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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-03-13 Liverpool IV 1 THW ban *negative advertising in elections. *political ads in which a politician or party focuses on criticizing another politician or party
2021-03-13 Liverpool IV 2 THR the trend of foreign investors purchasing football clubs
2021-03-13 Liverpool IV 3 THR the narrative that the main drive for teachers is their "calling"* *A strong inner impulse toward a particular lifepath or purpose
2021-03-13 Liverpool IV ProAm_Final This house would apply a lower rate of income tax to women.
2016-03-12 Liverpool IV 2016 1 THBT schools should aggressively stream students, according to their ability, from a young age.
2016-03-12 Liverpool IV 2016 2 TH prefers a criminal justice system that pursues criminal and civil charges against individuals within companies, rather than fines against the entire company.
2016-03-12 Liverpool IV 2016 3 THBT Western States should support and engineer coups in militarily weak states they identify as having authoritarian leaders.
2016-03-12 Liverpool IV 2016 4 THW compel news media to give coverage to all demonstrations proportionate to the size of that demonstration.
2016-03-12 Liverpool IV 2016 ProAm_Final THW remove all legal restrictions on categories of weapons which can be used in war.
2016-03-12 Liverpool IV 2016 Open_Final THBT the Gotham City Police Force should seek to offer Wayne employment as an officer within their force.
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 1 THBT schools should actively seek to instill a strong sense of patriotism
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 2 THBT Western states should maintain travel bans on Modi in the event of his ascension to Prime Minister
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 3 THW impose a quota ensuring that more than half of the London Metropolitan Police Service, across all ranks, is composed of people from ethnic minorities
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV 4 THW compel doctors to facilitate the deaths of consenting and competent patients.
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV Open_Final You are a Western Liberal democracy in a four-year long brutal and bloody war of attrition against an imperialistic dictatorship. Every Christmas, there is a football match between the two sides and a ceasefire. Attending the match are high ranking political and military persons of both sides, the killing of which would benefit greatly the other side. Motion: THW violate the ceasefire and kill the leaders.
2014-03-22 Liverpool IV ProAm_Final THBT Judges should take into account the socioeconomic circumstances of defendants