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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 1 THW criminalize the buyer and not the seller of sexual services.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 2 THBT western liberal democracies should replace their aid programs with an "effective altruism" tax, and give revenue to the most effective available non-governmental organisations or charities.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 3 THW allow victims to significantly reduce the sentence of their wrongdoers.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 4 THW prefer a world in which all art were anonymous over a world where it were always attributed to the artist.
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open 5 The European Council comprises the heads of state of the member states of the EU, along with the council’s own president and the president of the commission M
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open Open_Semis THBT states should provide citizens with an unconditional income that ensures a lower-middle class standard of living, regardless of their employment status
2015-07-28 Rijeka Open Open_Final Assuming that the technology existed, THW erase history from our collective memory.
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 1 THBT the media should show the full horrors of war
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 2 TH supports Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" album cover
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 3 THW take away the right to host the 2018 World Cup from Russia
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 4 THW enforce affirmative action of the poor, rather than minorities
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open 5 TH, as the USA, would withdraw all of its financial and military aid from Israel
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open Open_Semis THW prosecute women whose lifestyle severely endangers their future child’s quality of life
2014-08-09 Rijeka Open Open_Final TH regrets the rise of consumerism