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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 1 TH, as an individual feminist, would boycott tinder
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 2 THW publish all salaries
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 3 THW pay direct reparations to the descendants of slaves in the United States
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 4 TH, with the exception of news reporting, would not allow anyone to publish or profit off accounts of violent criminals' crimes.
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am 5 TH opposes the search for a cure to autism
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Semis You are a female Democratic candidates running in the general election for President of the U.S. The results are extremely close going into the vote. One of your staffers tells you, with certainty, that they can right the election of your favour with little chance of detection. THW do it.
2015-11-20 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Finals TH prefers a world where memories and accurately recorded and available for external playback.
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 1 THBT Western Liberal Democracies and their citizens should never pay ransom for those kidnapped by terrorist groups
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 2 THW end the use of jailhouse informants
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 3 THBT minority groups should not appropriate or reappropriate terms that have been used against them as slurs.
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 4 THW allow individuals to opt out of employment provisions and regulations relating to health and safety in return for increased pay
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am 5 THW give parents an additional vote for each of their underage children
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Semis THBT Japan should re-develop offensive military capabilities.
2014-11-24 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Finals THW financially incentivize vegetarianism.
2013-10-25 McMaster Pro-Am 1 THW make casinos and bookmakers liable for the debt of problem gamblers.
2013-10-25 McMaster Pro-Am 2 THW Allow prisoners to run for elected office.
2013-10-25 McMaster Pro-Am 3 This House would force the media to display, promote and report women’s sport equally to men’s sport.
2013-10-25 McMaster Pro-Am 4 THBT the government should assist physically healthy people in the act of committing suicide.
2013-10-25 McMaster Pro-Am 5 THBT Western governments should renounce democratization of developing states as a foreign policy objective.
2013-10-25 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Semis THBT, on balance, the internet has been harmful to journalism.
2013-10-25 McMaster Pro-Am Open_Finals THW allow violent offenders to opt in, at a judges discretion, to the Ludovico technique as a substitution for jail time