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Date Tournament Round Motion
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 1 THP a system where campaign donations are banned and all candidates for an election are equally publicly funded to a world that allows donations to candidates and parties
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 2 THBT a North American sports league, in seeking to expand beyond North America, should prioritize access and development to the Latin American market over the Chinese market
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 3 TH, as Benny Gantz, Would form a government with the Likud and Netanyahu to avoid a March 2020 election
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 4 You are a woman in a healthy non-abusive long-term relationship with a man. You make a stable salary with which you can support yourself. Your partner has/makes significantly(ridiculously) more money than you. THW Let him pay for the vast majority of expenses incurred during your relationship
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 5 THBT major film companies should use AI to choose which films to greenlight
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 6 THBT the United States should adopt more pro-plaintiff policies, such as abandoning the need to prove material harm and intent to defame.
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Novice_Semi THR the rise of business schools
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Novice_Final Assuming support from international activists, THBT indigenous groups should advocate for a boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement against Canada to fight its ongoing discrimination against Indigenous peoples
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Octos TH as a socially conscious prominent management consultant firm would accept cases for foreign governments with ongoing human rights violations
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Quarters THR the narrative that immortality is desirable
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Semi THBT the US should pursue Modern Monetary Theory
2020-01-24 Northams 2020 Open_Final In response to climate change THS an immediate, indefinite, international workers strike