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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-02-13 Swansea Open 1 THW ban religious or faith-based rehabilitation programmes in prison
2016-02-13 Swansea Open 2 THW provide financial incentives (e.g. tax breaks) to companies that require skilled labour who hire non-graduates.
2016-02-13 Swansea Open 3 THBT characters with disabilities in film and television should always be played by individuals with disabilities.
2016-02-13 Swansea Open 4 THR the criminalization of the reckless transmission of sexual infections (e.g. HIV, herpes and gonorrhoea) in England and Wales
2016-02-13 Swansea Open Final Your 'one true soulmate' exists. There is a test that allows you to determine whether someone is your one true soulmate. You are in love with the person you have been dating for a while. THW take the test to determine whether the person you are in love with is your 'soulmate'