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Date Tournament Round Motion
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 1 THW require universities to use minimum entry requirements which are at least a grade higher for pupils from selective schools (e.g. private or grammar schools)
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 2 THBT singing-based reality TV shows (e.g. X Factor, American Idol, The Voice) have done more harm than good
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 3 THW make at least 10 years of non-political work experience a prerequisite for standing for national elected office
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV 4 THBT non-LGBT+ people should not play LGBT+ roles in TV/film (e.g. that a lesbian role should only be played by a lesbian)
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV Open_Semis This house regrets the rise of international adoption
2017-12-02 Sheffield IV Open_Final This house believes that the UK government should remain silent when Donald Trump makes statements that are contrary to UK values
2016-12-03 Sheffield IV 2016 1 THR the existence of religious political parties
2016-12-03 Sheffield IV 2016 2 THBT the state should not fund blueskies research
2016-12-03 Sheffield IV 2016 3 TH opposes the popularisation of BDSM
2016-12-03 Sheffield IV 2016 4 THBT using Human Shield tactics, by the weaker side, is legitimate in asymmetrical wars
2016-12-03 Sheffield IV 2016 Open_Semis THBT individuals should only fund charities that follow effective altruism
2016-12-03 Sheffield IV 2016 Open_Final THW prohibit the media from reporting on the mental illness of those accused of crimes
2013-12-07 Sheffield IV 1 THW aggressively fund art in public places, which depicts struggles on which there is no consensus and of which there are continuing consequences
2013-12-07 Sheffield IV 2 THW cut off development aid to countries which willfully neglect to combat terrorism within their own borders
2013-12-07 Sheffield IV 3 THW freeze membership of sporting federations of nations that boycott sporting competitions (events, matches, tournaments etc.) for political reasons.
2013-12-07 Sheffield IV 4 THW end the prosecution of Troubles-related killings in Northern Ireland
2013-12-07 Sheffield IV Open_Final TH, as the United States, does not regret the dropping of the atomic bomb.