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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 1 Assuming feasibility, THW ban all research into the possible genetic origins of sex, race and sexuality.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 2 THBT environmental advocacy groups should prioritise lobbying governments to change environmental policy (e.g. cap and trade policies, banning environmentally harmful chemicals) rather than convincing individuals to take responsibility for their contribution to environmental damage (e.g. reducing/recycling waste, taking public transport).
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 3 TH, as Israel, would end compulsory military service.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 4 THR the depiction of the everyday life of people with disabilities as inspirational.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 5 THBT the South African government should incentivize the movement of people out of townships, rather than focus on policies that try to economically develop townships.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 ESL_Semis THBT the US should cut all political, economic and military ties with Saudi Arabia.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 ESL_Final THBT social movements should reject the glorification of political violence.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 Novice_Final THBT post-conflict states should actively promote a unifying national narrative in the history curriculum.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 Open_Quarters THW allow city and local governments to be held civilly responsible for deaths that can be ascribed to homelessness.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 Open_Semis THBT the use of erotic capital by women does more harm than good.
2018-11-09 Oxford IV 2018 Open_Final THP a world where people believe you should maximize productivity to a world where people believe you should maximize leisure.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 1 THW provide means-tested welfare in the form of basic goods and services (including vouchers), rather than cash payments.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 2 THBT twitter has done more harm than good
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 3 TH Prefers Asian Values to Western liberalism
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 4 THBT investors should cease purchasing bonds issued by the Venezuelan government.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 5 THBT minority parents should shelter their children from the existence of racism for as long as possible
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 ESL_Semis THBT that the EU should suspend the voting rights of Poland.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 ESL_Final THW ban the creation of all artificial conscious beings.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Novice_Finals THW require all sold products to clearly display their price in Dead Children Currency.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Quarters THR the creation and adoption of cryptocurrencies.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Semis THBT Mohammed bin Salman's policies are in the interests of the ruling House of Saud.
2017-11-10 Oxford IV 2017 Open_Final Assuming it could be done peacefully, THW replace all existing governments with a single global democratic government.
2016-11-11 Oxford IV 1 When police are put on trial for alleged instances of a violent wrongdoing, this House would decrease the burden of proof to the balance of probabilities.
2016-11-11 Oxford IV 2 This House would allow negative voting.
2016-11-11 Oxford IV 3 This House believes that armies should indoctrinate soldiers to take their own lives in the event that they fall captive to the enemy.
2016-11-11 Oxford IV 4 This House believes that the state should promote the norm of the 'single life'.
2016-11-11 Oxford IV 5 This House believes that NATO should expel members that do not meet the organisation's defence spending targets.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 1 This House Would Ban Religious Primary and Secondary Schools
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 2 This house believes US immigration policy should only prioritise merit-based standards of acceptance over the reunification of families.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 3 This house would end penalty enhancements for hate crimes.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 4 This House believes that Western Liberal Democracies should boycott the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV 5 This house would allow opponents of abortion to sign legally-binding contracts with pregnant women, in which they pay those pregnant women not to have an abortion.
2015-11-13 Oxford IV ESL_Semi THW accept 'I was only following orders' as a defence in war crimes trials
2015-11-13 Oxford IV ESL_Final THR the institutions of marriage and civil partnership
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Novice_Final THW create and enforce filial responsibility laws (mandating that people take care of their parents)" - or words to that effect
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Open_Quarters THR the rise of mega-cities
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Open_Semis THBT after 50 years of ownership the state should have the right to repossess all works of painting or sculpture for the purpose of public display
2015-11-13 Oxford IV Open_Final A new planet has been discovered identical to Earth. 1 of 2 systems can be implemented on this planet (or words to that effect). THW implement communism over capitalism.
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 1 THBT in order for a law to be enacted, it should have to be passed by the legislature and then by a body chosen at random from eligible voters.
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 2 THBT press agencies should not purchase or publish the work of freelance war reporters.
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 3 THBT the EU should suspend Hungary’s membership rights.
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 4 This house, as the gay community, regrets the existence of Grindr
2014-11-14 Oxford IV 5 This house would deny public funding to parties with explicitly ethnic-based membership or platforms
2013-11-10 Oxford IV 1 THW provide mobile teachers for the compulsory education of children in travelling communities (e.g. Roma and Irish travellers)
2013-11-10 Oxford IV 2 THBT developing countries should collectivelly agree to radically redistributive tax policies.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV 3 THW ban the gender testing of athletes in sports.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV 4 THW require major polluters to open their borders to environmental refugees.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV 5 THBT national war memorials should commemorate the casualties on all sides of the conflict.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV ESL_Semis THBT political parties should adopt non-hierarchical organisational structures.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV ESL_Finals THBT liberal democracies should cut all economic and military ties with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV Novice_Finals THBT when courts sentence offenders, they should give considerable weight to the views of the victims.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV Open_Quarters THW, as a liberal democracy, restrict coverage of small-scale terrorist attacks.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV Open_Semis THBT identity-based social movements should not include in their movements allies who are not part of the identity group in question.
2013-11-10 Oxford IV Open_Finals THBT the US should dissolve its military capabilities.
2012-11-09 Oxford IV 1 THBT Google, YouTube, & social media websites should remove content which it deems to insult religions
2012-11-09 Oxford IV 2 THB the ANC should nationalize all mines
2012-11-09 Oxford IV 3 THBT Western governments should buy the freedom of slaves
2012-11-09 Oxford IV 4 THBT the Greek military should suspend democratic government until economic recovery
2012-11-09 Oxford IV 5 THBT companies should not take public stance in gay right issues
2012-11-09 Oxford IV ESL_Semis THB governments should actively discourage consumerist lifestyles
2012-11-09 Oxford IV ESL_Final THW give extra votes to youths over the age of 18
2012-11-09 Oxford IV Open_Quarters THBT Emily's list should fund pro-choice male candidates
2012-11-09 Oxford IV Open_Semis THBT States should forcibly reverse the transmigration policies of their former dictators
2012-11-09 Oxford IV Open_Final THB in the right to bear arms
2011-11-11 Oxford IV 1 THBT sexual education classes in schools should teach techniques or pure sexual gratification (including but not limited to ...list follows)
2011-11-11 Oxford IV 2 THBT in developing countries aid organisations should be banned from religious proselytyzing
2011-11-11 Oxford IV 3 THW suspend trade unions and labour protection laws in times of economic crisis
2011-11-11 Oxford IV 4 THBT Israel should Materially Support Arab Pro-Democratic Movements
2011-11-11 Oxford IV 5 THW place a special tax on successful artists in order to fund new and developing artists
2011-11-11 Oxford IV ESL_Semis THBT the LBGT movement should not support Gay Pride marches
2011-11-11 Oxford IV ESL_Final THBT the leaders of big world corporations should be democratically chosen by national elections
2011-11-11 Oxford IV Open_Quarters THBT international law should allow states which accept refugees to sue the states they come from for compensation.
2011-11-11 Oxford IV Open_Semis THW establish brothels on military bases
2011-11-11 Oxford IV Open_Final THW establish geographical zones in which the sale, possession, and use of drugs is legal