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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 1 THW prioritize support of domestic reporters in areas of conflict over the use of Western reporting
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 2 THW ban private schools
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 3 THS government collection of private information as a security measure
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 4 THW abolish industry awards (i.e. the Oscars, the Emmys, etc.)
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 5 THW only give aid to devleoping countries that have good environmental policy.
2015-09-30 McGill Novice 6 THW enforce a Cap and Trade system for refugee quotas.
2015-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Semis THS the use of feminist narratives in advertising for beauty products
2015-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Finals THR the prominence of professional sports in American pop culture.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 1 THW legalize the sale of organs, blood and marrow
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 2 THW never arm or finance rebel groups as a tactic of war.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 3 THBT universities should abolish all committees that deal with sexual crimes against their students and defer to the Police
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 4 THBT FIFA should revoke the 2018 World Cup from Russia
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 5 THBT police forces should accurately reflect the racial demographic of the population they protect.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice 6 THBT men should not hold leadership postitions within women's rights and feminist organizations.
2014-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Semis THBT United States would suspend all foreign aid to Israel unless they withdraw from the West Bank
2014-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Finals THBT individuals have an obligation not to consume artwork from artists that have committed highly immoral actions.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice 1 THW ban unpaid internships.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice 2 THW punish bullies through the courts instead of through schools.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice 3 THW ban international marriage agencies.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice 4 THW create power-sharing with the Taliban in exchange for disarmament.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice 5 THW ban any group or program that seeks to change someone's sexual identity.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice 6 THW give harsher sentences to military of police officers who engage in sexual assault.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Semis THW create a nation for X, where X is defined by OG as a specific demographic.
2013-09-30 McGill Novice Open_Finals THW never, ever ban books.