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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 1 THW mandate labor union membership in large companies
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 2 THBT the UK should adopt a federal statehood structure which establishes regions and large counties as states
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 3 TH, as Narendra Modi, would reverse the 'Make in India' policy
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 4 THW allow indigenous groups to veto the development of environmentally disruptive projects on their territory
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 5 THW only allow the media and campagning organisations to depict or publish information about the deceased in a tragedy with the explicit permission of the family
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 ESL_Final THW allow the pardoning of whistleblowers by referendum
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 Open_Semi THBT it is in the interests of the Chinese Communist Party to allow state-owned firms to default on domestic bond repayments
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 Open_Final THP a world in which people exclusively idolise people they know
2020-02-15 Manchester IV 2020 ProAm_Final THR the westernization of the elite in post-colonial countries (e.g. speaking predominantly in English, going to schools/universities in the West, consuming predominantly Western media)
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 1 THS civil rights activists using disruptive or violent civil disobedience as a tool of protest (e.g. the Stansted 15, Gilets Jaunes/Antifa movements)
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 2 THBT major film studios should substantially increase the number of lead roles for female villains in their blockbuster films
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 3 THS a Unity Ticket by prominent members of the Republican and Democratic parties in the 2020 US presidential elections
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 4 THW implement filial responsibility laws
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 5 THBT states should actively attempt to make contact with Uncontacted Peoples and provide them with modern medicine and technology
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 ProAm_Final THR the trend of centring self-destructive/antisocial characters as protagonists in media (e.g. Bojack Horseman, Rick and Morty, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Sherlock, Mad Men…)
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 Open_Quarters THBT developing countries should actively discourage the creation of primate cities
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 Open_Semis TH prefers a world with a widespread belief in Radical Freedom
2019-02-23 Manchester IV 2019 Open_Final THBT the scientific community should reject the view that science and religion are non-overlapping magisteria
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 1 THS charter schools
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 2 In addition to maternity pay and leave, THW make companies finance their female employees freezing of eggs and in vitro fertilization, if they so wish to
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 3 THR the abandonment of the Sunshine Policy
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 4 THW not give religious identity the same level of anti discrimination protection as other protected attributes (race, gender, sexuality)
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 5 THW ban political opinion polls
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 Open_Quarter THR the decision to let the FARC run as a political party
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 Open_Semi THS states prioritizing the alleviation of poverty within their own borders at the expense of support of international aid programmes
2018-02-17 Manchester IV 2018 Open_Final THBT there is no significant moral difference between the life of a human and the life of a pig
2016-02-20 Manchester IV 1 THBT the governments of Europe should censor media from publishing articles, videos or cartoons which promote racist views or stereotypes.
2016-02-20 Manchester IV 2 This house believes that parliamentary electoral systems should include constituency links.
2016-02-20 Manchester IV 3 THB that MGM Studios should cast a male as the sexual interest of the next Bond film.
2016-02-20 Manchester IV 4 TH would begin writing only in your first language.
2016-02-20 Manchester IV 5 THB that Western states should engage in covert cyber-attacks against infrastructure designed to limit freedom of speech* in authoritarian states. *e.g., the Great Firewall of China
2016-02-20 Manchester IV ProAm_Final TH supports climate change activists engaging in acts, regardless of legality, which cause mass disruption to carbon-intensive infrastructure networks.
2016-02-20 Manchester IV Open_Quarters THW only allow the media to publish or broadcast government produced releases on suspected terrorist attacks.
2016-02-20 Manchester IV Open_Semis THBT the Brazillian government should encourage and facilitate the integration of uncontacted peoples into wider society.
2016-02-20 Manchester IV Open_Final THW create and fund schools that exclusively admit children from ethnic minorities.
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 1 THBT the EU should openly fund secular, pro-democracy and pro-human rights political parties and civil society groups in countries with oppressive regimes
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 2 THBT the NAACP should publicly condemn white artists who appropriate black culture
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 3 THW require companies that produce pornography to be run by a co-operative of their female performers
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 4 THW transfer complete strategic control of the NHS to a body of experts, appointed by experienced medical practitioners and not accountable to Parliament (with info slide)
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV 5 THBT Gov'ts should not publicly discuss anti-terror laws and state security in the wake of terrorist attacks
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV ESL_Final THBT even if human life could be extended indefinitely, society should choose to end their lives at 100 years
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV ProAm_Final THBT that states should not commemorate the veterans of conflicts that are now considered to be unjustified
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV Open_Quarters TH, as an up and coming female artist, would publically decline a leading role in a Roman Polanski film (with info slide)
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV Open_Semis THW criminalise the use and creation of unauthorised anonymous communication providers and network browsers (with info slide)
2015-02-21 DWF Manchester IV Open_Final TH welcomes the rise of the far left in continental Europe (e.g. Syriza in Greece & Podemos in Spain)
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 1 THBT US media should not report any details about school shootings beyond the fact that they happened
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 2 THBT all international peacekeeping operations in Africa should be carried out solely by African troops.
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 3 Info slide - Menstrual activism is a movement which seeks to examine social attitudes towards menstruation through artistic performances such as wearing menstrual blood. Motion: TH supports menstrual activism.
2014-02-22 Manchester IV 4 THW ban holocaust denial
2014-02-22 Manchester IV ESL_Final THW support a strict disciplinarian education system, as long as it makes students perform better
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Novice_Final TH regrets the use of nationalism by colonial liberation movements (e.g. the Indian National Congress, Sinn Fein).
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Open_Quarters TH supports the creation of women only economic zones in Saudi Arabia
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Open_Semis THB African-American civil rights organisations should condemn capitalism
2014-02-22 Manchester IV Open_Final The technology exists to allow people to selectively erase their memories without any physical side effects. Motion: THW allow individuals to selectively erase their own memories
2013-02-23 Manchester IV 1 THBT single parents sent to prison should be able to raise their children in prison.
2013-02-23 Manchester IV 2 TH, as Israel, would grant exemptions from compulsory military service to all and only those citizens that give up their right to vote.
2013-02-23 Manchester IV 3 TH approves of the New York Post's decision to publish the subway photograph 'Doomed'.
2013-02-23 Manchester IV 4 TH approves of the USA's policy of extra-judicial killing of terrorists.
2013-02-23 Manchester IV 5 THBT at least 50% of the Legislature (Parliament) should be appointed by a socially representative random draw from the general population.
2013-02-23 Manchester IV Open_Quarters THBT states should disband their armed forces and use PMCs as and when necessary
2013-02-23 Manchester IV Open_Semis THBT the unemployed, living in areas of high unemployment and low private investment, should relocate to areas where their employment is more likely in order to keep their benefits.
2013-02-23 Manchester IV Open_Final THBT David Cameron was wrong to offer the British electorate a referendum on EU membership.
2012-02-24 Manchester IV 1 THB India should remove its ban on 'The Satanic Verses'
2012-02-24 Manchester IV 2 THW invest in big casinos to rejuvenate economically disadvantaged areas
2012-02-24 Manchester IV 3 THB the Greek Government should reject the latest EU, ECB & IMF bailout agreement
2012-02-24 Manchester IV 4 THB the Gay Rights Movement should oppose Gay Pride Parades in Western Liberal Democracies
2012-02-24 Manchester IV 5 THBT the states of former Yugoslavia should create a unified football league
2012-02-24 Manchester IV ESL_Semis THBT the Media should not show images of police brutality
2012-02-24 Manchester IV ESL_Final THW grant automatic asylum to women from countries under sharia law
2012-02-24 Manchester IV Open_Quarters THBT Vladmir Putin should make a credible public offer to the United States for joint decommissioning of their entire nuclear arsenal
2012-02-24 Manchester IV Open_Semis THBT film stars, music stars & other popular entertainers should be prohibited from participating in political campaigns
2012-02-24 Manchester IV Open_Final THBT Western European countries should teach an overwhelmingly negative version of their imperial histories