta 1 Assuming validity of the theory, TH will actively reduce growth in technology to avoid the Singularity
2020-11-20 La Liberta 2 THR the concept of Criminal Contempt of Court
2020-11-20 La Liberta 2 THBT it is justified to make a criminal go through the exact same horror or pain as the victim as a "form of justice"
2020-11-20 La Liberta 2 For scenarios where such a victim is revived by the killer, THW acquit the accused
2020-11-20 La Liberta 3 THS the idea that UCL in future editions should opt for a 1 leg knockouts over the traditional system.
2020-11-20 La Liberta 3 TH would prefer a maximum of 5 overseas players in a squad instead of 4 currently.
2020-11-20 La Liberta 3 THBT India should allow players born in other countries to play for the National team.
2020-11-20 La Liberta 4 TH as Norwegian Nobel Committee will strip Aung Sang Soo kyi of her Nobel Prize.
2020-11-20 La Liberta 4 THS the creation of armed forces units made up of foreign soldiers based on political interests, with such units being under the direct control of the government
2020-11-20 La Liberta 4 THR the De-Ba'athification of Iraq's military.
2020-11-20 La Liberta 5 In a Post-Apocalyptic world devastated by a global Nuclear War, THS the creation of a World Government.
2020-11-20 La Liberta 5 TH, as the INC at the onset of World War 1, will violently revolt against the British colonizers instead of accepting the offer
2020-11-20 La Liberta 5 TH, as the Nuremberg Trial after WWII, will grant amnesty to those Nazi officials who are ready to be a witness against the masterminds of the Holocaust and other Nazi war crimes and crimes against humanity.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Quarter TH, as the Indian BJP Government in 1st week of March 2020, will strictly ban the celebration of Holi in India in the wake of COVID19 concerns
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Quarter THP a world where COVID-19 is seen as the new normal rather than one where it is seen as an extraordinary situation.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Quarter TH, as a state, will take a utilitarian approach when making policies to deal with a pandemic.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Semi In religious issues involving a particular religious group (For ex- Triple Talaq or Sabrimala), THBT only members of that religious community should be allowed to file a court case.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Semi TH, as X, will not use the machine.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Semi TH, as Ariana Grande upon being offered to headline at the event, will completely boycott Coachella and turn the offer down.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Final THBT X did the right thing.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Final THBT ‘allegory of the cave’ is analogous to a modern 'western liberal democracy'.
2020-11-20 La Liberta Open_Final TH, as X, will go to the police and snitch on the friend