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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-10-22 SOAS IV 1 TH would ban private healthcare
2016-10-22 SOAS IV 2 TH would require children, to the extent they are able, to financially support their parents in old age
2016-10-22 SOAS IV 3 TH regrets the remilitarisation of Japan
2016-10-22 SOAS IV 4 TH would ban foreign states from funding religious organisations
2016-10-22 SOAS IV 5 TH believes that companies have a moral obligation to significantly invest in helping the communities in which they operate, even when it has no benefit to that organisation
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 1 THW give women two votes in political elections
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 2 THBT law enforcement organisations should never provide incentives to gang members to inform on their superiors (e.g. plea bargains or monetary rewards)
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 3 TH regrets the decline in oil prices over the last 18 months
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 4 THBT Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is good for America
2015-10-24 SOAS IV 5 THW allow countries to pay other countries to settle refugees who reach their borders
2015-10-24 SOAS IV ESL_Final THBT countries, like Switzerland, that were neutral in WW II should pay financial reparations to states occupied by the Nazis
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Quarters THBT the state should reclaim a fixed proportion of all charitable giving and redistribute it to other charities on the basis of their effectiveness
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Semis THBT the trans movement should actively seek to separate themselves, their issues and their collective identity from the LGBTQ movement in their campaigns and in the public consciousness
2015-10-24 SOAS IV Open_Final THW prefer a world in which there are no extreme emotions such as boiling rage, falling madly in love, extreme grief etc
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 1 THW require parents to vaccinate their children, except where doing so is not in the child's medical interest
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 2 THW ban the paying of ransom insurance in the case of kidnapping
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 3 THW impose very high taxes on the rich, even when doing so will not increase total tax revenues
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 4 THBT feminist campaigns directed specifically at men are harmful to the feminist cause
2014-10-18 SOAS IV 5 THBT the IMF and the World Bank should not make debt relief for highly indebted poor countries conditional on trade liberalisation
2014-10-18 SOAS IV ESL_Final THW offer full amnesty to any European citizen currently fighting on behalf of ISIL as long as they immediately return to Europe
2014-10-18 SOAS IV Open_Quarters THBT the state has a duty to provide the long term unemployed with lasting employment which pays at least the minimum wage
2014-10-18 SOAS IV Open_Semis THR Lara Croft
2014-10-18 SOAS IV Open_Final THS a federal UK
2013-10-19 SOAS IV 1 THW ban anyone with a criminal record worth 2+ years in prison from running for political office
2013-10-19 SOAS IV 2 THBT city-states are a better political unit than nation-states
2013-10-19 SOAS IV 3 THW ban conversion therapy to "cure" homosexuality (assuming the therapy has a 10% chance of success)
2013-10-19 SOAS IV 4 THBT no further research should be done on the creation of Lethal Autonomous Robots
2013-10-19 SOAS IV 5 THBT copyright should expire on the death of the author/artist
2013-10-19 SOAS IV ESL_Final THBT the European Union should prioritise unemployment over further austerity measures
2013-10-19 SOAS IV Open_Quarters TH, as Malala, would kill him
2013-10-19 SOAS IV Open_Semis TH supports the reclamation of the word “slut”
2013-10-19 SOAS IV Open_Final THBT it is legitimate to kill civilians to reach military objectives
2012-10-20 SOAS IV 1 TH regrets the criminalisation of squatting.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV 2 THW allow high-ranked army officials, when in agreement, to reverse decisions made by democratic governments regarding military missions.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV 3 THW fund research into the existence of a violent gene.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV 4 THB that LGBTQI activism in countries with strong anti-gay policies does more harm than good.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV 5 THW abolish all term-limits on the service of elected heads of state.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV ESL_Semis THW not allow members of the royal family to serve in active combat.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV ESL_Final THB that European States should end all funding for the arts until everyone lives above the national poverty level.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV Open_Quarters THB it is legitimate for states to deny residence or asylum to immigrants who openly contradict their predominant values.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV Open_Semis You are the British government. You have full guarantee that SAS (special air service) can enter the prison which currently holds the Pussy Riot Girls in Russia and you can remove them safely. THW enter Russia and remove the Pussy Riot Girls from their cells.
2012-10-20 SOAS IV Open_Final THB the state should actively prosecute sexist and misogynist remarks..
2011-10-22 SOAS IV 1 THW give harsher punishments to those who commit crimes during riots
2011-10-22 SOAS IV 2 THW have minimum quotas for different ethnic groups living in public housing estates
2011-10-22 SOAS IV 3 THBT serving military generals should be prohibited from talking to the Media
2011-10-22 SOAS IV 4 THBT the Indian Government Should Ban marriage between Members of the Same Caste
2011-10-22 SOAS IV 5 THW create a free market for the sale of babies
2011-10-22 SOAS IV ESL_Semis THW allow constituents to recall their elected representatives
2011-10-22 SOAS IV ESL_Final THBT the countries of former Yugoslavia should create a common history curriculum and textbooks
2011-10-22 SOAS IV Open_Quarters THBT Mexico Should Legalise the Sale, Production and Transit of all Drugs
2011-10-22 SOAS IV Open_Semis THW end all subsidies for small farms
2011-10-22 SOAS IV Open_Final TH regrets the extra judicial killing of Colonel Gaddafi