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Date Tournament Round Motion
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 1 THW legalise simulated child pornography
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 2 THW, when casting minority characters (e.g. racial minorities, LGBTs, people with disabilities etc.) would only cast actors from that same minority
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 3 TH, when testing life-extending treatments for terminally ill patients, would not use control groups
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV 4 THBT Pakistan should not engage in peace talks with the Taliban
2014-03-01 Tallaight IV Open_Final You are a scientist working at CERN. Working alone one night, you make an accidental breakthrough in your research that will allow humanity to travel through time. You are alone in the lab and the odds of someone else making the same accidental breakthrough are non-existent. Motion: THW destroy its research