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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 1 THW Give Extra Votes to Individuals who Live in Areas with Consistently Low Voter Turnout
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 2 This House Believes That the state should pay a salary to stay-at-home parents
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 3 Given the existence of "SASP Glasses" technology, This House Would ban them.
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 4 This House Believes That western tech companies should collectively refuse to comply with the Russian personal information law
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 5 This House Believes That developed nations should not recruit high-skilled workers (Such as doctors, engineers, etc.) from developing countries
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 Open_Semis Given the ability to accurately measure the moral track record of a person, This House Would criminalize having a consistently negative moral track record
2016-11-26 Moscow Open 2016 Open_Final This House Believes that the Election of Donald Trump Serves the Interests of Russian Citizens
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 1 THBT laws about abortion should be decided in women-only referenda
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 2 TH prefers a world in which people do not believe in the existence of God or a divine being
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 3 THBT Putin's interventionist role in global geopolitics is contrary to the interests of the Russian people
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 4 This House Supports the use of tiger parenting techniques
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 5 THBT celebrities should not act as spokespeople for humanitarian issues
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 Open_Semis THW if it was technologically possible erase memory of the idea and events caused by Nazism
2014-11-28 Moscow Open 2014 Open_Final THBT a state's primary obligation is towards its own citizens
2013-12-06 Moscow Open 1 THW ban the fur industry
2013-12-06 Moscow Open 2 TH as Ukraine would join Russia led economic bloc rather than the EU free trade account
2013-12-06 Moscow Open 3 THW in the countries that have laws prohibiting discriminatory and hateful language against various groups based on certain characteristics they have, grant overweight people the same protection like other vulnerable groups
2013-12-06 Moscow Open 4 THW require police to wear miniature video cameras at all times whilst on duty
2013-12-06 Moscow Open 5 THBT decisions to allocate funding to scientific research programs should be taken solely by a group of professional scientists
2013-12-06 Moscow Open Open_Semis TH, as a Russian woman, would rather live in the Soviet Union
2013-12-06 Moscow Open Open_Final THBT Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the Russian Winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi
2012-11-30 Moscow Open 1 THBT citizens have no moral obligation to obey laws which they personally believe may be unjust
2012-11-30 Moscow Open 2 TH supports direct elections of governors in Russia
2012-11-30 Moscow Open 3 THW only allow pornography produced and directed by Women
2012-11-30 Moscow Open 4 THBT consumer electronics firms should not be allowed to patent technologies which are not essential to the working of their product
2012-11-30 Moscow Open 5 TH, as Germany, would leave the EU
2012-11-30 Moscow Open Open_Semis THW remove all special legal privileges from religious organisations
2012-11-30 Moscow Open Open_Final THBT Russia should immediately withdraw all support from the Assad regime
2011-11-26 Moscow Open 1 THW ban the smacking of children
2011-11-26 Moscow Open 2 THBT one party's maximum share in the parliament should be limited to 50% + 1 place
2011-11-26 Moscow Open 3 THBT eurozone countries that are in danger of default should be forced to give up control over taxation and budget spending in addition to receiving a bail-out.
2011-11-26 Moscow Open 4 THBT legislators should not take the will of the people into consideration, when the reason behind it is religious
2011-11-26 Moscow Open 5 THBT countries should use political leverage to influence judicial proceedings involving their citizens in other countries.
2011-11-26 Moscow Open Open_Semis THBT Russia along with the EU & US should implement a complete trade ban with Iran
2011-11-26 Moscow Open Open_Final THBT society would be better if the primary duty of companies were to their workers and not to their shareholders