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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 1 This House would not allow serving politicians or their immediate families to use private services where public ones are available (i.e. education, healthcare)
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 2 This House prefers a world where individuals believe salvation stems from faith alone, rather than a world where individuals believe salvation stems from a combination of faith and good works
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 3 This House believes that feminists should not engage in sex strikes
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 4 This House would lift bans on payday lending
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 5 When restoring works of art, this House would restore to appear as close as possible to how they appeared when they were originally produced, rather than appeal to contemporary aesthetic tastes
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 6 This House believes that prominent individuals outside politics (e.g. business leaders, philanthropists) from emerging market countries with mixed international reputations (e.g. China, India, Iran) should focus on emphasizing the positive aspects of their country, rather than the negative aspects, when speaking on an international platform
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Novice_Semi This House believes that marginalized groups seeking equal treatment should convey their struggle to the public by emphasizing its similarity to the struggles of more prominent oppressed groups, rather than by emphasizing the unique conditions of their own oppression
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Novice_Final This House believes that in wartime, there is no material moral difference between civilian and non-civilian casualties
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Octos In aging societies, this House would provide extensive financial incentives to couples to have multiple children
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Quarters The House would add a "notwithstanding" clause to the Constitution of the United States and allow Congress to override decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court by normal legislative processes.
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Semi Assuming it would be possible to do so, this House would ban the creation of strong artificial intelligence
2018-01-06 Northams 2018 Open_Final This House, as Mexico, would end all security cooperation with the United States aimed at limiting illegal immigration into the US