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Date Tournament Round Motion
2021-08-28 Meta IV 1 THW rather be a strong debater at a weak school than a weak debater at a strong school.
2021-08-28 Meta IV 2 THBT spec knowledge which is true and accurate should be instantly credited within debates.
2021-08-28 Meta IV 3 TH welcomes the introduction of VAA's.
2021-08-28 Meta IV 4 THBT competitive debating does more to uphold status quo than work to change it.
2021-08-28 Meta IV Open_Final TH, as a debater in their last year of WUDC, who has made the open final, would throw the final (this could include but is not limited to, running a meme case, shitting on stage, downing a can, going ad hom against someone you dislike, singing the entirety of bohemian rhapsody etc.)