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Date Tournament Round Motion
2013-01-26 Rotterdam BP toernooi 1 TH, being the US, would oblige the Amish to send their children to public high schools
2013-01-26 Rotterdam BP toernooi 2 THW ban meat consumption
2013-01-26 Rotterdam BP toernooi 3 THW ban cosmetic/plastic surgery aimed to change racial features
2013-01-26 Rotterdam BP toernooi 4 THW introduce corporal punishment
2013-01-26 Rotterdam BP toernooi Open_Semis THW abolish the UN Security Council
2013-01-26 Rotterdam BP toernooi Open_Final THW make abortion mandatory in cases of severe medical conditions that lead to short and painful lives
2013-01-25 Rotterdam BP Toernooi 1 THW force pregnant minors to have an abortion or give their child up for adoption
2013-01-25 Rotterdam BP Toernooi 2 THW introduce trial by jury
2013-01-25 Rotterdam BP Toernooi 3 THBT Mexican state should create a list of known members of drug cartels and outlaw everyone on it
2013-01-25 Rotterdam BP Toernooi 4 THBT CDA should vote with the ruling coalition if proposed laws satisfy the Senate criteria of redelijkheid (reasonableness, judiciousness, fairness) and samenhang (congruence with other laws) (addendum: instead of for other political criteria)
2013-01-25 Rotterdam BP Toernooi Open_Semis THW split up banks until none are “too big to fail”
2013-01-25 Rotterdam BP Toernooi Open_Final THW only drill for gas in areas where the population has consented through a local referendum (inspired by recent opposition to gas drilling in Groningen)