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Date Tournament Round Motion
2016-10-06 UCD Novice 1 TH believes that the Feminist Movement should rebrand as Egalitarianism.
2016-10-06 UCD Novice 2 TH supports essential services workers rights to strike.
2016-10-06 UCD Novice 3 TH would prosecute the perpetrators of Bloody Sunday.
2016-10-06 UCD Novice Open_Final TH supports the end of the Hannibal Directive.
2013-10-24 UCD Novice Cup 1 THW only imprison criminals who pose a continuing threat to society
2013-10-24 UCD Novice Cup 2 THW boycott the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics
2013-10-24 UCD Novice Cup 3 THB the state should fund free access to museums, art exhibitions and other cultural attractions for social welfare recipients
2013-10-24 UCD Novice Cup Open_Semis THBT countries should ensure that their militaries are roughly proportionally representative of the diversity of religion, income & race of their populations and that they should, where necessary, use conscription to achieve this
2013-10-24 UCD Novice Cup Open_Final THBT Rolling Stone should not have portrayed Dzhokhar Tsarnaev in a sympathetic manner
2012-10-25 UCD Novice IV 1 THBT the right to bear arms is the right to be free
2012-10-25 UCD Novice IV 2 THBT the world would be a better place if nobody believed in God
2012-10-25 UCD Novice IV 3 THW ban private healthcare and replace it with a comprehensive public system
2012-10-25 UCD Novice IV Open_Semis THB corrupt, benevolent and capable dictatorship is preferable to corrupt and inept democracy
2012-10-25 UCD Novice IV Open_Final THW Require the Public Registration of All Psychics and the Suppression of their Abilities with Drugs