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Date Tournament Round Motion
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 1 This House would heavily financially incentivise companies to take current prisoners as interns or apprentices
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 2 This House, as a vegan, would actively and persistently seek to convert those around you to veganism or vegetarianism
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 3 This House regrets the large number of UN resolutions issued against Israel (with info slide)
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 4 This House would disproportionately hire African Americans in the US police force
2015-07-25 SOAS Open 2015 Open_Finals This House opposes the commodification of feminism (with info slide)
2013-08-03 SOAS Open 1 THBT the LGBT movement should oppose gay bars that ban entrance to straight customers
2013-08-03 SOAS Open 2 THBT the government should subsidise private home ownership
2013-08-03 SOAS Open 3 THBT in the event of Scotland voting for independence in 2014, the governmental authorities of the North of England should petition the Scottish government for membership of the new Scottish state
2013-08-03 SOAS Open 4 THBT the Church of England should not take official stances on social, political and economic issues not directly related to items of doctrine
2013-08-03 SOAS Open Open_Final THBT the Norwegian Nobel Prize commitee should retrospectively remove Barrack Obama's peace prize
2012-07-21 SOAS Open 1 THW ban religious schools
2012-07-21 SOAS Open 2 THBT Western countries should commit to cancel all debts owed by any authoritarian country upon its transition to democracy.
2012-07-21 SOAS Open 3 THW put Jeremy Deller's piece (of a bombed car) on the plinth ( on Trafalgar Square)
2012-07-21 SOAS Open 4 TH supports a fiscal union for the eurozone
2012-07-21 SOAS Open Open_Final TH regrets the bombing of Japan in Worldwar II