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Date Tournament Round Motion
2018-01-20 UBC IV 1 This House Would subsidize large scale geoengineering such as massive carbon sequestration (capture of atmospheric co2 out of the atmosphere and into storage) rather than environmental adaptation (eg: cleaner fossil fuels, ethanol, recycling technology, etc)
2018-01-20 UBC IV 2 This House believes that states should seek to participate in multinational currency unions
2018-01-20 UBC IV 3 This House regrets the glorification of entertainers by the LGBTQ+ community
2018-01-20 UBC IV 4 In the event of the development of a technology that makes the recipient unable to knowingly commit any crimes, This House Would ban the research, production, and use of this technology.
2018-01-20 UBC IV 5 This House would ban people whose net worth is in more than the 90th percentile from running for office
2018-01-20 UBC IV Open_Semis This House believes that the US should make aid to Israel conditional on the establishment of peace talks with Palestine
2018-01-20 UBC IV Open_Final This House believes that regions with extremely high rates of gendered violence should grant amnesty to women for violent crimes they commit
2013-11-01 UBC IV 1 THW provide free heroin for heroin addicts
2013-11-01 UBC IV 2 THW allow legislatures to override constitutional bills of rights.
2013-11-01 UBC IV 3 THBT the Palestininan authority should concede.
2013-11-01 UBC IV 4 THS austerity.
2013-11-01 UBC IV 5 THW pay developing countries to not exploit natural resources in environmentally sensitive regions.
2013-11-01 UBC IV Open_Semis THBT Greece should ban the Golden Dawn
2013-11-01 UBC IV Open_Finals THBT colonial powers should pay reparations for colonialism.