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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 1 THP a system where campaign donations are banned and all candidates for an election are equally publicly funded to a world that allows donations to candidates and parties
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 2 THBT a North American sports league, in seeking to expand beyond North America, should prioritize access and development to the Latin American market over the Chinese market
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 3 TH, as Benny Gantz, Would form a government with the Likud and Netanyahu to avoid a March 2020 election
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 4 You are a woman in a healthy non-abusive long-term relationship with a man. You make a stable salary with which you can support yourself. Your partner has/makes significantly(ridiculously) more money than you. THW Let him pay for the vast majority of expenses incurred during your relationship
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 5 THBT major film companies should use AI to choose which films to greenlight
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 6 THBT the United States should adopt more pro-plaintiff policies, such as abandoning the need to prove material harm and intent to defame.
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Novice_Semi THR the rise of business schools
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Novice_Final Assuming support from international activists, THBT indigenous groups should advocate for a boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against Canada to fight its ongoing discrimination against Indigenous peoples
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Octos TH as a socially conscious prominent management consultant firm would accept cases for foreign governments with ongoing human rights violations
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Quarters THR the narrative that immortality is desirable
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Semi THBT the US should pursue Modern Monetary Theory
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Final In response to climate change THS an immediate, indefinite, international workers strike
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 1 THS universal basic income rather than conditional welfare programs (such as unemployment and food stamps).
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 2 THBT Scotland should immediately announce a second referendum on independence from the UK.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 3 Given political feasibility, TH prefers a carbon tax to cap-and-trade.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 4 THBT the LGBTQ+ movement should not have focused on military inclusion as a major policy initiative.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 5 THBT states should not publicly subsidize the production or display of art.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 6 THBT the United States should offer significant military aid, lifting of sanctions, and economic aid to the Venezuelan military if they oust Maduro and support Guaido.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 Novice_Semi TH, as Canada, would not extradite Meng Wanzhou to the United States.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 Novice_Final THBT the threater and musical community should abandon the "no-change" norm.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 Open_Octos THBT popular referenda should be banned in Western liberal democracies.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 Open_Quarters TH, as Canada, would not extradite Meng Wanzhou to the United States.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 Open_Semi THBT the threater and musical community should abandon the "no-change" norm.
2019-01-25 Northams 2019 Open_Final THBT every billionaire is a policy failure.
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 1 This House would not allow serving politicians or their immediate families to use private services where public ones are available (i.e. education, healthcare)
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 2 This House prefers a world where individuals believe salvation stems from faith alone, rather than a world where individuals believe salvation stems from a combination of faith and good works
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 3 This House believes that feminists should not engage in sex strikes
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 4 This House would lift bans on payday lending
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 5 When restoring works of art, this House would restore to appear as close as possible to how they appeared when they were originally produced, rather than appeal to contemporary aesthetic tastes
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 6 This House believes that prominent individuals outside politics (e.g. business leaders, philanthropists) from emerging market countries with mixed international reputations (e.g. China, India, Iran) should focus on emphasizing the positive aspects of their country, rather than the negative aspects, when speaking on an international platform
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Novice_Semi This House believes that marginalized groups seeking equal treatment should convey their struggle to the public by emphasizing its similarity to the struggles of more prominent oppressed groups, rather than by emphasizing the unique conditions of their own oppression
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Novice_Final This House believes that in wartime, there is no material moral difference between civilian and non-civilian casualties
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Octos In aging societies, this House would provide extensive financial incentives to couples to have multiple children
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Quarters The House would add a "notwithstanding" clause to the Constitution of the United States and allow Congress to override decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court by normal legislative processes.
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Semi Assuming it would be possible to do so, this House would ban the creation of strong artificial intelligence
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Final This House, as Mexico, would end all security cooperation with the United States aimed at limiting illegal immigration into the US
2016-01-22 NorthAms 1 THW require that companies with >15 employees give 50% of their voting rights to employees
2016-01-22 NorthAms 2 THS Chris Rock’s continued commitment to host the Oscars
2016-01-22 NorthAms 3 THR the Arab Spring
2016-01-22 NorthAms 4 THW ban eminent domain rights
2016-01-22 NorthAms 5 THW prefer a world without pornography
2016-01-22 NorthAms 6 THBT developing nations should enshrine legally actionable socioeconomic rights
2016-01-22 NorthAms Novice_Semis THBT unconditional cash transfer charities are preferable to project based charities
2016-01-22 NorthAms Novice_Final Given the technological capability to disable their nuclear weapons, THW invade North Korea.
2016-01-22 NorthAms Open_Octos THW break up the eurozone
2016-01-22 NorthAms Open_Quarters THW ban savior siblings
2016-01-22 NorthAms Open_Semis TH regrets campaigns by feminists to shut down female empowerment events exclusively for cis women, like Michfest.
2016-01-22 NorthAms Open_Final You have invented a pill that would compel the user to tell the truth. THW destroy it.
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 1 THBT men's and women's prisons that are close to each other should have co-ed activity time including sex rooms.
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 2 THBT the Palestinian movement should abandon its claim for the right to return in exchange for significant financial reparations
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 3 TH regrets the alliance of liberal political parties with large businesses and financial interests
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 4 THBT minority artists should create street art and other art in public spaces rather than art intended for display in galleries and traditional artistic venues.
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 5 THBT on balance, the influence of the internet on journalism has been harmful to society
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) 6 THS the rise of Syriza.
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Octos THBT the norm of having stay-at-home dads is better for the women's rights movement than that of both parents working
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Quarters
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Semis THBT, on balance, the rapid fall of oil prices has been beneficial to the West
2015-01-23 NorthAms (@ NYU) Open_Finals THBT on balance, the international human rights regime has done more harm than good
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 1 THW make voting power depreciate with age.
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 2 THBT signatories to the Kyoto protocol should institute economic sanctions against nations that refuse to sign
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 3 THBT art depicting historical atrocities should depict them in their full brutality.
2014-02-01 NorthAms (@ Carleton University) 4 THW ban advertising that objectifies women.